Living in Canada

Canada has an amazing reputation for being a dream country to live in.  More than 250,000 new permanent residents come to live in Canada each year and the country is well known for the high quality of life and friendly locals. The low crime rate makes it even more attractive to migrate to, the country scored 9.7 / 10 0n the OECD Better Life Index 2014.

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Living in the Great White North

Dreaming of living in Canada, but not sure yet where? The country borders America and the capital is Ottawa. Other major cities include Toronto and the french speaking Montreal and Quebec. Although many often refer Canada and America as similar countries they are in fact very different in terms of culture and everyday living. So try not to mix them up.

living in canada

Culture in Canada

The climate in Canada is very different to that in the UK. It can go from extremes of -25 degrees Celsius to highs of 35 degrees Celsius. These extreme temperatures may take a while to get used to but can be taken advantage of by skiing in the mountains in winter or swimming the the warm lakes in summer.

The eating habits of Canadians tend to be a lot healthier than the average Brit. Instead of seeing hundreds of takeaway and fish and chip shops it is more common to see sushi bars. The national dish is known as poutine, it is basically chips, gravy and cheese. It may not seem to sound like a delicacy but the Canadians love it!

Everyone always talks about the fresh mountainous waters and in fact the taste is very different in comparison to the UK and almost tastes as if you are drinking bottled water. Better off it’s free in a lot of cities.

living in Canada

Cost of living when you live in Canada

Rent per month in city locations are of course more expensive than in rural areas. This being said they are both around 20% more expensive in the UK in terms of renting. The crazy differences is when you are wanting to buy an apartment. It is a shocking 145% more expensive to buy an apartment in a city centre in the UK and 105% cheaper to buy in rural areas in Canada.

Primary products such as groceries are around 20% more expensive in Canada in comparison to the UK. There is a massive 68% higher price in the costs of basic utilities in the UK making up for the slight increase in groceries.

Luxury products in chain stores such as Zara or H&M are around 10% higher in price than in the UK; however popular stores common to us such as Top shops and Levi can be an astounding 50% steeper in price.

Considerations when living in Canada

Many items, such as groceries, may seem to be cheaper in Canada in comparison to the UK; however this is not usually the case. Many prices shown in supermarkets is the price excluding tax. So prepare to get a surprise of an extra 15% on top of what you think you are spending.

Many of us from the UK are used to going into the local supermarket and picking up a cheeky bottle of gin or vodka for the weekend. In many cities in Canada this is not possible. Ther government have ownership of stores knows as SAQ’s and is where all spirit alcohol must be sold. But don’t worry you can still pick up wine and beer from the local dépanneur (convenience store)

If the beautiful scenery, weather and poutine is attracting you to migrate, then read more on our page to find out more about moving to Canada. If you’re in need of further assistance planning your move, give the articles we have linked for you below a read! 🙂