7 Spanish dishes that will make your mouth water

19th April 2017, triglobal

Spain is infamous for having some of the tastiest food around. Whether it be little plates of tapas or huge rice dishes Iberian cuisine boasts flavours that are not only unique but delicious too.

Although it is accurate to say that Spanish food is exquisite in general, the reality is that each region of Spain has something unique to offer. On this list we take a look at the 7 best dishes from different regions of Spain.

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Where better to start our list than the capital of Spain? The speciality dish of Spain’s capital is Cocido Madrileño. This is a dish that is made up of various meats, chick peas, potatoes and noodles. This stew is especially popular in the cold winters of Madrid, the phrase “ocho meses de invierno, cuatro meses de infierno” (8 months of winter, four months of fiery hell – it sounds better in Spanish because it rhymes) explains why its so popular then!


Crema Catalana is Spain’s answer to a creme brûlée. It is a much lighter dish than it’s french cousin meaning its much more apt for the heat of Spain. Aside from the consistency the biggest difference between this and and a creme brûlée is the lemon zest that can be added for authenticity.  The consistency of the dessert means that it just dissolves into your mouth leaving you with sweet satisfaction.

Spanish food


Perhaps the most famous Spanish food is paella. This saffron flavoured rice dish is traditionally cooked with chicken and rabbit however there are several versions of the dish available that combine seafood, vegetables and black rice. Valencians spend their Sunday afternoons with family eating large portions of paella in the sun before taking their siesta. Locals rave about socarrat Just remember that under no circumstances should you put chorizo in your paella!


The northwest corner of Spain is famous for its seafood from the atlantic. The region is famous for its octopus known as pulpo a la gallega. This tapas dish is really simple to prepare, just boiling it in water for up to an hour and adding olive oil, salt and sweet paprika. It goes really well accompanied by a salad.


Murcia is home to one of the sweetest treats in Spain – paparajotes. Paparajotes are made from the leaves of a lemon tree coated in a sweet and cinnamonny batter. Biting in to a the crispy leaf the zesty lemon flavour is complimented perfectly by the sweet cinnamon. It has the consistency of churros with the soft inside and crunchy outside. These are Murcia’s best kept secret as even most Spaniards haven’t heard of them.

Spanish food


The sweltering summers of Southern Spain call for a recipe to cool off. Gazpacho Andaluz is the perfect dish. Usually taken as a starter or a side dish to a larger meal it is a the perfect accompaniment to a hot day or a warm evening. The recipe is made from a tomato and cucumber base and flavoured with garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar and salt. The dish is essentially salad and it tastes like summer in a bowl!

Feeling hungry? We certainly are. If you can’t handle reading about any more delicious food then read our blog on disgusting dishes around the world that will make your stomach churn.

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