Top Movers on Sirelo

At Sirelo we emphasize the importance of quality in the removals industry. More and more people want to ensure that they go through a quality company, especially when it comes to a process as important as moving. This is the reason why we have introduced a certificate of quality where the best movers on Sirelo feature the following top mover logo next to their name.

How to gain ‘top mover’ status

There are a few conditions that a moving company must meet before they get a top logo:

  1. The company must have received at least 12 reviews in 18 months;
  2. At least 80% of people have recommended the company;
  3. The average score of the reviews should be at least 8.0.

How are the reviews generated?

At Sirelo we have a strict policy when it comes to reviews. Basically, anyone can post reviews about movers in the UK. But we do check all reviews before they are posted online. This makes it difficult, for example for moving companies themselves to post fake reviews. The same obviously applies to users who want to blackmail the company. Need more information about our review policies? Take a look at this page.

Other information about Sirelo

Want to know more about our goal to make the moving business more transparent, fairer and more about what you can find on Sirelo? Check out our “about us” page to find more information about our platform.