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To calculate your dining room table size, kitchen utensils or bed, use our volume calculator and receive the total in m3 or ft3 calculator at your email.

Furniture Volume Calculator

How to Calculate m3 for the Furniture Volume?

Applying the formula Volume = Length x Width x Height

You can also use our calculator to find the total volume of your furniture in cubic feet or cubic meters.

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With the calculation of your volume, you’ll be able to request accurate quotes from movers and keep your moving costs under control.

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How to Calculate the Volume of Your Room?

  1. Measure the length, width and height of your room
  2. Use the volume formula
  3. Get the results in m3 or ft3, depending on your first measurement of the room

Why use the Removal Volume Calculator?

The removal company can better understand the size and number of lorries, staff, and packing materials needed to move your goods.

Furthermore, the volume of your belongings, along with the distance of your move, plays a huge role in calculating costs.

Disclaimer: Our removal volume calculator gives you an approximation of the volume of your move. Removal companies will usually need to conduct a moving survey of your belongings after you have requested quotes to perform a more precise calculation.

Removal Van Sizes for Domestic Removals

Check out our table to see which van would work best for you:

Van TypeCapacity m3Capacity ft3Rental Cost
Medium Wheelbase8 – 10.4282.5 – 367£40 – £55
Long Wheelbase12 – 14425 – 494£60 – £85
Luton15.1533£85 – £110
Luton Lorry26.3928£130 – £185

Container Sizes for International Removals

If you’ve used our removal volume calculator a shipping container volume calculator, you can easily tell if you need a 20ft container, which fits a volume of 33.0 m³, or a 40ft container, which fits 76.0 m³.

Read on the most popular destinations and all the details you need to know about their container shipping costs.

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