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Moving Your Pets Abroad

10th January 2018, Jack Manning-Swallow

Your pets are a part of the family, so it is no surprise that bringing your pets with you when moving overseas is a priority. There are a number of requirements when moving your pets abroad. On this page we will discuss mainly moving with dogs and cats abroad.
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Moving your House into Storage

10th January 2018, Jack Manning-Swallow

Keeping your items safe is a priority for most, so putting your items into a storage unit is usually a wise decision. However there are a number of things you need to consider before moving your house into storage. Before moving your furniture abroad, you might need to look for a place to store your belongings. If so, we have compiled some tips to help you with your removal.
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Expat Interview: Ballet dancer finds new home in Lisbon

12th December 2017, Josh Earl

24-year-old expat, Josh Earl, from Essex, England started ballet at the age of 14. Ten years later, he is now part of the national ballet company of Lisbon and has been living there for 5 years. Hopefully Josh's experiences from living abroad in a country such as Portugal, especially at such a young age, can help you decide whether or not you want to live abroad now or in the near future.
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British expat faces jail in Dubai over ‘selfie she didn’t even take’

5th December 2017, Jack Manning

Asa Hutchinson faces potential jail time in Dubai after a ‘bust up over a selfie she didn’t even take’. Would you like to know more about his story? Have a look at this blog and don't miss any detail!
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Top 4 countries in Asia with the best public transport

14th November 2017, Jack Manning

Public transport isn’t something you really think about when moving home, especially if you are used to driving everywhere. Fortunately for you, we have provided a list of the top 4 countries in Asia with the best public transport in the world. These have been picked for a number of reasons; the cleanliness, the cost and access.
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Expat Stories: Shaken in Shanghai

29th June 2017, Anya Coates

Anya Coates is a keen traveller, lifestyle and food blogger who has recently taken the plunge and moved to China for work. Originally from Northern Ireland she has since lived in England, Spain and now China meaning that she's well on her way to becoming a world citizen. Below is her story about starting work in China and her initial thoughts! 
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Insider tips: International removals advice from Pearson Home Moving

19th June 2017, triglobal

Pearson Home Moving is one of the biggest removal companies in the UK when it comes to national and international moves. They have been in the moving business for over a 100 years and their market knowledge and experience is second to none. The tips they have to offer have proved invaluable to countless moves in the past so they have some of the best international removals advice around. 
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Insider tips: 24 things no one tells you before relocating to Spain

9th June 2017, Tom May

Although Spain is a popular place to move to there are still several important things to know about starting a new life in Spain. Insider tips are a valuable commodity when moving to a new country so make sure to bear in mind advice from our expat experts. 
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Settling in Berlin

8th June 2017, Dhaker Haj-Ali

To settle in Berlin is the dream of many people and for different reasons but mainly for its relaxed atmosphere and its accessible standard of living. Although rents have increased considerably in recent years, the cost of housing and life in general is much more affordable than in most major European capitals. Whether alone, as a couple or as a family, it requires a minimum of preparation to settle in Berlin, especially in the choice of neighborhoods.
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