Coffee culture around the world

5th May 2017, Charly Johnson

Coffee is the one thing that nearly everyone around the world can agree upon. The different coffee cultures among various countries is fascinating. In this blog I will discuss the countries that appreciate the coffee bean the most.

For me coffee isn’t a luxury, but indeed a necessity and without it my day to day life would be a struggle. But do all countries have a close relationship with coffee as us Brits?

The Brits

No we don’t just drink tea but in fact our massive coffee addicts! Maybe even more than the French (Just kidding we aren’t that bad). Coffee actually has a long tradition in England with he first cafe opening in the mid-17th century. Us British consume, on average, 2.3kg of coffee per capita, which is just over a third of the per capita consumption in Germany.


If you ask for a coffee in Italy you wont get a typical cup but a straight espresso, which is usually just to take a quick break. It’s finished in a few seconds like a shot! They will usually have cappuccino at breakfast and espressos after lunch, dinner or late in the evening.Italians consume about 5.6kg per capita on average.

Happy Coffee Cup


Germany also have a close relationship with coffee. There isn’t a particular way to drink it at each given time of day as there is in Italy, but it is simply drank the way they like it best. On average 1 German will drink 4 cups a day. No wonder their economy is so strong, I would be up 24;7 with that amount of caffeine inside me!

The Dutch

Coffee is drank throughout the day in the Netherlands, it is also a very sociable thing to be involved in. Typically around 10 or 11 a ‘Koffietijd’ (coffee break) will occur to help give a lift of energy for the rest of the day. Lattes are usually enjoyed in the evening after a dinner.


France is famous for many things, from the Eiffel tower to their extreme addiction for coffee. Coffee is usually made at home either using a machine or using more traditional French press methods. The coffee is usually quite strong and can be commonly enjoyed with their famous croissant pastries.


The USA have a great love for coffee, whether it’s drank in a restaurant or a bagel shop coffee refills are usually free. No wonder they are coffee addicts, I have it as a substitute to water if it was free! Famous coffee houses have made their presence world wide with the help of the American coffee influence, from Starbucks to Tim Hortons.

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