Moving Your Furniture Abroad

This post will give you advise on moving your furniture abroad and how to make it easier. Below is an overview of what will be discussed on this page:

How much does it cost

The number one factor of how much it will cost when moving your furniture abroad is where your end destination is. Moving all your furniture to Australia will obviously be a lot more expensive than moving it to France. In some cases it might end up being cheaper to buy new furniture in your new home country.

Below is a rough estimate of how much it will cost  and the time it will take to move your furniture of a 3 bed house by sea :

France25 – 31 days£3,100 – £4,300
Spain25 – 31 days£3,000 – £4,200
Germany25 – 31 days£2,900 – £4,000
Italy25 – 31 days£2,900 – £4,000
USA4 – 6 weeks£3,900 – £5,300
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Should you keep, sell or buy new furniture?

Moving house is the one time where you can completely redesign your home. So you need to ask yourself if you want to keep your current style or maybe try something new. Do you still want your 10 year old side bed cabinets that are slightly indented or do you want the new wooden ones from IKEA?

Also think about the designs of the houses in your new home country. For example the houses in Italy and Japan are usually quite cosy, especially in the centre. This being said your lovely king size bed with the TV attached therefore may not fit!

You should always check the furniture prices in your new location as it could end up being cheaper to buy everything from scratch rather than moving your old stuff over. A key consideration is the differences in voltages in foreign countries that may not suit the electricity supply.

Moving your furniture abroad

Tips for moving your furniture abroad

If you are moving your furniture abroad, here are a few tips to help make your move easier:

  • Flat pack – If your furniture can be flat packed then do it. It makes it a lot easier to move it around and can create more space. But make sure you are able to put them back together again!
  • Tape screws together – Losing screws is probably one of the most common disasters. Taping them together or putting them in a small safe box prevents you losing them.
  • Remove draws – This makes them a lot easier to carry
  • Use blankets to protect furniture – Don’t buy bubble wrap if it’s not necessary as will end up costing more. Using blankets can work just as effectively.
  • Put electronic goods in original packaging – Keeping original packages can come in handy. This prevents any damage and makes them a lot more easy to carry from a to b.
  • Pack cushions and bedding in plastic bags – Doing this makes them a lot easier to carry and keeps all the belonging together to prevent losing anything
  • Shake your boxes – If you can hear space then fill it out with padding or your belongings can easily break.

Removal company vs moving your furniture abroad yourself

The idea situation is having a cheap and convenient process when moving your furniture abroad. This can’t always be the case, it is obviously a lot cheaper to move your furniture yourself. This will include packaging, moving and unpacking your belongings which can take a lot of time and effort.

If you have never moved furniture yourself we would usually recommend using a removal company. They specialise in removals to international countries and really makes your move a lot easier and stress free. Click on the link for the 10 best UK international removals companies.

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