Moving to Lisbon

Lisbon as a city has a lot to offer which is why it’s such a popular destination for UK expats. On this page you will find all the relevant information about moving to Lisbon, from moving costs to requesting free removal quotes. Below is an overview of what will be discussed:

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Why choose Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s largest city and also capital, although the economy has been struggling in recent years Lisbon is in fact Portugal’s richest city. The beautiful climates and the views from Lisbon’s seven hills are few of the many features that make it such a perfect location. In the summer, temperatures can rise up to above 35 degrees Celsius. Generally the quality of life is very high compared to the low prices for food, rent and other goods. So if you’re used to the London prices you can live in Lisbon like a King / Queen.

Moving to Lisbon

How much will your move cost?

Moving to Lisbon will vary in price dependant on a variety of factors. The most influential factor being household size. Below is an overview of the costs associated with moving from London to Lisbon by road. On average this process will take 3-5 days.

Household sizeCost
1 bed£2,100 – £3,000
2 bed£2,700 – £3,700
3 bed£3,600 – £4,900
4 bed£4,700 – £6,400
5 bed£6,000 – £8,100

The cost of your move will however also vary depending on other factors. Household size is the top cost variant, of course a bigger household will cost more to move. The other main 3 factors include. (1) Location – Living a closer location in the UK to Lisbon will be a lot cheaper in comparison if you are living in Scotland. (2) Insurance – It is always safe to have your belongings protected in case of accidents; however this comes at a cost. (3) Additional services – Other services can be provided in your move to make it less stressful, services such as packaging can make your move easier but will also come at a cost.

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Living in Lisbon

The top difference when moving to Lisbon is the cultural differences, the main one being the language. The weather of course being the next big variable, as previously mentioned temperatures can rise up to 35 Celsius in the summer, so remember to bring your suncream or the stereotype of burnt Brits will be continued. Although the salary rates are a lot lower in comparison to the UK, this is reflected in their very low consumer prices, for example grocery prices are 35% lower in Lisboon. Which is why many citizens retire in Lisbon. Below is an overview of some of the general prices in Lisbon in comparison to London:

GoodsLondon pricesLisbon prices
1 bed rented apartment1,677.00537.30

Cost of living in Lisbon

Tips before departure

When moving to Lisbon you do not need a visa to enter due to being a member state of the European Union; however if staying longer than 90 days you must apply for a permanent residency visa.

Checklist before your move

Health insurance

If you have residency in Lisbon then healthcare is free. You will have to register for a NHS user card (Cartão de Utente)

Paper work

Make sure all important documents are up to date and you have photocopied any important documents.


It is recommended to contact your tax authorities before moving to Lisbon. You are classified as a tax paying resident if you stay in Lisbon for more than 183 days.


Using your existing UK bank will cost you an arm and a leg due to curency differences and international rates. It is recommended to take out a local bank account:

Redirect mail

To make sure you don’t miss out on any important mail you should get everything redirected to your new address.


Cancel any utilities and subscriptions to save spending extra.

Where should you live in Lisbon?

Now that you’ve chosen Lisbon, which area should you move to? It is important to choose the right location for your needs. Below are the top recommended areas to move to:

Bairro Alto

Known as being one of the most attractive neighbourhoods and very well known. It is full of entertainments, from restaurants and bars to being a hotspot for sub cultural life.


Located in the city centre of Lisbon, a popular location to ‘shop until you drop’. It’s a top location for first time expats and its close location makes it perfect.


Chiado is a poplar place for younger generations. It is full of nice cafes, art schools and theatres.  If you want to be surrounded with culture, this location is perfect for you.

Parque de Nações

Probably one of the more pricey locations, but is a modern emerging neighbourhood. If you want to be close to the historical life of Lisbon but not live in it then this is a prime location for you

Neighbourhoods in Lisbon

Finding your dream home

Finding a place to live in Lisbon is a lot easier in comparison to other EU countries. Rentals can be short term from a few weeks, to long term of 6+ months.  Properties can be searched for in the classified section of the newspapers, such as the Publico and the Diário de Notícias, or for in the English language publications such as the Portugal News or on specialised web portals.

Popular online housing websites include

Looking for work?

If you do not speak the Portuguese language then finding a job just became 10 times harder. When you speak the language and have specific skills, the search to find your new job will be a lot easier. The unemployment rate in Portugal is still very high in comparison to the UK (10.4%), so probably best if you have a job already lined up before moving to Lisbon. The most common sector is the service sector where 67% are employed. Handy websites to give you tips on working in Lisbon include:

The main popular ways to find jobs in Lisbon are through Newspapers, employment websites, personal contacts and employment agencies. Networking is an important feature and will prove more helpful than finding jobs in other ways, such as over the internet.

When you find a job, the next big step is moving. Moving to Lisbon is relatively simple and to find out more information  you can get five free moving quotes and compare international moving.

Transportation in Lisbon

The public transport network in Lisbon is widely used with their extensive bus and railway networks connecting all the important regions of the country. In general the public transport is reliable and very inexpensive in comparison to the UK. When moving to Lisbon if you think you will take advantage of their great public transport networks then it is advised to purchase a CP card. The card allows you to travel at a discount and the card only costs 7EU

Removals in Lisbon

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