Moving to London

London also know as “Big Smoke” has an estimated population of 8.7 million in 2016. Everything is fairly close to each other in the city of London, especially in central London, where most of the main tourist attractions are located. However, London is much bigger. London consists of 33 boroughs which are each governed by their own council, the city of London is just one of the boroughs of London.  


Moving to London

Moving to London

Many people moving within the UK or from outside the UK  consider moving to London due to the many work opportunities that London has to offer. London is considered a Major financial city not only in Europe but in the whole world. The city is full of vibrancy and people moving to London will find themselves charmed by the big smoke. 

Working in London

People moving to London can start their job search online, in Newspapers and by registering with employment agencies. Additionally, you can also contact government-run job centres. Other tips for finding work in the big smoke is by attending business events or by starting off with an internship or voluntary work. In all cases you must make sure your CV is updated and that you have a few references from previous employment.

Networking is an important factor these days. Aside from attending business events, you can make a online profile on LinkedIn. You can join groups about your business sector on LinkedIn and follow companies you may be interested in working for.

When going for a job interview, it is well advised to research the company or business that you are applying for. Additionally, don’t forget to dress the part for which you are applying.

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Housing in London

Finding accommodation in London can be challenging just like any major city in the world. You will need to be patient and flexible to get a suitable accommodation. Sharing a flat is common in London. It is cheap and besides, it is a good way to get to know someone in this big city.

As previously mentioned, London consists of 33 boroughs and they all have a different feel and character. So, your first step to finding accommodation in London will be to decide in which boroughs you would like to live. You can find information about the different boroughs on londontown. Realistically speaking, People moving to London who are willing to be flexible and share an apartment, will be looking at paying between 600 and 1000 pounds per month in rent. According to Numbeo you will pay on average around 1,674.48 £ for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre.  On average you will pay around  1,158.87 £ for the same 1 bedroom apartment outside the city centre. 

To rent a  flat in London you need to pay a deposit which will be the amount of one or two Month’s rent. You should also consider that you will have to pay gas, water and electricity as well as council tax. Fortunately, students do not need to pay council tax.  There are options for cheaper accommodations as well as more expensive accommodations but it all depends on the place you want to live in London, whether you are sharing a flat or not and a bit of luck.

Moving to London


It is easy to get around in the city of London. People are advised to get an oyster card which you can use on the tube. During rush hour, it can be very busy however, the tube is pretty convenient.  If you prefer to see more of London when traveling, it may be better to take the bus. You will find however, that in central London everything can be done on foot. If you go out at night, you may need the services of an Uber or taxi. It is important to know how to get around London because you will have exciting stuff to do every week, from dining out to going to the theater.