British expat faces jail in Dubai over ‘selfie she didn’t even take’

December 5 2017, Jack Manning

Asa Hutchinson faces potential jail time in Dubai after a ‘bust up over a selfie she didn’t even take’. Would you like to know more about his story? Have a look at this blog and don’t miss any detail!

Moving to Dubai

The 21-year-old from Essex was leaving the financial district with her boyfriend and his friends when they saw a Swedish man asleep on a bench.

The boys then saw an opportunity to take a selfie when the man suddenly woke and started throwing punches. Asa heard the commotion and went to see what was going on. By the time police were called, the men had fled. Asa, who has lived in Dubai for 3 years working as an accounts manager for a transport company was happy to leave a statement.

She was then shocked to find herself being arrested all because she witnessed the brawl. The men who were involved are now back in the UK. Asa spoke to The Sun “The man woke up and began punching the boys. “I heard the commotion and came back to see what was going on. “I was not involved, I just happened to be there. But the police are not interested in anything I say.”

Her mother Lucie, 51 has accused the authorities in Dubai of making her daughter’s life a living hell because there was no one else to blame. “She’s taking the rap because in Dubai they can charge people by association. Ben and his mates came back and he’s probably safe back home watching daytime TV now — while Asa’s stuck out there. She’s in bits.”

Detained in Dubai, who have taken up the case has said “If two parties are in dispute or arguing, the first person to speak to the police is usually the one who is believed. Often, it’s a race to get to police first. By making this complaint, the man may have been safeguarding himself from being charged.”

Asa also saw the man’s glasses on the floor and decided to put them aside so they don’t get damaged. She has now been told she faces a charge of stealing them as well as assault.

A number of Brits have been in a similar situation as Asa

Jamie Harron, 27, was locked up for three months after being accused of ‘public indecency’ when he accidently touched a man’s hip in a busy bar in an attempt to avoid spilling his drink.

The electrician from Scotland had his passport taken and had to spend over £32,000 in expenses and legal fees. He was finally released by a royal decree.

Jamie’s interview with ‘This Morning’

A British woman was arrested after claiming to have been raped by two British men. The 25-year-old woman, who cannot be named, reported to the police about the alleged rape. She then found herself under arrest on suspicion of having extra-marital sex.

She was finally released after prosecutors concluded that there was insufficient evidence.

If you are moving to Dubai or just going there on a family holiday, make sure you understand the differences in their culture compared to ours in the UK to reduce the chances of something like this happening to you.



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