Do you do the removals yourself or do you know a removal company that does this?

Sirelo is not a removal company, but rather an intermediary between the customer and the removal company. We send your request for quotes to selected removal companies in our database. These removal companies will then contact you with quotes and begin the moving process.

Is this website only for domestic company removals or forĀ household removals as well?

This website is for everybody who wants to move. If you are already in the process of your move, you can make use Ā of our quote request service. You can also find useful tips about moving on this website.

How long in advance do I have to request quotes?

It is advised to request quotes minimal 4 months in advance. This will give you the needed time to choose an appropriate removal company as well as to decide what things you would like to move. Additionally, you should be aware or consider that a timely agreement with a mover can lead to an attractive removal rate. This is because the removal company will have enough time to plan the move, the best way possible and if convenient, your move can be combined with other removals to your destination.