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Below you can find a list of all removal companies that are situated in London and its surrounding area. Please click on a specific removal company to acquire detailed information of that company, including experiences, complaints and reviews. If you have had experiences with a removal company, please share it with us by submitting a review. Doing so you help other people to make the right decision.
We have found 287 removal companies
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Finding Removal Companies in London

When it comes to moving house, one of the first steps you will have to undertake is organising your moving company in London. Given that the chosen company will be responsible for your worldly possessions, it is imperative that you get this right. Read on to find out how.

How much do home removal companies in London cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a blanket sum for the cost of removal companies in London. Your final figure will be dependent on several factors, namely the exact distance travelled and the volume of your possessions.

However, here are some estimates to get you thinking:

  • 1-bedroom house: £330 – £400
  • 2-bedroom house: £410 – £550
  • 3-bedroom house: £580 – £700

As mentioned, do not bank on these figures. The only way to get an accurate estimate of how much house removals in London costs is to request free quotes from us.

The importance of choosing a removal company in London

We are sure you know just as well as anyone else that there is no place quite like London in the UK, or indeed anywhere else in the world. That is why it is important to select a moving company in London. Local businesses not only have practice in undertaking London house removals, but know the roads and ins and outs of the city.

Therefore, we strongly recommend for an efficient and smooth move that you choose a removal company in London.

How to choose the best moving company in London

Finding the best removal company in London is not for the fainthearted. Hours of trawling the internet can be exhausting. Even once you have requested quotes you may have several options, so consider the following factors when trying to find the best fit for you:

  • Budget. Obviously this is always an important criteria. However, be cautious about always going for cheap removals in London. Often the lowest quotes don’t include extra services you require, such as insurance. Do your research!
  • Reviews. Be sure to check the customer reviews on Sirelo, in particular the most recent ones. There is no better way to find a trusted moving company in London that to learn about real life experiences.
  • Moving associations. Take a look to see whether the removal companies in London you have shortlisted are members of movers’ associations. If so, it guarantees a certain quality standard.

Above all, do your research and trust your instinct. There is no one way to finding the best house removals service in London!

What else do I need to know when moving within London?

Of course, there is more to moving within the Big Smoke than just selecting a removal company in London. At Sirelo, we are experts in moving and are therefore here to answer and further moving house queries.

In particular, we believe the following pages may be of use to you, but please don’t hesitate to explore the website; we have got your back 😉