Moving to Glasgow

Glasgow also known as ‘Dear Green Place’, is the largest city in Scotland and fourth largest in the United Kingdom. Greater Glasgow is home to a population of around 1.2 million people. True to its nickname, Glasgow has a lot of green areas. The city boasts of many beautiful parks and you don’t have to drive for long to escape the urban sprawl. People moving to Glasgow can expect captivating Victorian architecture and rich history. Moreover, Glasgow offers all the city amenities but still the village feel.  

Moving to Glasgow

Moving to Glasgow

The first impressions of people moving to Glasgow is the fact that the people in Glasgow are really friendly. Glaswegians really make the city, they are welcoming and accepting.  Although the Glasgow rivals Edinburgh as a cultural gem, it is has the advantage of less tourists than Edinburgh.

Talking about rivalry, Glasgow’s  financial and business services sector is closely following the strong footsteps of Edinburgh as well. People moving to Glasgow can look forward to affordable living and plenty job opportunities.

Working in Glasgow

Glasgow has one of the largest manufacturing centres in the UK you will find  companies such as British Polar Engines, Weir Group, Albion Motors, and Aggreko are headquartered in or have a base in Glasgow. Other sectors that have grown in recent years and which have become quite large in Glasgow are the business, retail and  financial sector.

people moving to Glasgow can expect a competitive job market if they haven’t secured a job before coming to Glasgow. However, Glasgow has many good job prospects to offer those with great skills and persistence. Expats moving to Glasgow are strongly advised to secure a job before making the move to Glasgow. All generic ways for applying for jobs apply. However, Networking is key whether it is online on professional pages such as Linkedin or in person with friends or family and at career fairs or business events. Going through an Employment agency could also yield great results.

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Housing in Glasgow

Expats looking to move to Glasgow, will be happy to hear that the prices of accommodation in the city are relatively more affordable compared to bigger cities like Edinburgh and London. Affordability may come in the form of good value for your money spent.

People moving to Glasgow may in some cases pay comparable prices to the other two cities but will receive much more for their money. For example, you can find a nice, spacious Victorian apartment in a good neighborhood for the same price you would spend for an apartment in the crappy part of London. According to Numbeo, a one bedroom apartment will cost on average around 603.59  in the city centre. The same one bedroom apartment will go for an average for 439.12 outside the city centre of Glasgow.

People moving to Glasgow are advised to first rent accommodation short term before finding or more permanent place to live. This short term accommodation is intended to provide a roof over your head whilst you scout the different districts in Glasgow for a suitable apartment or house.You can start your search for an apartment online and with help of estate and letting agents. On top of the rent consider that that you will pay gas, water, electricity and council tax as well.

Moving to Glasgow


If you ask a Glaswegian what is great about Glasgow, you will hear that Glasgow  is a vibrant city with many good places to eat and drink! As previously mentioned, the countryside is easily accessible for those who may need a breather once in awhile.However, with so many amazing parks and greenery within the city of Glasgow,  it may not even be needed. Additionally, Edinburgh is an hour’s drive away should you occasionally need a change of scenery.

For people moving to Glasgow who enjoy a lively night scene, you will need to keep two things in mind. First of all, Glasgow has a 10 pm curfew on alcohol to prevent people from drinking alcohol in the streets and in the parks. However, you can still do a lot of drinking in licensed establishments. Another thing to keep in mind is that the clubs close at 3 am. The flip side however is that there are many flat parties and underground raves for the die hard’s.