Taxes in Canada

Canada is a dream location for many and residents who live in Canada must pay income tax. If you are staying in Canada for over 183 days you are considered a resident and will have had to sort out a particular visa for your stay. Expats who are residents will have to pay tax on money that is earned anywhere in the world. Those who aren’t residence will only have to pay income tax on money that has been earned in the country. On this page we will discuss the key features you need to know about taxes in Canada.

Taxes in Canada

Taxes in Canada

The rate for income tax in Canada is shown in the table below. The Canadian currency CAD $ is different to dollars in America. Canadian income tax returns must be submit for each tax year by the end of April. It’s important to remember that taxes in Canada are levied at the federal and provincial level. So vary depending on your location.

Income of individualTax rate
$45,282 and less15%
$45,282 to $90,56320.5%
90,563 to $140,38826%
140,388 to $200,00029%
More than $200,00033%

Sales taxes are levied by the federal government (goods and service tax at 5%) and by each province (the Provincial Sales Tax which ranges from 2% to 12%). These two taxes often combine to a harmonised sales tax (HST). The main difference with sales taxes in comparison to the UK is that the display of items are without the sales tax figure. This can be a shock when you get to the checkout counter and have to incur a price which is 7-18% higher. Below you can find a table with the provincial sales taxes.

ProvinceProvincial rate
British Columbia (BC)7%
Newfoundland and Labrador10%
Northwest Territories0%
Nova Scotia10%
Prince Edward Island (PEI)10%

Income tax returns in Canada

In most cases Canadian individual tax returns should be complete at the latest April 30th of the following year. There are several way to request tax returns in Canada and they are as followed:

  • On the internet – You can get the general income tax and benefit package online.
  • In person – You can get the general guide and forms for your province or territory from any post office or Service Canada
  • By phone – By calling  1-800-959-8281 you can have a printed copy of the 2016 general guide and forms book mailed to you

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can usually process paper tax return application in four to six weeks. To process income tax returns faster, individuals can complete the forms electronically. Realistically you cannot expect to receive a tax return before March. Even if you apply for it early because CRA don’t start processing income tax returns until mid-February.

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