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Insider tips: 24 things no one tells you before relocating to Spain

June 9 2017, Tom May

Although Spain is a popular place to move to there are still several important things to know about starting a new life in Spain. Insider tips are a valuable commodity when moving to a new country so make sure to bear in mind advice from our expat experts. 
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Settling in Berlin

June 8 2017, Dhaker Haj-Ali

To settle in Berlin is the dream of many people and for different reasons but mainly for its relaxed atmosphere and its accessible standard of living. Although rents have increased considerably in recent years, the cost of housing and life in general is much more affordable than in most major European capitals. Whether alone, as a couple or as a family, it requires a minimum of preparation to settle in Berlin, especially in the choice of neighborhoods.
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Expat Stories: Flatpacking your life and emigrating to Sweden

May 30 2017, Eleonora Cugurullo

Eleonora Cugurullo is an Italian serial expat who has lived in the UK for 5 years. After finding that she wanted a change of scenery in the wake of the Brexit vote she took the decision to move abroad again, this time to Stockholm. Eleanora's diverse experiences means that she is uniquely qualified on what its like to move to Sweden from the UK, in addition to having some quirky comparisons with Blighty!
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Best country in the world to raise a family, and why you should move there right now

May 19 2017, triglobal

Is life back in rainy old Blighty becoming tiresome? Feel like a new challenge? Want a break from the routine of work, home, work, home repeat? Moving to a new country is the antidote to all of your problems. Although there are hurdles in the short term, especially when moving families, there are countries out there that have a better family environment.
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The Top 5 Cities in the World for Sports Fans

May 3 2017, Tom May

Hey there sports fans! We've got a real treat lined up today. We're taking a look at the top cities in the world for you to pursue your love - watch sports. We've had a look at the cities all over the world and come up with our top 5 cities where sports fans should live.
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6 Surprising Startup Spots and Entrepreneurial Hubs Around the World

April 7 2017, triglobal

After having the idea for a new business, the next question that entrepreneurs have is where they should launch it. Sure, large cities such as London, Singapore and New York may seem like an obvious choice, but what are the up and coming hubs with growing opportunities?  
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Top 5 Life Hacks For Living Abroad

March 21 2017, Charly Johnson

Moving abroad creates a variety of emotions; excitement, curiosity, fear, joy etc, all at the same time! But with these top life hacks hopefully we can eliminate some of these negative emotions. From living in a variety of countries around the world I have devised my 5 top life hacks for living in a foreign country.
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Tip Advisor: 7 Tipping customs around the globe

March 17 2017, Tom May

You're new to a country, you go out for a nice meal. Great food, great service. The bill comes and... Dilemma. Do people leave tip here? How much do I leave? Are the staff well paid already? With so many tipping customs in so many different countries how do you make sure that you're not overspending your hard earned cash? Or worse make sure that the waiter won't chase you down the street? Here at Sirelo we've asked our expat guru's about all things tipping to make sure you're not caught short. 
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Living with different nationalities

March 9 2017, Charly Johnson

Moving to a new country can lead to a variety of new experiences. When moving you expect to see the cultural differences between the host country and your own, but what you don't usually expect to encounter is new cultural consciousnesses with 6 other countries. In this blog I will discuss the strange and wonderful things faced with living in a foreign country with international students. From dancing around trees to drinking a lot of beer.
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