Nightlife in different cultures

12th May 2017, Tom May

When it comes to finding out about the real culture of a country one of the best places to start is by looking at their nightlife. You can see the way that people interact with one another, associate with the opposite sex and see how people act when their inhibitions are lowered. 
Going out around the world


To start the list with what we know. In the UK we are known for going to pubs for more casual drinks and going to clubs and getting far too drunk.

Predrinks starts around 8 or 9pm, which many around the world would consider to be early, and its the norm to hit the club before midnight and two step the night away before ending up in a takeaway or 24 hour McDonalds.

There are a variety of scenes ranging from bars, to nightclubs and hardstyle techno to cheesy pop depending on what you’re into. Ladies tend to dress up and put a lot of effort into getting ready whereas gents tend to dress more casually, maybe daring a shirt for a special occasion.


Nightlife in Germany is well known, especially in Berlin. With a busy techno scene which attracts tourists Berlin has a lot to offer, not that many of these tourists are able to see it due to how strict it is to enter the clubs. Berlin is unique and although in the rest of Germany there are similar vibes, there is also more diversity.

Due to cities outside of Berlin having a larger percentage of Students there are more parties throughout the week with a more casual atmosphere for a cheaper price. On non-student nights out the prices are slightly higher so make sure that you have enough money for the all important doner kebab when you’re done partying!


Nightlife in Italy starts with Aperitivo – an italian style buffet accompanied by alcohol of course. The nightlife is quite a classy scene with guys wearing shirts and girls dressing up accordingly too. Italians tend to rock up to night clubs around 11 or 12 and often opt for table service with champagne. Music tends to be international. Drunk food is of course Pizza or a typical Italian sandwich which sounds perfect to us!


Being a Brit means we know how to drink! But the Aussies really are a close competitor. In Australia a barbecue isn’t a proper Barbie without a beer and have you even finished work if you don’t go home and also have a beer? Generally there’s never a wrong time to drink alcohol. In terms of going out they start early and finish late and clubs aren’t as common as they are in England but the Aussies like to enjoy bar hopping. So if you’re ever in search for a partner in a drinking game make sure to pick an Australian.

Beach Sunset Party Spain


With the boiling hot summers in Spain its no surprise to hear that dancing until the sun comes up in ocean air nightclubs lined with palm trees is the norm. The most important difference between Spanish and British going out culture how late the Spanish go out. Spanish people start predrinks after their infamously late dinner at around midnight and don’t even consider going out until 3, when most people in the UK have raided the local takeaway!

Predrinks are also quite different too. Due to the much more favourable climate in Spain they are usually held outside in streets and parks, this is known as a Botellon and its a good way to avoid complaints from neighbours!

Obviously going out late means going home late too, Spanish people dance the night away to reggaeton and then sometimes even move on to more clubs known as ‘afters’. The night usually ends by heading to a bakery or takeaway for resopón (drunk food).


Japan is awash with bars and clubs all over major cities. There are over 80,000 bars in Japan and 25,000 in Tokyo alone. Unfortunately they’re not so easy to find and its far to easy to wander into seedy areas. Because of this bar crawls are common in Japan with locals and foreigners alike. On the subject of bars, Japan is also the home of Karaoke and the popularity reflects this. Although brits might not know of many of the songs that it popular to sing there is always a few karaoke classics in English (Sweet Caroline, anyone?)

Clubbing is also a common pastime in Japan, there are several megaclubs in major cities all featuring the quirky and out there Japanese style that we have become accustomed to. After the night the most popular drunk food is ramen, somehow the Japanese can still master chopsticks even when bladdered!


Nightlife in Mexico ranges from from going to bars which feature mariachi bands to huge clubs found in big cities and tourist destinations. Mexico is a big country with diverse scenes in different cities. Mexico city has a great and elegant scene more related to large clubs whereas smaller towns and cities tend to be a bit more casual. Of course the national drunk food of Mexico is tacos so you can find partygoers eating these before heading home!

Areas such as Cancun and Guadalajara are popular with students on spring break due to the beautiful beaches and energetic nightlife. Cancun offers the largest nightclub in South America, so prepare yourself for a crazy night if you’re planning on going.

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