Removal Volume Calculator

Instantly Measure the Size of Your Furniture

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Whether you’re moving locally or overseas, you should use Sirelo’s removal volume calculator when requesting removal quotes. Why? Volume is a big factor when it comes to removal costs and knowing the volume will get you a more accurate price. So, scroll down and find out how much space your belongings take with our furniture removal calculator!

Removal Volume Calculator

How to Calculate Volume for Shipping

By using our furniture removal calculator for the UK, you can find out the total volume of your furniture in either cubic feet (ft³) or cubic metres (m³). But how? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…quite literally!

  1. Click to add all of the personal belongings you intend on taking with you.
  2. The removal volume calculator, shown above ☝, will then automatically provide you with the volume of your move.
  3. Send it to your email for safekeeping, or directly request quotes.

How to Make Use of Your Volume Estimate

Using the removal calculator is one thing, but what to do with the estimated volume? Naturally, you should provide it to your removal company! They’ll appreciate it since it makes their life a bit easier when making a removal quote.

If you haven’t already found a removal company, then click below! Sirelo will connect you with up to 5 removal companies easily and completely free. Don’t let the time you spent using our removal calculator go to waste! 😊

Why use the Removal Volume Calculator?

We touched on this briefly, but we think it’s important to drill this into you. No move is exactly the same, which is why using a furniture volume calculator is crucial to get accurate figures on your removal costs.

If you’re wondering why a simple furniture volume calculator can get you more accurate removal cost quotes, it’s due to the fact that the removal company can better understand the size and number of lorries, staff, and packing materials needed to move your goods.

Furthermore, the volume of your belongings, along with the distance of your move, plays a huge role in calculating costs. So, unless you enjoy being overcharged (thought not!) then get moving and use our shipping volume calculator.

Disclaimer: Our removal volume calculator gives you an approximation of the volume of your move. Removal companies will usually need to conduct a moving survey of your belongings after you have requested quotes to perform a more precise calculation.

Removal Volume Calculator

How to Use the Volume When Moving?

If you’ve gone to the trouble of using the furniture volume calculator, you now have an estimated volume in either cubic feet or cubic metres. But what can you do next? Well, whether you plan to move by yourself or with a removal company, you can try and calculate some of your removal costs!

Domestic Removals

If you’re moving within the UK, you’ll need to use a van to move your belongings. There are a few different options for the size of the van. However, just look at the estimate from the furniture volume calculator and see which van can hold your belongings! With a big, you can make multiple trips or hire multiple.

Check out our table to see which van would work best for you:

Van TypeCapacity m3Capacity ft3Rental Cost
Medium Wheelbase8 – 10.4282.5 – 367£40 – £55
Long Wheelbase12 – 14425 – 494£60 – £85
Luton15.1533£85 – £110
Luton Lorry26.3928£130 – £185

International Removals

If you’re moving to Europe, you might just want to use a van, granted you’ll have to drive it back, unless you hire a removal company!

Normally for international removals, you’ll need to use a shipping container to transport your goods, it’s not practical to take a removal van so far away! Shipping containers mostly come in two sizes, 20 ft or 40 ft.

If you’ve used our removal volume calculator a shipping container volume calculator, you can easily tell if you need a 20ft container, which fits a volume of 33.0 m³, or a 40ft container, which fits 76.0 m³.

If you want to find out how much that could cost you, then you should check out our container shipping cost page. It covers the most popular destinations and goes into all the detail you need to know about container shipping! Don’t say we don’t look after you 😉.

Sirelo tip: If you are itching for more information on how quotes are calculated, read about domestic removals costs when moving within the UK or international moving costs page for those relocating overseas. But not before you use our removal volume calculator!

Where to Next?

Our online removal calculator for the UK only scratches the surface of the removal process. Once you’ve made use of our moving volume calculator and found yourself a removal company with a good price, there’s still loads left to do!

Fortunately, you’re on Sirelo the home of removal experts. So, why not read our moving house checklist (domestic or abroad)? After that, you can read our packing to move house guide!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Check out the links below for even more articles to read to get your removal underway without a hitch! Our motto is to move with a smile, and with all the info we provide, you certainly will!