Top 5 Universities in Portugal

Despite not being the most internationally recognized country when it comes to education, Portugal is a fascinating option when it comes to studying abroad. With stunning scenery, vibrant cities and a pleasant climate Portugal is a great place to live. But which universities in Portugal rate the highest? There are surprisingly few universities in Portugal but here at Sirelo we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 universities in Portugal.

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University of Aveiro

Situated in the heart of Aveiro, just a short drive down the coast from Porto, this university boasts a modern campus built by some of Portugals most noted architects. There are 16 departments in the University. The university is known for a scientific and technological background. Most notably the creator of the internet search engine was invented at this university in 1995. Furthermore the university is a leading institution in the field of robotics having won the international RoboCup competition in 2008. The university holds a Research Day each year to celebrate it’s achievements and encourage integration between the universities different departments.

University of Coimbra in Portugal

University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is the oldest university in Portugal having been founded in 1290. It’s campus, which is situated on a beautiful palace is a UNESCO world heritage site. Despite keeping its traditional roots the university has also taken a leap to the modern age. 10% of its 21,000 students are international students in addition to being a popular choice for technology and science students. The university has kept tradition alive with rituals such as Queima das Fitas (ribbon burning) to celebrate the end of studies and the tying of tin cans to the legs of new students as a way of initiation to the university.

Some of the the universities facilities include stadiums, a publishing house, an astronomical observatory, a baroque library and an 18th century bell tower.

University of Lisbon

Founded in 1911, this university only entered the big leagues since it merged with the Technical University of Lisbon in 2013. It is now the largest university in Portugal. The curricular side of the university is diverse, offering over 400 degree programmes, including several in English meaning that a good level of Portuguese is not necessary. There are over 5,000 international students at this university showing just how international the university is. In addition the university has 9 student residences which assist in integrating international students with the local students.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal meaning that it offers a rich history, strong culture and vibrant nightlife.

University of Porto

The University of Porto is made up of 14 faculties and 15 schools spread over three campuses. It offers a wide variety of courses but is known for its ‘hands on’ style of teaching meaning that the university has a high graduate employment rate.  Some 13% of the 31,000 international students are international students, one of the highest percentages in Portugal. This shows that it is a great option for those looking to move abroad and that is easy to meet new people.

The city of Porto is a beautiful city, it is made up of Baroque Architecture and has been given the status of being a UNESCO world heritage site.

University in Portugal

University of Minho

Founded in 1973 as part of the ‘new university’ movement to revitalize education in Portugal. The university is made up of three campuses, two in Braga and on Guimarães where the school of architecture is based. The school of architecture is situated in the historic city centre which is also a UNESCO world heritage site, what better place to learn architecture than surrounded by a plethora of beautiful buildings? In addition to architecture, the university is also known to be successful in the field of science, on average 30 patents a year are registered at the university.

Don’t worry if your Portuguese isn’t up to scratch, at the beginning of each semester, Minho offers 60 hours worth of of beginners’ classes in order to help you out. After graduation, the university grants students access to the Portal Alumni which means they are able to maintain contacts and help network in their professional field.

Universities in Portugal are just one part of Portuguese education system. For more information on the general level of education in Portugal click here.