International Removal Costs (2018): Shipping and Moving Prices from the UK

On this page you can find everything you need to know about international removal costs. If you are interested in finding a moving company, we have created a list of the top 10 international removals companies in the UK.

Below is an overview of what we will go over on this page:

International Removal Costs

The cost of an international move can vary due to a number of factors. The two main things companies take into account are the volume and the distance of the move, however, there are other things that need to be taken into account when calculating your international removal costs. Removal companies may provide different prices for your move, therefore it is important to understand how to make sure you choose the right removal company in order to receive a quality service at a fair price.

Below, you can find the costs of a door to door move to a number of popular destinations:

International Removal Prices to Europe

CountryRoad costSea cost
France£2,700 – £3,800£5,200 – £7,000
Spain£4,000 – £5,500£5,200 – £7,100
Portugal£4,500 – £6,200£4,900 – £6,700
Germany£2,800 – £3,900£4,800 – £6,600
Italy£4,300 – £5,800£5,000 – £6,800
Sweden£4,500 – £6,100£4,700 – £6,400
Netherlands£2,300 – £3,100£4,500 – £6,100
Belgium£2,100 – £2,900£4,500 – £6,100
Switzerland£3,100 – £4,200£4,900 – £6,600

When transporting around Europe, road transport is usually the fastest and most economical option for a home move. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and are only moving some boxes, air freight would be a better choice of transport.

Removals costs from UK to the rest of the world

CountrySea costs
America£6,500 – £8,700
Australia£9,502 – £9,766
New Zealand£9,000 – £11,000
Canada£6,888 – £7,192
India£5,800 – £9,600
South Africa£5,400 – £8,900
UAE£5,100 – £8,500

Note on Data: Please note all these costs aren’t taking all factors into consideration, such as import taxes as well as customs and duties.

If you are moving to a country outside of Europe, you might want to know the costs of shipping a container to transport your personal belongings as this is the most common method of transportation when moving overseas.

Additional services

The additional services can majorly affect the costs of your international removal; however these services can also make it a lot less stressful. Below is a list of the estimated prices of many additional services offered by international removal companies:

ServiceAverage price
Packaging furniture£100
Handyman service (repair, painting, etc.)£257
Help from a moving lift£60
Temporary storage (no longer than one month)£130
Parking permit£20
Transporting your piano£300

Finding out how much your removal prices would be can cause you to get frustrated due to the many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is essential to get as many international moving quotes as possible in order for you to understand a little bit better as to what you are spending your money on. If you need quotes for your move, you can fill out our free form and receive up to 5 quotes and save 40%!

How to calculate International Removal Costs

The 2 main factors when calculating the cost are the volume and destination of your move. There are a number of other factors that removal companies will take into consideration when calculating your international removal costs. These factors include:

  • Door-to-door

A door-to-door service occurs when the moving company completes the whole move from your old home to your new one overseas. Hence the name, door-to-door service. This is usually the most expensive method, however most customers prefer it as it eliminates the stress that occurs when using more than one mover.

  • Date of the move

The date you move wont affect the price immensely however, it is still something you should take into account. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive time to move is in the summer and on weekends.

  • Packing/unpacking

Companies will require an extra fee to provide extra services like assisting you in packing/unpacking and storage, so make sure you ask the moving company if this is the case.

  • Insurance

When you are travelling overseas, it is best to always have your personal belongings insured. The company may lose your items, damage them or even worse, steal them. It is better to pay a small fee to cover any damages than get to your new home and have all your personal belongings ruined.

  • Type of transport

There are three main types of transport: air, sea and road. Land is the cheapest method, and is the most used when relocating to Europe. However, if you are only moving a few boxes, air freight would be the better option. The cost may be slightly higher, however it is faster significantly faster than the other two. The final method of transport is by sea. When relocating to countries like Australia and South Africa, the moving company will most likely use this method of transportation as it is the cheapest way compared to air and road isn’t a possibility.

  • Container sizes and their costs

If you are moving internationally and are taking most of your personal belongings, you will require a container. There are a number of sizes you can use, however most removal companies use either 20ft or 40ft containers. Most removal companies use their own containers so don’t worry about trying to find one because they may not be able to use it due to legal reasons.

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Tips to save you time, money and stress on your international removal prices

  1. Time – Planning ahead is a key feature and can really save you money and stress. Moving companies can charge extra if they think you need something done urgently. Planning ahead also gives you time to compare which moving company you want to go with. Check out the removal companies we work with to find one that specialises in your move abroad.
  2. Reduce your belongings – Do you really still need your 10 year old sofa with cat scratches on it? Then get rid and buy a new one in your new home country. This can actually work out cheaper as well rather than trekking something abroad.
  3. Pack properly – If not opting in for the removal company to baggage your belongings then make sure you don’t do a half hearted job. Organise and label all your boxes, but for more detailed information check out our moving checklist
  4. Protect yourself – Although this will not save you time, it will most definitely save you some stress. Anything can go wrong on your international removal and this can cost you a lot if you haven’t got the correct insurance.
  5. Plan accommodation – If you’re on a budget you definitely don’t wan’t to be spending unnecessary money on hotels while searching for your new home. Research where the best areas are and the best way to find a house in your future country. In some cities it can be extremely difficult to find a place to live and it’s advised to start your search early, such as in Amsterdam.