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Removal Costs 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Move in the UK?

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We understand moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be! Minimize the worry of moving by reading about the average moving costs in the UK and use our removal cost calculator to estimate your expenses.

UK Domestic Removal Costs Calculator

To estimate the finances needed for moving, you can use our removal cost calculator. Once you’ve gotten your costs you can request some free quotes and compare movers.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move House in the UK?

On average you can expect the removal costs for a 3-bedroom house to range between £1,400 – £1,600 for a local move and £1,800 – £2,100 for a longer distance.

City to City1-bed3-bed5-bed
Manchester – Bolton (12mi)£903 – £1021£1465 – £1658£2161 – £2442
London – Oxford (50mi)£962 – £1095£1524 – £1717£2220 – £2501
Liverpool – Birmingham (100mi)£1029 – £1154£1591 – £1791£2272 – £2560
Manchester -Glasgow (200mi)£1184 – £1347£1754 – £1976£2420 – £2723
Birmingham -Edinburgh (300mi)£1302 – £1465£1865 – £2102£2516 – £2842
Bristol – Aberdeen (500mi)£1598 – £1798£2161 – £2435£2790 – £3138

Disclaimer: Please remember, the prices shown above are only average removal costs and do not include extra services that you may require when moving home.

Removal Costs to Northern Ireland

On average the removal costs for a 1-bedroom apartment from UK mainland to Northern Ireland using the ferry will cost £1,000 – £2,500. Remember removal costs differ depending on whether you ship your belongings in a container or if you get a ferry from the UK mainland.

Below you can find the average costs for ferry transport for the route London to Belfast. Thankfully the delivery time will remain the same regardless of the volume with arrival of 1-2 days.

Type of residence Estimated Cost
1-Bedroom Apartment£1,000 – £2,500
2-Bedroom Apartment£2,500 – £5,000
3-Bedroom Apartment£3,500 – £7,000
Single Family Home£4,500 – £9,000

If you’re thinking about shipping a container, then check out the average costs for shipping a container from London to Belfast. Remember the shipping time will be much slower with arrival of 1-2 weeks.

Type of residenceEstimated Cost
1-Bedroom Apartment£2,000 – £4,000 (20ft)
2-Bedroom Apartment£3,000 – £6,000 (20ft)
3-Bedroom Apartment£4,000 – £8,000 (40ft)
Single Family Home£5,000 – £10,000 (40ft)

Disclaimer: Please remember, the prices shown above are only average removal costs and do not include extra services that you may require when moving home.

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Factors that Affect Moving Costs

We have already mentioned how the volume and distance of your move are crucial in calculating your removal costs. Now we’ll discuss several additional factors that can affect moving costs:

🌍 Distance

The further you need to move the higher the removal costs will be. Make sure to budget according to the distance of your move.


The higher the volume of your move the more it will cost, consider doing that spring cleaning to save some money.

🚛Ease of Access

If extra permits are needed to get the moving trucks to your location this will increase your removal costs. So, make sure to speak to your mover beforehand to ensure there are no surprise costs.

⏰Two-hour minimum

Most removal companies will have a two-hour minimum to ensure they don’t spend time on small moves.

🚐Man and a Van

If you want to save your back, then consider a Man and a Van to help move you. Prices can range between £50-£60 per hour for two removal men and a van.

⏳Time of your move

Are you flexible with your moving date? If so, save on your removal costs by avoiding moving during peak season (May-September) and on weekends.

🎹Special Care

Own a piano or art? Speak to your mover as moving these fragile items might make your removal costs higher.

🛠️Additional Services

We know moving can be stressful. Fortunately, removal companies often offer services to make your move as stress free as possible. Unfortunately, this often goes on top of your current removal costs, however they can definitely be worth it:

Dis(Assembly) £100-£150
Storage £25-£50 per week
Packing Services £200-£250 (on top of your removal cost)
Cleaning £15-£30 per hour

Disclaimer: Please remember, the prices shown above are only average removal costs and change with each removal company.

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Circumstantial Cost Factors

Planning on selling or buying a home? Unfortunately, there may be extra removal costs associated to this:

Moving House Solicitor Fees

You can expect to pay from £1,100 for their services. Your Solicitor will cover all the essential, bureaucratic paperwork which is required whether you’re buying or selling.

Estate Agent Fees

As for the estate agent, unless you manage to find a buyer, you’ll need to use their service to sell your home. Average estate agent fees are around 1%-2.5% of the sale price.

House Survey Cost

On average, survey costs are around £250 – £1,500. Though it’s not a legal requirement, it can save you thousands on repairs. Check out this house survey cost calculator for help.

Moving Home Stamp Duty

When you’re moving you will have to pay a moving home stamp duty. On the following table you’ll find the rate you will need to pay:

Cost of Moving House Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty BracketsStamp Duty Rate
£0 – £250,0000%
£250,001 – £925,0005%
£925,001 – £1,500,00010%
Over £1,500,00112%

Disclaimer: The prices above will be added to the final price you pay for your house on top of the final sale cost.

Ready for Your Move?

Congratulations, you’ve now mastered removal costs in the UK. If you are still curious for more answers to your moving house queries, Sirelo has got your back. Continue to explore our website or checkout the guides below. Feel free to come back and check out this guide during your move. We wish you luck in your move.

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