Top 5 cities for sports fans

3rd May 2017, Tom May

Hey there sports fans! We’ve got a real treat lined up today. We’re taking a look at the top cities in the world for you to pursue your love – watch sports. We’ve had a look at the cities all over the world and come up with our top 5 cities where sports fans should live.

Living in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro

Having recently held not just the Olympics but also several matches and even the final of the FIFA World Cup, Rio was a guaranteed starter on our team sheet.

With iconic beaches its no surprise that the city is also the adopted home of volleyball, Brazil is actually the world’s most successful country in the sport. As a result of the popularity of volleyball and the city authorities banning football on beaches the beach became the birthplace of footvolley – a combination of football and volleyball which is now a professional sport.

In addition to the city still being on the olympic vibe and being home to al of the ultra modern and slick facilities that you would expect, the city is also home to one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world – the Maracanã.


Singapore has been staging a mix of huge sporting events in addition to somewhat lesser ones that still are still big huge in their respective fields.

Perhaps the most famous event there is the Singapore Grand Prix. This race was the first ever formula one night race and is now an established race even being nicknamed Jewel in the Crown of the Formula 1 calendar. More recently Singapore has been adopting other international sports such as hosting Ultimate Fighting Championship and WWE fights.

More familiar sports are also starting to become part of the culture in Singapore, the high amount of expats living there means that even British and European sports are being hosted in the city-state. International rugby test matches are amongst the big events there, football is another. One of the biggest summer (preseason) football tournaments is hosted in Singapore – the International Champions Cup.

Despite all of these sports being relatively new to the metropolis, the amount and type of events in Singapore is increasing. So much so that it was recently awarded the title of ‘Sporting Capital of Asia’.

Los Angeles

When thinking of the sheer size and diversity of Los Angeles it’s little wonder why city of angels is on our list.

The city showcases more sports teams than a small country including: 2 baseball teams (Angels and Dodgers), 3 basketball teams (Clippers, Lakers and Sparks) a professional soccer team (LA Galaxy), 2 NFL teams (Chargers and Rams), 2 hockey teams (Ducks and Kings).

Obviously all of these sports teams need a place to play, the city of LA is peppered with stadia and sporting arenas. They’re not small either, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has 93,000 which is marginally bigger than the Rose Bowl’s meagre 92,542. The two baseball stadiums combine to have over 100,000 seats too. Finally the Staples Centre has the capacity to hold 21,000 ice hockey fans – which is huge for an indoor arena.

The size of the stadiums is a reflection on how big the sporting culture of the city. For any fans of American sports Los Angeles is without a doubt the place to be!

Surfing Melbourne


Crashing waves and fierce competition make Melbourne one of the truly great sporting capitals. Many people see Melbourne as the cultural capital of Oz. Anyone who looks at the city’s sporting credentials could hardly disagree.

The city itself is full of stadia and parks home to rugby, Ozzy Rules football, soccer and the largest cricket ground in the world the MCG which provides the setting for over 100,000 cricket fans.

Melbourne is also known for kickstarting the sporting calendar for the year with Grand Slam tennis in January and the Formula 1 season opener in March.

The sport doesn’t stop at the city limits either, the world surfing championships take place in Melbourne due to the epic surf and how important the sport is to the culture of the city. A little further afield you can find the Melbourne Cup – Australia’s premier horse racing event, something very similar to the Grand National.

The pleasurable climate of Southern Australia also invites people to try and imitate the pros meaning that the city itself is full of sports enthusiasts meaning that sports fans and enthusiasts will love the city alike.


Where do we even begin with London? It tops our list because of the amount and variety of of sports in the city.

Manchester might be a more famous footballing city but London is the beating heart of the premier league, boasting 6 clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

Some of the biggest stadiums in England are in the capital, and not just limited to football too. Twickenham can accommodate 82,000 fans and does regularly. Who can forget the 2015 Rugby World Cup final where the all blacks took down the Ozzies in some style?

Let’s not say that we’re biased towards British sports either – there is even something for fans of American football as there is at least one NFL international series game held in London every season. With three coming in the autumn of 2017.

Of course we haven’t forgot the 2012 Olympic games, which didn’t just change the area surrounding the Olympic Village, but changed the mentality of the whole country (for the summer at least) and inspired London and Great Britain to get up on their bikes or down to their nearest athletics track to try and emanate the achievements of Team GB.

Is there even space on this list to mention some of the other huge sporting occasions such as cricket at Lourdes, the Wimbledon Championships, and some of the biggest boxing matches in recent memory?

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