Different Ways Easter Is Celebrated Around The World

14th April 2017, Charly Johnson

Easter is commonly celebrated around the world and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. But how is Easter celebrated in different countries? From scoffing chocolate eggs to tucking into a big tasty iguana. This blog will talk about how Easter is celebrated in different countries

Being from the UK I’ve always celebrated Easter, but saw it more as a day off to eat chocolate rabbits than for going to church to celebrate. This got me thinking how different nationalities celebrate Easter and what the day really means to them. Many countries are a lot more religious than the UK and go to extreme extents to celebrate this special time of the year.


On the morning of Saturday the traditional ‘pot throwing’ begins. People throw their pots and pans out of their windows to smash them onto the streets. This is to apparently welcome spring and symbolises new crops. But why pots and pans? I will definitely be staying inside all day if visiting Greece on that day in case it starts raining pots and pans!


Also known as ‘Semana Santa’ Easter in Spain is a very religious and important day. It is celebrated throughout the country with religious festivals through the streets. Wearing traditional outfits the festival really is an interesting sight, but the strangest thing in comparison to what we are used to in the UK is that they carry Jesus from the churches around the streets with them.


So in many countries this is a special religious day to worship and bring family closer together. But what do we do in Britain? We launch hard boiled eggs down grassy hills. The aim is to get the egg as far as possible without it breaking. The winner will usually receive a prize which will vary from city to city. Not so religious but a lot of fun!



The Swedish tradition is pretty similar to what we are used to on Halloween in the UK. Children dress up as Easter witches, wearing long dresses and painting their cheeks red. They then go door to door trading paintings and drawings with the intention of receiving sweets in return.

Czech Republic

This tradition seems strange to me but maybe they think us launching boiled eggs down a hill a tad weird. On the Easter Monday the men go around with handmade whips made of willow which are decorated with ribbons and spank women. Yes you heard that right, they spank them on Easter. Apparently the willow are the first trees to blossom so the spanking transfers the trees vitality and fertility to the women.

But don’t worry it’s just playful nothing aggressive!


So in England we will usually be seen tucking into some yummy chocolate eggs, but this does not happen in Columbia. Instead they like to eat a juicy iguana, turtle and the world’s largest rodent for the traditional Easter dinner.

Exotic animals are brought from hours away by family members to be eaten together as a special prepared meal. Among these exotic animals foods such as turtle egg omelettes, iguana soup, cayman stew, fried yucca and capybara (the world’s biggest rodent) are eaten.


Eggs aren’t hidden here, instead they have a huge egg fights! Well after all egg is supposed to be good for your hair isn’t it? The winner is the person who comes out of the game with an unbroken egg and will be assumed to be the most successful individual out of the family in the coming year.

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