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Here you will find more information, backgrounds and news related to moving. But also interviews with expats.

Advice from a girl from Valencia in Spain

12th October 2016, Joana Kroon

Why should Valencia be a destination for travellers and expats alike? If asked about cities in Spain to visit, there is no doubt that the first cities that will pop up in your mind are the most popular cities in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid. However, Spain has so much more to offer. Although Valencia is not as popular as Madrid and Barcelona, in recent years more people and more people are making Valencia their destination of travel. Why should you choose Valencia to be your travel destination? Well simply because of the delicious food, great beaches, amazing nightlife, good weather and the cheerful people.
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Living In New Zealand for 8 months

10th October 2016, Joana Kroon

On 11 February 2013, I said goodbye to my family and friends in the Netherlands and went off to New Zealand to make it my home for 8 months. Strangely enough, I felt very calm on my way from Amsterdam to New Zealand, I was not at all nervous. When I called my parents at the airport of San Francisco, where I landed for a transit, they were surprised to hear I wasn’t tired despite the long trip. They had expected me to be totally exhausted, but I still had loads of energy. I was mainly excited for what was to come.
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The struggles of fitting into a new country

28th September 2016, Joana Kroon

Moving to a new country can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Perhaps you are moving to another country due to a transfer, because you are seeking greener pastures or even because you found love in that country. Whatever the reason may be, relocating to a new country with a set of norms and values different from your own, can be either a learning experience or one of total horror.
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Me in Mie: A Japanese home-stay experience

26th September 2016, George Sagris

Ever thought of moving to or visiting Japan? George Sagris shares with you one of the reasons why that might be a good idea. A story about strangers who in a few days, formed a lasting bond. I hope you enjoy his heartwarming story as much as I did.
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