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Here you will find more information, backgrounds and news related to moving. But also interviews with expats.

Why you should live in Lyon

15th December 2016, Joana Kroon

Why would Lyon be a great destination for expats and travellers alike? I would recommend Lyon as a city to live, work and visit because it a nice big city in France. Moreover, there are many things to do and to see. It is smaller and less busy compared to Paris, but it has all the charm of a typical French city. It is also cheaper than Paris. There are lots of restaurants and different
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Interview with a guy from Breda

7th December 2016, Marco Huisman

Why should Breda be a destination for expats and travellers alike? First of all, Breda is an open and welcoming city. It is really friendly. There are lots and lots of places where you can eat, drink or just have a good time. It is really beautiful as well, it is kind of old and there are nice architectural buildings. I especially like all the places you can sit outside. There are terraces everywhere, particularly in the city centre.
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Living in Sweden – Malmö

30th November 2016, Anonymous Expat

My first impression of Sweden was that it was beautiful and very colourful, I loved the nature there. I lived in the south of Sweden in a city called Malmö. It is a popular city, especially due to the fact that it experiences the warmest climate in the country. Malmö is a sort of a melting pot of different cultures, you can find Polish, Arabic and Swedish all in one shop.
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Marion Bay

23rd November 2016, George Sagris

Driving, It took us four hours to get to Marion Bay from Adelaide. Initially, I thought the drive would be long and drawn-out. However, during the trip, my parents blasted old music that they grew up on, or songs that they liked and then reminisced about their life up until now. It’s always nice to see your dad shouting song lyrics at the top of his lungs while hitting 110km on a highway.
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Advice from a girl from Rotterdam, Netherlands

7th November 2016, Joana Kroon

Why should Rotterdam be a destination for travellers and expats alike? People should move or come to Rotterdam because it is a unique city. It is the only city in the Netherlands with a skyline. For example, Amsterdam and Utrecht are nice cities but they don't have this unique skyline. Moreover, Amsterdam is generally really crowded. Rotterdam is also busy but it is definitely less busy than Amsterdam. Besides that, Rotterdam is a port city, it is currently the biggest I think in Europe and the sixth biggest in the world.
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An interview with a guy from Cape Coast, Ghana

31st October 2016, Sampson Apreku

Why should Cape Coast be a destination for travellers and expats alike? Cape Coast is an ideal destination for tourists and expats because it has the uniqueness of providing the 'three S', which are, sea, sand and sun. Apart from the heritage sites and attractions of interest, Cape Coast has one of the forty castles built by the Europeans. For tourists and visitors, there are a lot of destinations to see. The forest reserves, beaches and museums.
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Advice from a guy from Astana, Kazakhstan

26th October 2016, Joana Kroon

Why should Astana be a destination for travellers and expats alike? If you are given an opportunity to visit any country in Central Asia, I would say that you don't even have to think about it, just choose Kazakhstan! Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, it is known as one of the youngest and at the same time coldest capitals in the world. Nevertheless, it is also one of the most beautiful and futuristic cities on Earth!
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Advice from a girl from Kappeln, Germany

24th October 2016, Joana Kroon

Why should Kappeln be a destination for travellers and expats alike? My city is in the north of Germany near the border of Denmark. It is a small cute city, with about 9000 people. We live close to the water and it is a very safe city. Every year a lot of tourists come to Kappeln because of how it looks, because of the landscape and because it is very refreshing. It is very common for people to rent out a bike and go cycling around the city, to the beach or the rural areas around the city.
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Advice from a Guy from Turin, Italy

18th October 2016, Joana Kroon

Why should Turin be a destination for travellers and expats alike? Turin is the 3rd biggest city in Italy. Since the Olympics in 2006, it has grown a lot as a destination both for tourists and expats. There are many international students who study at the polytechnic and at the various universities all around the city. At the same time, there are different big companies that can provide employment for expats. For tourists there is a lot to see, there are many parks, museums, medieval and roman buildings.
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