Removal Costs (2017): Choose the right Removal Company

Choosing the right removal company can be difficult. It’s not always best to go for the cheapest option as this can sometimes affect the quality of the service. There are a number of factors removal companies will access to get a cost for your national removal. Below is an overview of the main factors discussed on this page:

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Volume of your move: What is the impact in the removal costs?

Removals companies will calculate quotes mainly based on the cubic feet of the items that need moving. This will vary from different companies; however expect to pay roughly around £0.75 – £1 per cubic feet.

With your house removals it’s common for the moving company chosen to provide a free home survey to help calculate your move. The amount you will need to move will determine the volume of your move and therefore the size of the vehicle required.

The table below shows a rough estimate of your move based on the size of your property:

Household sizeAverage cubic feetAverage cost
1 bed300 – 500£264 – £440
2 bed500 – 750£440 – £660
3 bed750 – 1,000£660 – £880
4 bed1,000 – 1,500£880 – £1,320
5 bed1,000 – 1,500£1,320 – £1,680

Ease of access

If you think it’s difficult to maneuver your belongings from inside to outside of your house then it’s likely the removal company will too. If they have difficulty accessing your property it’s likely they will charge extra. This will vary depending on the removal company chosen and the specific details of your move. Some companies may add extra to their hourly rate for these difficult moves. While others may simply add a fixed fee on top of your other moving costs.

There are a number of scenarios for the ease of access during your move. For example living at the very top of a building without access to a lift will make it difficult for removal companies to load the vehicle. Similarly if you live in a narrow street which will make it difficult for the moving company to get close to your property

Your removal company can advise you on ease of access as part of your home survey if you are unsure.

National removals

Distance travelled

The obvious rule is, the higher distance you travel, the more you will pay. A removal company will charge less for relocation’s in the local area in comparison to what they would for moving to the other side of the country..

It is common for some removal companies charge an hourly rate. While others break down costs by using a mile by mile basis.

A rough estimate for a removal company is to charge £25 per hour of travelling plus £0.50 per mile covered. Whereas other removal companies simply charges £1 for each mile that is covered during your move. Below is an overview of these costs in comparison to miles travelled:

Distance travelled£ 25 p/h + £ 0.50 per mile£1 per mile
50 miles£45.83£50
100 miles£91.67£100
200 miles£183.33£200
300 miles£275£300
500 miles£458.33£500

Removal Costs of additional services

To make your removal less stressful removal companies will offer a range of services to assist your national move. This will of course increase the price of your move but will save you a lot of time as well as hassle. Additional services will vary vastly depending on the size of your house and where you are moving form.

Below is an overview of average prices for additional services of a 3 bed house offered by removal companies:

Additional serviceEstimate cost
Packaging material£90
Packaging service£250
Storage (per 100 sq ft)£30 a week
Dis/ reassembling furniture£125
Cleaning£15 per hour

Special care items

Some of your belongings will need extra care and protection. These include fine art or antiques as well as items that need moving with specialist equipment. If the removal company needs to use more packaging material or take more time with packing these items an extra cost can incur. The cost will be calculated usually based on the value of the item or the cost of hiring their specialist equipment.

We work with removal companies that specialise in removals. Therefore our network are insured to pack and move your belongings, giving you further assurance that your belongings are in safe hands.

How to get the best price

As mentioned above there are a number of factors that removal companies use to base their prices on. It’s important to compare different removal companies before picking one (you can use our free quote form to receive 5 moving quotes). They will be handling all your belongings at the end of the day so you want to put your money into one you can trust. Luckily the comparison is made easy with Sirelo, we compare all the removal companies that specialise in your national move. Check out our other page to find how to make your removal cheaper.

Comparative analysis steps before picking a removal company:

  • First step – Compare the removals quotes as far as price and moving services go, then leave only the ones that fit your budget and match your relocation needs.
  • Second step – Check if the prices of the offered removal quotes are within normal boundaries. You can check this on our page Costs of Domestic Removals in the UK.
  • Third step – Browse through removals reviews to find out what previous customers had to say about the professionalism and trustworthiness of the companies you’re currently looking at.
  • Fourth step – Check the removal companies you’re considering to see whether they are proud members of the British Association of Removers (BAR). BAR membership is a proof of professionalism and experience – exactly what you need in a removal firm.