International Removal Costs in 2017 – Information & Prices

On this page you can find everything you need to know about international removal costs. From prices to popular locations and tips to save you some extra pennies. If you are looking for the top 10 UK based international removals companies click on the link.

Below is an overview of what we will go over on this page:

International removal costs

As previously mentioned the costs will vary due to a number of factors. Door to door services will usually be more costly; however are the more popular option for most expats migrating overseas. Below is an overview of some estimate costs for door to door removals to popular destinations:

International Removals costs from UK to Europe locations

CountryRoad costSea cost
UK  to France£2,700 – £3,800£5,200 – £7,000
UK to Spain£4,000 – £5,500£5,200 – £7,100
UK to Portugal£4,500 – £6,200£4,900 – £6,700
UK  to Germany£2,800 – £3,900£4,800 – £6,600
UK to Italy£4,300 – £5,800£5,000 – £6,800
UK to Sweden£4,500 – £6,100£4,700 – £6,400
UK to Netherlands£2,300 – £3,100£4,500 – £6,100
UK to Belgium£2,100 – £2,900£4,500 – £6,100
UK to Switzerland£3,100 – £4,200£4,900 – £6,600

When transporting around Europe road transport is usually the quickest as well as cheapest option. It is important to also consider other factors of moving around Europe. For example there are many restrictions on what belongings you are allowed to bring across the borders. For example when moving your pet to most countries within EU your pet must meet a number of requirements, such as certain vaccinations. Find out more information on moving your pets abroad on or other page.

Removals costs from UK to the rest of the world

CountrySea costs
America£6,500 – £8,700
Australia£9,502 – £9,766
New Zealand£9,000 – £11,000
Canada£6,888 – £7,192
India£5,800 – £9,600
South Africa£5,400 – £8,900
UAE£5,100 – £8,500

Please note all these costs aren’t taking all factors into consideration, such as import taxes as well as customs and duties.

Due to the further distance, non European countries will usually have to be transported by sea. There are a number of features that will vary in comparison to your home country. Currency being a main factor. This may seem like a minute factor but is important to take into consideration as you could end up paying huge transferal and currency charges. Check out the experts to transfer money abroad on our other Sirelo page.

Moving containers abroad

Additional services to consider

The additional services can majorly affect the costs of your international removal; however these services can also make it a lot less stressful. Below is a list of the estimated prices of many additional services offered by international removal companies:

ServiceAverage price
Packaging furniture£100
Handyman service (repair, painting, etc.)£257
Help from a moving lift£60
Temporary storage (no longer than one month)£130
Parking permit£20
Transporting your piano£300

How we calculate the cost of international removals

Factors that affect the cost of your move

Whether you want to start a new life down the road in England or across seas in America, you will want to know all the ins and outs of what your removal will consist of.

There are many factors that will determine the cost of your removal but the main 2 are:

  • Distance to your destination
  • The size of your move

This will determine the basis for the cost of your international move; however the are a variety of other features that will influence the costs. (1) Type of transport – It is possible to move your goods by air which can take as little as 2 days, this being said it is also usually 4 times the price than by sea. (2) Insuring your goods – This is usually recommended as anything can go wrong on your move but it will also cost extra. (3) Additional services – From packaging your own belongings to dissembling this will help make your move easier but of course costs. (4) Shipment or door to door – A door to door service is more expensive, removalists specialise in transporting your goods and cutting this last step could make your move a lot more stressful than necessary.

Container sizes and their costs

The two main sizes of containers are:

  • 20-foot container – 1,172 cubic feet
  • 40-foot container – 2,390 cubic feet

The table below shows container prices to popular locations around the world:

CountrySea port20 ft container costs40 ft container costs
New Zealand Auckland
AmericaLos Angeles
New York
South AfricaCape Town£3,400£7,000
Hong KongPort of Hong Kong£3,600£5,000

For more information visit our other page on moving containers abroad.

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Tips to save you time, money and stress on your international removal costs

  1. Time – Planning ahead is a key feature and can really save you money and stress. Moving companies can charge extra if they think you need something done urgently. Planning ahead also gives you time to compare which moving company you want to go with. Check out the removal companies we work with to find one that specialises in your move abroad.
  2. Reduce your belongings – Do you really still need your 10 year old coach with cat scratches on it? Then get rid and buy a new one in your new home country. This can actually work out cheaper as well rather than trekking something abroad.
  3. Pack properly – If not opting in for the removal company to baggage your belongings then make sure you don’t do a half hearted job. Organise and label all your boxes, but for more detailed information check out our moving checklist
  4. Protect yourself – Although this will not save you time, it will most definitely save you some stress. Anything can go wrong on your international removal and this can cost you a lot if you haven’t got the correct insurance.
  5. Plan accommodation – If you’re on a budget you definitely don’t wan’t to be spending unnecessary money on hotels while searching for your new home. Research where the best areas are and the best way to find a house in your future country. In some cities it can be extremely difficult to find a place to live and it’s advised to start your search early, such as in Amsterdam.