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Moving to Belfast, the Capital of Northern Ireland? With a long history, fascinating culture, and a promising future, Belfast is a great choice. And whether you’re moving to or in the city, Sirelo has you covered! We’ve put together a great guide that will help you with finding and comparing removal companies in Belfast, estimating moving costs, an essential checklist, and even free removal quotes. Take our expert advice and let us help you move with a smile 😊

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How Do You Compare Removal Companies in Belfast?

If you’re searching for the best removal companies in Belfast, you ought to know how to compare them! While you might think that the only way to compare is price, this is really just the beginning and too often the budget option can end up costing you more by adding fees for basic services!

So, how should you compare removal companies in Belfast? The first thing you need to decide is what you expect from the company with regards to price, availability, and additional services such as packing, storage, disassembly, assembly, and special requirements. That way, you can pick the company that best suits your needs at the best price. Oh, think of all those savings!

Furthermore, you’ll need to trust them as they’ll be responsible for all your belongings! To do this, you can start by reading reviews. What better way to gain insight than from previous clients’ reviews!

The second thing to check is whether the removal company is part of a mover association. Members of an association must meet certain requirements and you then also have access to an ombudsman, talk about giving you piece of mind!

What Will a Removal to Belfast Cost You?

While we talked about comparing price in the previous section, if you don’t have an understanding of how much house removals to Belfast will cost, it’ll be difficult to judge the quoted price! While there are many factors that affect the cost of house removals to Belfast, our calculator does a pretty good job of giving you an estimate:

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If you played with our little calculator, you may have noticed that the number of bedrooms has an effect on price. With more bedrooms, there are more belongings, and this translates to greater volume to move. All this to say that volume will influence the cost of a removal and you can easily get an estimate with our volume calculator, all with a few clicks – Easy!

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Whether you’re moving across the UK from London to Belfast, or just down the road from Newry, you might want to request help from some professional removal services in Belfast. And if you want to avoid hours of internet searching and calling hundreds of companies, we’re here to help.

By filling in the form, we do the hard work for you and find up to 5 removal companies that can help you move to Belfast. Talk about convenience! And to top it all off, it’s completely free, so what are you waiting for?

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An Essential Checklist for Moving to Belfast

There’s no beating around the bush, moving is stressful, but it doesn’t need to be so stressful. What we’ve found is that being prepared helps dissipate most moving stress. Ergo, you should use our moving house checklist to organise your move, it’s got some great tips!

Just in case you’re a little short on time, we’ve highlighted some of the more important things to do during a removal to Belfast.

✔️ Packing for House Removals to Belfast

Packing isn’t too difficult, it essentially boils down to being organised and starting earlyHow early? You should start packing at least one month in advance. And if you’d like expert advice, then read our expert guide on packing a house!

If you are moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, you should be aware that you will be crossing a customs border in the Irish sea and may need to do some paperwork. It’s imperative that you communicate with your removal company and help with the documentation regarding your belongings, otherwise they might face delay, and that would be a pain.

But, Where to Get Removal Boxes in Belfast?
If you’re moving your house to Belfast, then there’s one thing you’ll need: removal boxes. But where can you get them in Belfast? What options do you have? Well, we’ve made an article about it, so click below for more information!
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✔️ Tax

Hurrah, everyone’s favourite topic… tax. In this case, it’s not too troublesome, you just need to update your address with HMRC. Of course, you will also need to inform your new and old local council, otherwise, you might face a fine!

✔️ Utilities

With the excitement of your Belfast removal, don’t forget to consider your utility companies. You’ll still need water, gas, and electricity in Belfast. For the most part, utilities will be able to switch to your new address, however, be sure to check at least a month in advance, otherwise you might have to break a contract! If you need some guidance, you can read our guide on setting up your utilities in your new home.

✔️ Mail Redirection

Whether it’s a hasty move or a well-planned one, there is a possibility that you forgot to inform a family member, friend, or institution about your change of address. To bridge that gap, you can use the Royal Mail’s mail redirection service.

For even more helpful advice from the experts, check out these 21 tips to ensure you move to Belfast goes according to plan 😊

Living in Belfast
Are you curious about what you can expect in terms of life in the Capital of Northern Ireland? Well, before your removal, why not read our page on living in Belfast? It could answer some questions you have or make you fall more in love with the city!
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Ready to Move to Belfast?

We think you are! By following our helpful advice, you’re sure to have a smooth and easy move to Belfast. The Capital of Northern Ireland has much on offer both in the city and surrounding areas, so you won’t regret moving there.

Liam Neeson once said, “Northern Ireland is the world’s best kept secret, both in the character of its people and its scenery”, quite the endorsement.

While you’re still here, Sirelo is filled with useful information and will most certainly help you with your removal to Belfast, so check out some of the articles linked below.. Finally, good luck and don’t forget to move with a smile! 😊