Cost of Removals in the UK (2017)

Thinking about a change of scenery and moving somewhere new?  If you want to get an idea about what the cost of removals are then you’ve come to the right place. Although the cost of moving to a new house varies widely depending on a number of factors below you find accurate estimates of how much you can expect to pay.

Estimates are never 100% accurate to your unique situation but they can give you a preliminary idea of how much you can expect to pay for hauling your things to a new place. If you would like a more accurate estimate then make sure to check out our online quote form.

Cost of local removals

For a move within a city one of the primary price determinants is the city itself. It costs more to move across a huge city such as London than it does for a smaller city such as York.

  • For a local move removal companies charge by an hourly rate. Although this depends on the removal companies you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £50-£60 per hour for two removal men and a van.
  • Furthermore, removal companies normally charge a two hour minimum, in order to committing resources to really small moves that aren’t worth it.
  • If it turns out that you are moving more than you thought you would be and need extra help then this tends to cost an extra £25 – £30 per hour.
  • When it comes to getting help with packing for local moves you should expect to shell out hourly, unlike for longer moves you will normally be quoted a flat rate. The hourly rate is usually around £20 per person per hour.
  • A travel fee usually applies from the time it takes the removals company to leave their headquarters and arrive to your home. This is usually equivalent to one hour’s work.
  • Access – the access at both your origin and destination properties (for example how close a Removal Companies lorry can park to your front door, whether there is any low bridges or tight lanes to get to your property. This is important as it determines what size vehicle can be used and if any shuttle vehicle might be required to transport loads if access is tight.
  • Be prepared for a few extra costs. There are a whole host of extra costs that removals companies may or may not charge you. Its better to prepared for the worst. Some of these costs for big or obvious things such as moving a longer distance than anticipated. Other costs are for smaller things such as too many stairs. Unfortunately, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the removal company so make sure that you read through them if you want to avoid any unfair or unexpected costs.
  • The cost of materials for moving also costs a fair bit. For a 4 bedroom house you can expect to pay around £120 for boxes, tape and other materials.
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As inner city removals costs are based on hourly rates it is difficult to say how much each move will cost. A move around the corner when the roads are quiet will cost significantly less than the costs of removals across a city at rush hour. With that in mind we can only estimate and each city is different.

  • The cost of moving across London is estimated to be between £300 – £1300 depending on the size of household and extra services.
  • The cost of moving across larger cities such as Birmingham, Glasgow or the Greater Manchester area costs between £300 – £1100.
  • For average costs of removals across a small to average sized city such as Newcastle, Cardiff, Leeds or similar sized cities you can expect to shell out between £250 – £1000.

National moves

If your move falls outside the range of a local move then you can expect a few more complications. When it comes to moving a bit further afield to another city or across the country then removals companies have a different set of criteria. This applies to a number of different things for a variety of reasons.

  • Again, it’s important to shop around and have a few different quotes so you can choose the best price and service in line with your wants and needs. Different companies charge different prices for all sorts of reasons so make sure that you don’t pay above the odds.
  • When moving cross-country you are unlikely to be charged hourly. Removals companies normally offer a fixed rate between cities which means that the price fluctuates depending on different cities.
  • Clearly one of the main differences between a local move and a long-distance move is the location of where you are moving from and to. The further away that you move the more you will have to pay. Although there are similarities when it comes to pricing such as paying more for specialist and delicate items (works of art, statuettes etc) there are differences such as paying for the weight of your move.
  • The weight of your move is a factor of moving longer distances due to this directly affecting how much fuel is used to power the truck. A heavier move means the engine has to work harder, burning more fuel which costs more. With fuel prices these days this is one of the biggest costs – especially for longer-distance moves.

Approximate cost of removals cost based on distance

A number of factors go into calculating the cost of a move between cities including weight, amount of luggage and the distance between locations. In the table below you can find the estimated average removal costs removals for 2 bedroom, 4 bedroom and 6 bedroom houses. We do stress that these are just average costs that can be used as a guide and every individual move is different.

2 bedroom house:

 Distance (Miles)Without packingWith packing
0-25 £370£545
51-100 £545£760
151-200 £785£985
201-250 £945£1145

4 bedroom house:

Distance (Miles)Without packingWith packing
0-25 £705 £1040
101-150 £1120£1535
201-250 £1420£1830

6 bedroom house

Distance (Miles)Without packingWith packing
101-150 £1390£2220
201-250 £1955£2580
251-300 £2100£2725

Estimated removals costs between cities

For a rough price estimate of how much removals cost between cities have a look at the following information. Please bear in mind that these aren’t specific routes just average costs based on common moves and that prices fluctuate based on factors such as how much you will move and how far you are moving.

Cost of removalCost of additional services
1 bedroom house£450£200
2 bedroom house£600£250
3 bedroom house£900£300
4 bedroom house£1000£400

Cost of moving from London

If you would like to move in London then you will be spoiled for choice with the variety of companies available to you. This is the case for both local and national moves. Local moves within London for an average 3 bedroom family house tend to cost around £580 – £700 excluding the cost of packing. When moving further afield you can expect to pay more, moving companies often charge slightly more if they are moving from London due to the size and busy streets. The table below shows the average costs for moving a 3 bedroom home.

In the following table you can find the cost of removals between London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Newcastle.

OriginDestinationDistance (miles)Price

Cost of moving from Manchester

Manchester is well located for large moves across the North West and the country due to good transport links along the M6 and M56. Moving across Manchester costs roughly £500 – £600 for a 3 bedroom house. It is also relatively cheap to move to other nearby cities such as Sheffield and Liverpool depending on which side of the city you live. For national moves you can find price estimates in the table below based on the cost of a three bedroom house.

OriginDestinationDistance (miles)Price
ManchesterLondon120 £940
ManchesterBirmingham87 £795

Cost of removals from Birmingham

Move from the West Midlands is a popular choice. Due to the size of the West Midlands metropolitan area moving across the city is quite pricey at around £550 – £650 depending on how far you will move. A further benefit of moving from the midlands is that it is relatively accessible to a lot of other popular cities. You can find the average intercity moving costs of a 3 bedroom house in the table below.

OriginDestinationDistance (miles)Price
Birmingham London 120£990
BirminghamManchester 87 £795
BirminghamCardiff 118 £940
BirminghamNewcastle 206 £1230

Price of moving from Cardiff

Hopping across the border into South Wales prices tend to drop slightly for local moves. Despite being the capital of Wales, Cardiff is a relatively small city meaning that you can move across the city quite cheaply, estimates range from £480 – £600 for a 3 bedroom house. When moving to the other home nations we can see that due to the lack of accessibility to major cities it costs slightly more than other cities.

OriginDestinationDistance (miles)Price
CardiffLondon 151£980
CardiffManchester 188£1080
CardiffBirmingham 118£940
CardiffGlasgow 391 £1640
CardiffNewcastle 315£1520

Cost of removals from Glasgow

Heading north into Scotland also offers a similar cost of local removals to Cardiff at around £480 – £620. Glasgow is a much bigger city meaning there is greater variation. Obviously Glasgow is very far north and difficult to reach therefore cost estimates to many other major cities in the UK are quite pricey. Check out the table to look at the cost estimates of moving an average 3 bedroom house to another city.

OriginDestinationDistance (miles)Price

Cost of removals from Newcastle

Prices for moving locally around the tyneside area depend on whether you are moving across one city such as Newcastle or if you want to move further afield to Sunderland or even Middlesborough. Costs tend to range from £480 – £650. For estimates of moving a 3 bedroom house intercity look at the table below.

OriginDestinationDistance (miles)Price

Cost of moving from Britain to Northern Ireland

Moving from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland is slightly different due to the fact that you need to cross the Irish Sea. Cost estimates differ depending on whether you ship your belongings in a container or if you get a ferry from the UK mainland to Ireland. When moving abroad via a ferry the costs above still apply however there are often extra costs involved, mainly the cost of the ferry. The ferry price ranges significantly based on a number of factors such as the size of the van you take, how early you book and the season. Therefore estimating a general quote is impossible and we recommend that you look a ferry price comparison website to get a more accurate idea of how much you can expect to pay.

What goes into the cost of removals

If you want to know about the cost of moving then it makes sense to look at what goes into the total price. There are a number of factors that include the cost of moving including: the type of company you use, how much you’re moving, how many movers you need, how far you are moving and several other factors.

Cost of national moving

Factors affecting the cost

The first thing to consider is what you are moving. Think about how much and what kind of objects you will be taking with you to your new home.

  • Volume – It might sound obvious, but the more you want to move, the more you will have to pay. This doesn’t just apply to the amount of things, but also the size and weight of your belongings.
  • Type of objects – if you want to move more valuable items then you will have to pay a premium price. This is due to the fact that these often require specialist packing and/or delicate transportation. They may need more expensive packing such as expensive crates which are made specially for the item. Valuable items include things such as works of art, pianos, statuettes, antique furniture, billiard tables, bulky beds and just about any other big or valuable item.
  • Distance – How far you are moving. The further you move the more you pay, for more detailed cost breakdowns scroll down to find out what goes in to calculating the cost.
  • If you want to move quickly you’ll need more people. If you need more people then expect to pay a fair bit extra per hour for the extra pair of hands.
  • Seasonality – The time you are moving also affects your move. Although this may come as a surprise, the moving industry is seasonal. Therefore you can expect to pay more if you are moving in the summer or on the weekend.
  • Accessibility of the property – removals companies take into account a number of factors involved in the price including how it is to park near the property, whether or not there is a lift, or if the access is complicated by any number of factors. Unfortunately this cost often isn’t discussed up front as removal companies can’t make a judgement until they have seen the property.
  • Extra services – Removals companies often offer extra services such as packing assistance, storage and moving insurance, these services aren’t included in the price so be sure to ask for the price in advance.

Choose the right removals company

One of the biggest differences in the price of removals companies is the removals company itself. Although many claim to have a higher quality service this isn’t always necessarily true. No removals company can guarantee quality but some moving firms are known for offering a higher quality moving service.