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Around the World in 80 Gins

19th May 2017, Charly Johnson

It's getting closer to summer and the best summer drink everyone knows is of course a gin and tonic, whether you're sipping one on your sofa after a hard day at work or relaxing in an outdoor bar, gin is the way forward. In this blog I will tell you where you must travel to find your perfect gin and tonic
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Nightlife in different cultures

12th May 2017, Tom May

When it comes to finding out about the real culture of a country one of the best places to start is by looking at their nightlife. You can see the way that people interact with one another, associate with the opposite sex and see how people act when their inhibitions are lowered. 
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Best Breakfast Around the Globe

12th May 2017, Charly Johnson

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day so surely what you have is critical. So what are the best breakfasts around the globe that will help start your day the right way. In this blog we will talk about the best breakfasts around the world, from pancakes to cheesy toast.
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Coffee culture around the world

5th May 2017, Charly Johnson

Coffee is the one thing that nearly everyone around the world can agree upon. The different coffee cultures among various countries is fascinating. In this blog I will discuss the countries that appreciate the coffee bean the most.
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Top 5 cities for sports fans

3rd May 2017, Tom May

Hey there sports fans! We've got a real treat lined up today. We're taking a look at the top cities in the world for you to pursue your love - watch sports. We've had a look at the cities all over the world and come up with our top 5 cities where sports fans should live.
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Top 10 Greetings From Around The World

19th April 2017, Charly Johnson

Ever come to that struggling moment in life when you don't know how to greet a new person? The age, gender, nationality and many more features determine how to greet an individual. But what are the strangest ways individuals greet each other in different countries?
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7 Spanish dishes that will make your mouth water

19th April 2017, triglobal

Spain is infamous for having some of the tastiest food around. Whether it be little plates of tapas or huge rice dishes Iberian cuisine boasts flavours that are not only unique but delicious too.
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Different Ways Easter Is Celebrated Around The World

14th April 2017, Charly Johnson

Easter is commonly celebrated around the world and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. But how is Easter celebrated in different countries? From scoffing chocolate eggs to tucking into a big tasty iguana. This blog will talk about how Easter is celebrated in different countries
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How To Cycle Around The World

10th April 2017, Maxime Quantin and Nicolas d'Hoedt

Ever wanted to travel the World? Well nowadays there are a variety of ways to do so, whether it's by plane or boat or even bike! Biking around the world can seem like a challenging process and in this article Maxime and Nicolas discuss their experiences biking around the world, including the locations they concurred and answers to common questions they are asked.
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