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Top 10 Greetings From Around The World

19th April 2017, Charly Johnson

Ever come to that struggling moment in life when you don't know how to greet a new person? The age, gender, nationality and many more features determine how to greet an individual. But what are the strangest ways individuals greet each other in different countries?
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7 Spanish dishes that will make your mouth water

19th April 2017, triglobal

Spain is infamous for having some of the tastiest food around. Whether it be little plates of tapas or huge rice dishes Iberian cuisine boasts flavours that are not only unique but delicious too.
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Different Ways Easter Is Celebrated Around The World

14th April 2017, Charly Johnson

Easter is commonly celebrated around the world and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. But how is Easter celebrated in different countries? From scoffing chocolate eggs to tucking into a big tasty iguana. This blog will talk about how Easter is celebrated in different countries
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How To Cycle Around The World

10th April 2017, Maxime Quantin and Nicolas d'Hoedt

Ever wanted to travel the World? Well nowadays there are a variety of ways to do so, whether it's by plane or boat or even bike! Biking around the world can seem like a challenging process and in this article Maxime and Nicolas discuss their experiences biking around the world, including the locations they concurred and answers to common questions they are asked.
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Surprising Startup Spots | 6 unexpected entrepreneurial hubs around the world

7th April 2017, triglobal

After having the idea for a new business, the next question that entrepreneurs have is where they should launch it. Sure, large cities such as London, Singapore and New York may seem like an obvious choice, but what are the up and coming hubs with growing opportunities?  
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Top 10 Strangest Dishes Eaten Around The World

6th April 2017, Charly Johnson

The world is a very diverse place and full of weird and wonderful things. But ever wondered about what people eat in other countries? In this blog I will discuss the top 10 strangest dishes from around the world, from fried guinea pig to bear meatballs. So if you want to be put off your dinner continue reading.
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The 8 wackiest national animals

30th March 2017, triglobal

There are a vast variety of animals that in the world, all differing from one country to another. So which of these animals should you use to represent your country? When choosing a national animal most countries choose to go for a majestic animal which represents strength, power and intelligence. These countries didn't get the memo.
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Top 4 Weird and Wacky things in Montreal

28th March 2017, Charly Johnson

Montreal is well known for it's fascinating sceneries and it's vast variety of restaurants. But what about the hidden weird and wacky things you can find in Montreal? In this blog I will discuss the strange things found in Montreal, from milk in bags to squirrel invasions.
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8 festivals from around the world that will make you realize how weird people are…

24th March 2017, triglobal

The world is a wonderfully diverse place. People celebrate all sorts of occasions in a variety of different ways, often because they have great historical or religious significance. Maybe they're celebrating the founding of a country, the end of an oppressive political regime or the the birth of a deity. But what about when you really want to throw a piece of fruit in your friend's face? Theres a festival for that too! Actually, theres two...
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