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Here you will find more information, backgrounds and news related to moving. But also interviews with expats.

How technology can save your long distance relationships

13th March 2017, Charly Johnson

Keeping in contact while hundreds of miles away in a foreign country can seem daunting. Luckily nowadays technology really goes to the extremes of making distance a minute issue. In this blog I will discuss the top technological options that make staying in contact a piece of cake.
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Living with different nationalities

9th March 2017, Charly Johnson

Moving to a new country can lead to a variety of new experiences. When moving you expect to see the cultural differences between the host country and your own, but what you don't usually expect to encounter is new cultural consciousnesses with 6 other countries. In this blog I will discuss the strange and wonderful things faced with living in a foreign country with international students. From dancing around trees to drinking a lot of beer.
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Culture shocks in Japan

3rd February 2017, Christopher Quinn

Japan can seem like an interesting destination to choose to move to, the language is difficult and isn't a typical tourist destination to visit. That being said Japan has many wonderful features that make it a perfect location to migrate to for many. This blog will talk about the culture shocks experienced first hand, from traditional festivals to common pranks carried out.
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Real Estate in France, what you need to know before you buy

26th January 2017, Meretdemeures

Before you invest in real estate in France, it is important to know the market and beware of its mechanisms. In this article, the international Real Estate portal Meretdemeures explains the essential knowledge needed to buy a house in France.
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10 funny Portuguese expressions or sayings

24th January 2017, Joana Kroon

It is always interesting when you move to a new country. The new language and culture can be a stumbling block should you make no effort to familiarize yourself with them. You will most likely feel the need to learn the language in order to properly integrate into your new home. Language is difficult enough due to different constructions, intonations and grammar. Perhaps one of the strangest things about language and in fact culture are the funny expressions, idioms or sayings. To help you understand a few idioms in Portuguese, this blog will look at 10 funny Portuguese expressions.
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3 common Street foods in France

17th January 2017, Joana Kroon

When thinking about French food, most people immediately think about exquisite high class cuisine and gourmet and for good reasons. France is known for its world class scrumptious course meals and fine dining. It is for this same reason that the street food revolution in France got off to a late start. However, these days, the street food revolution is forging ahead in full speed, especially, due to foreign cultural influences. Here below we give 3 common street foods you cannot help but occasionally indulge in when in France.
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4 Weird things about Canada you didn’t know

5th January 2017, Joana Kroon

Canada is an amazing country. However, there are a some things about Canada that may just seem a bit weird to visitors or foreigners. Let’s get to the mind boggling facts about Canada with 4 things you didn't know about Canada.
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Switzerland in Alabama part 2 – The story continues

30th December 2016, Anonymous German

Dating a guy from the skater clique I think due to the fact that I was an exchange student and therefore neutral, I could date guys with different 'social standings' without worrying about punishment, so to speak. I was free to date guys from other groups, even though, I associated with the popular crowd. I did see at the time that it had bothered some of the people in the popular crowd. Or rather they had not been pleased that I had dated a guy from the skater clique.
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Switzerland in Alabama – A high school experience

23rd December 2016, Anonymous German

My first impression of the US was that everything I had seen in the movies and the TV shows was more or less true. My host family were very open and very friendly. It was not hard at all to get included in everything. The first week I was already going to family meetings and meeting the friends of my host family. They just included me right away. In Germany, where I am from and in other Scandinavian countries, I feel that there would have been a distance, but that was not the case with my host family.
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