Moving to Sheffield

Sheffield, also known as the city of steel due to its industrial past, is a metropolitan city in south Yorkshire. The population in Sheffield is estimated to be around 569,275 and is ethnically diverse. The stunning views and scenery make it a lovely city for your big move!

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Moving to Sheffield

What is the greenest city in the UK? You guessed it right, Sheffield! It is even considered one of the greenest in Europe. You will find many nice green spaces in Sheffield where you can just relax and take a breather. Moreover, those who fancy climbing will love this city. There are great indoor climbing halls and the Peak District National Park is just a stone throw away. The city’s central location in the UK makes it well connected to other major cities such as Manchester and London. This ensures that you can easily enjoy all the things the other cities have to offer as well. The night scene in Sheffield does not disappoint either; Clubs ,pubs and theatres the nightlife is as varied and vibrant as its people. Planning on moving to the city of steel? We can’t blame you.

Working in Sheffield

Finding employment will be one of the top priorities for people moving to Sheffield. It is interesting to know that nowadays the highest sources of employment in the once industrial city are in health, education and retail. The creative and arts industry is up and coming and you will find many job opportunities in this sector as well. Sheffield as the city of steel was famed for its steelworks and coal mining. However, the economy of the city has long since diversified to include other sectors.

It advised that people planning on moving to Sheffield start their search for job well before making the move. Here below you will find a few tips on how to go about finding a job in Sheffield

  • Check online sources and job boards like
  • Make a professional profile on LinkedIn to network and connect with other professionals and employers in your niche.
  • Check local newspapers like The Star for job vacancies 
  • Join or register with recruitment agencies who can help you find a job in Sheffield
  • Put the word out, go to career fairs or business events to network and connect.
  • Try out Speculative applications.
  • Update your CV and cover letter.
  • Search on social media platforms like twitter and Facebook for job opportunities.

Moving to Sheffield

Accommodation in Sheffield

Finding accommodation is a top priority for expats moving to Sheffield. As always it is strongly advised to rent a place before buying something. This will give you time to determine which neibourhood you want to live and also to research the housing market. According to Numbeo on average you will pay around 559. 55 £ for a one bedroom apartment in the centre of Sheffield. You will pay on average 469.00 £ for a similar one bedroom apartment outside the city centre. Prices of accommodation vary depending on the neighbourhood as well as the size or comfort. A few of the nice postcode areas where you can look for accommodation are the S10,S11 and S17 postcode areas. It is essential to visit the neighborhood you would like to live to get a feel of the area. You are advised to compare factors such as the crime rates, proximity to amenities, parking space e.t.c. of the different neighbourhood beforehand so you know the best places to live in Sheffield.