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Here you will find more information, backgrounds and news related to moving. But also interviews with expats.

The struggles of fitting into a new country

28th September 2016, Joana Kroon

Moving to a new country can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Perhaps you are moving to another country due to a transfer, because you are seeking greener pastures or even because you found love in that country. Whatever the reason may be, relocating to a new country with a set of norms and values different from your own, can be either a learning experience or one of total horror.
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Me in Mie: A Japanese home-stay experience

26th September 2016, George Sagris

Ever thought of moving to or visiting Japan? George Sagris shares with you one of the reasons why that might be a good idea. A story about strangers who in a few days, formed a lasting bond. I hope you enjoy his heartwarming story as much as I did.
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