Moving Reviews on Sirelo

At Sirelo we collect and publish independent reviews of moving companies in the UK. Transparency is for us one of the most important core values. That’s why on this page we explain how we receive check, approve and reject the reviews etc.

How do we get all the reviews?

We receive reviews in a variety of different ways. We receive most reviews from people who are searching online for a particular moving company. In other words: People who have used the services of a particular mover. They then want to show their gratitude or dissatisfaction through a review. On our reviews page people can search for the moving company they have used and leave a review. 

Other sources

The other reviews are often originate through our own networks. We have helped a lot of people with reviews in the past and try to encourage people to leave their experience with a moving company. Finally, there will also be a small number of reviews that are generated by the removals companies themselves. For example by sending an email inviting the customer to review their service.

Checking reviews in the moving business

Before we publish the review we check them first. It will then address aspects such inappropriate language, email addresses, and so on. We do this to prevent harmful or hurtful information being placed on our website. We also want to make sure that the reviews are genuine.

How do you know if a review is genuine?

This is a very good question. Unfortunately it is not possible to say that 100% of the reviews are real. But most of the times they depict a realistic image of a moving company. One of the ways we use to check the reviews is by verifying a given sample. We also keep a keen eye on suspicious behaviour such as a receiving a large amount of reviews in a short space of time and reject or verify illegitimate reviews.

Are you looking for reviews or to publish a review?

If you’re moving soon and looking for reviews of a particular company check out our directory of removals companies. If you want to write a review click here.