International Removal Quotes: How to choose the right Removal Company

What do you need to look out for when obtaining international removal quotes? This page is here to provide tips on what you need to keep an eye out for when choosing a removal company. We have also created a list of the Top 10 International Removals Companies in the UK to help you make sure your belongings are in safe hands.

Obtaining International Removal Quotes

When moving home, it is vital for you to know the total cost of the move. As companies operate differently, the terms and conditions can differ. If you are moving internationally however, it can be even more difficult to calculate the price of an international move as there are so many extra factors that need to be taken into account. This is why is it important to get as many international removal quotes as you can, in order for you to choose the best price for you from a company that will meet your needs and provide a quality service of a high standard.

Removal quotes over the phone or email can be helpful, however it can sometimes not be as accurate as a home survey. Home survey’s allow the moving company to understand in greater detail about what you are moving as some people may overestimate/underestimate the volume of their personal goods.

What do the international removal quotes include?

The final price that you will receive focuses mainly around the volume and the distance of the move. However there are a number of other factors that companies take into account when providing a price for your move abroad:

  • How many movers are needed?
  • Is special equipment needed: such as a moving lift?
  • Is it easy parking?
  • Which disassembly work is included?
  • Are packaging activities included?

How do I make sure they are a good company?

The price is obviously an important factor, but if the international removal company provides a poor service and damages your personal belongings, or doesn’t complete the full move without you paying even more money, then the small fee that you may have payed at the start wouldn’t have been worth it.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if they are a good company, they will be happy to answer them:

  • Which activities are included in the quotation?
  • Do I need to pay extra for the packing and assembly service?
  • Are there any additional costs you need to be aware of?
  • Ask for a written quote offer with a fixed price.
  • What kind of insurance do they offer and is it included in the price?
  • Do they hire contract employees or are they full time?
  • Do they complete the move themselves or do they hire contractors to complete the move?
  • Find out if they complete the door to door move. Some companies work with other movers located in the country of destination, so it’s best to see if they are a good company as well.

Investigate Online

No one can hide online these days. The internet is a great tool to find out if the removal companies that you may use are what they say they are.


Independent review sites like Sirelo, allow you to compare the international removal companies you are thinking of using. They can be extremely useful as it enables you to actually see how they actually treat their customers. Social media platforms and Google are also another great place to have a look before deciding who to use.

Personal Website

Because there are so many people who use the internet, the best removal companies will most likely have their own website. This is a good way of finding out who they are as a company, so make sure you check all their pages, including the general terms and conditions page.

If you have an item like fine art, a piano or antiques that requires special care or packing, make sure that the company can offer a service that facilitates your need.


There are a number of associations that are implemented to guarantee the quality of service is high. Companies will usually show that they are partners with these associations on their website. However its best to always look at the associations websites to make sure they do actually work with them as some companies may not actually be associated with these accreditations.

International Removal quotes for a move

Red Flags

There are some removal companies out there are not to be trusted, however, it can be difficult to realise which ones. Here are some tips that you can follow to at least eliminate some companies that you won’t want to work with:

  • What are their contact details?
  • When you call, do they use their company name or “moving company”?
  • Do they have a physical address?
  • Does the company require you to pay a large deposit?
  • The mover doesn’t provide a written estimate
  • They should ask a lot of questions when completing the survey

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