Moving to Sweden from the UK
Sirelo's Guide to the Elongated Country

Are you moving to Sweden to find yourself in a heavily forested country with over 3,000 lakes, miles of beautiful beaches, and cold weather? Maybe the cold weather is not a driving factor, but the beautiful nature and high quality of life should be! Whatever your reason, read our guide which covers the cost of removals to Sweden and how to get there through Sirelo’s handy checklist. Keep reading and find yourself on your way to the Elongated Country before you know it.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move to Sweden from the UK?

While moving to Sweden from the UK leaves plenty to be excited about, we imagine that the expenses are somewhat less thrilling. So, let’s get this out the way first.

Just before we get to the estimates of the price of removals from the UK to Sweden, we’d like to take a moment to mention some important factors that will affect the cost:

  • Choice of removal company – A lot will vary with the removal company from offered services, price, and quality. So, be sure to read reviews and find a company that meets your needs.
  • Distance – Unless your home is on wheels, it’s not likely you’ll be able to do much about this factor. Nonetheless, you should be aware that it is a factor.
  • Volume of your move – Unlike the previous point, you can do something about volume: declutter. Of course, there are some things that you can never say goodbye to, but you should recycle old electronic waste!
  • Mode of transport – Air, sea, or road are all options, however, there are different pros and cons to each and you can read more here!
  • Season – There is seasonality in moving and you will find that the prices peak in summer. Our advice, try to plan your move for any other time of year.

If you’re curious to learn about even more factors that affect the cost of moving, you should read our international moving costs page.

Finally, we’re at the estimates for removals to Sweden from the UK based on different household sizes and via road transport.

Property SizeTimeAverage Cost
1-bedroom9 – 13 days£2,100 – £3,000
2-bedroom3 – 5 days£2,700 – £3,700
3-bedroom3 – 5 days£3,500 – £4,800
4-bedroom3 – 5 days£4,600 – £6,300
5-bedroom3 – 5 days£5,800 – £7,900

Disclaimer. The final price may not fall in the estimated range given above due to your individual needs.

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Moving to Sweden from the UK after Brexit

After Brexit, moving to Sweden as a UK citizen has become a little more difficult, unless you happen to be an EU or EEA citizen. We understand that this is likely not what you want to hear, since it’s a ruddy nuisance.

But before you decide to turn tail, you should know that it isn’t impossible to move to Sweden. All you need to do is secure a work permit and a residence permit card, the latter is easily acquired once you have a work permit.

For those moving to Sweden from the UK for other reasons, you can find a full list of services of the Swedish Migration Office (Migrationsverket) here.

Checklist for Your Move to Sweden

Here comes the most stressful part: actually moving! There’s so much to do and so little time. But, with just a little bit of preparation and organisation, you can make the entire endeavour easier. And so, we created a nice little checklist for moving to Sweden to help things go smoothly.

Before You Move to Sweden:

✔️ Important documents

You might find the following documents quite useful, so keep them safe and accessible, and even consider making duplicates!

    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
    • University Degree(s) and qualification(s)
    • Police Background Check
    • Work Permit and Residence Permit Card

✔️ Choose an international removal company

If you’re planning an international removal to Sweden from the UK, you might want one of the top international removal companies to help you move.

✔️ Pack

Unless you take ‘packing light’ to the extreme, there’s quite the packing challenge for removals to Sweden ahead of you. However, packing is an art and we’ve mastered it. So, if efficiency is your thing, then read our expert packing guide. 😉

✔️ Tax

Everyone’s favourite topic! Unless you fancy paying tax twice (thought not!) you must inform HMRC that you are moving abroad.

Did you know? With an average tax rate of over 32%, Swedes are among one of the most highly taxed populations in the world, but you don’t see them whinging about it. On the contrary, the Swedish word for tax is skatt, which translates as ‘treasure’!

✔️ Bringing a furry friend?

If you intend on taking a pet with you when moving to Sweden, ensure that it has been microchipped and had the necessary vaccinations and rabies tests. If not, they won’t be let in, no matter how cute they are!

✔️ Taking a car?

If you change your country of residence to Sweden, you have a week to register your vehicle with the Swedish Transport Agency.

Once You’ve Moved to Sweden:

✔️ Healthcare

Much like the UK, the Swedish healthcare system is largely government-funded, although private options do exist. Of course, to access private healthcare and even to initially access healthcare when you first arrive, you’ll need insurance. So, don’t forget to get a policy that covers your needs.

✔️ Get your Personnummer

This is your Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) and without it, you can’t reside in Sweden for longer than three months! This should be a top priority immediately after moving to Sweden as you’ll need it for life in Sweden and also to open a bank account.

✔️ Banking

Since you could find UK banking services difficult to access and conversion and transfer fees will take a toll on your bank balance, we recommend that you open a local bank account. You should consider the following options:

✔️ Driving licence

After Brexit, to ensure that you can legally drive once you move to Sweden from the UK, get your licence switched over.

✔️ Pratar du svenska?

While Swedes may speak English perfectly, you might feel the odd one out on occasion when you can’t speak Swedish. So, you should think of taking lessons to learn the language. You can do this before you move, after you arrive or online. Det är aldrig för sent (It’s never too late)!

Good job! You are now well on your way to becoming an authentic Swede. While this checklist provides the specifics of moving to Sweden, we also have a more comprehensive moving abroad checklist to tie up any loose ends.

Moving to Sweden

Living in Sweden as an Expat

If moving to Sweden can’t come soon enough, why not listen to some ABBA, one of Sweden’s world-renowned pop sensations? It’s a great way to get excited about life in a country that is well known for its pop artists. So, listen and read on for some information about Scandinavian life in the Elongated Country.

Listen to our Spotify playlist
and get ready to move!

Listen to our Spotify playlist
and get ready to move!

The cost of living in Sweden

You’ve probably heard that the cost of living in Sweden is higher than in the UK, and we’re not going to lie, things are more expensive in Sweden. However, there is one caveat to that, while the cost of living can be 10.6% higher, rent is 10.7% lower compared to the UK.

If your head is in a muddle, we don’t blame you, but we hope this table, which compares the average cost of various common goods in Sweden and the UK, helps you to budget.

MetricUK AverageSwedish Average
Monthly rent for a 1-bed apartment in the city centre£750£630
Price per square metre to buy in the city centre£4,275£4,020
0.5L of draught beer£3.75£5.75
12 eggs£1.95£2.45
1L of gasoline£1.25£1.30

Housing in Sweden

Much like everything good in life, the Swedish housing market is highly competitive. The best way to find a place to live is through online portals, such as the ones listed below:

If you prefer more traditional methods, you can trawl through local newspapers and contact estate agents.

Moving to Sweden for the nature

Working life in Sweden

If you are moving to Sweden from the UK, chances are finding employment is likely to be a top priority. The leading sectors in the Swedish economy are:

  •  Motor vehicles
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical goods
  • Home goods and appliances
  • Forestry
  • Iron and Steel

If you are still in search of work upon your move to Sweden, the following portals will be of use to you:

In terms of working culture, there is an emphasis put on ensuring a healthy work-life balance, with particular importance given to the fika (coffee break). Thus, there is normally a great amount of flexibility. However, you must remember that you’re working as part of a team, so be heedful of deadlines. Alla sätt är bra utom de dåliga (All methods are good except for the bad ones).

Ready to Move to Sweden?

Huzzah! You’ve made it to the end. With everything you’ve read, you’ll be more than ready for removals to Sweden. So, bäst att smida medan järnet är varmt (strike while the iron is hot)and have the best possible move!

Of course, we aim to help people move and thus there are some blogs and more articles that you might find useful, just check out the links below. Lycka till med att flytta (Good luck with your move)!

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