International Removals: Top 10 UK Companies (2017)

If you’re planning on moving internationally and looking for an international removals company then look no further. Hopefully our list helps you. Ask for free quotes or go to International Removal Costs for general information about moving abroad.

  1. Anglo Pacific
  2. Matthew James Removals
  3. Robinsons Relocation
  4. Cadogan Tate
  5. White & Company
  6. Clockwork Removals & Storage
  7. Britannia Movers International
  8. Santa Fe Removals
  9. Pickfords
  10. Bishop’s Move

Click on a removal company to go to the specific removalist. The list has been compiled by using a number of different criteria. These include search volume on the internet, our own reviews and reviews from other platforms. We also looked into whether the company is a member of a trade association like FIDI and the British Association of Movers (BAR).

International Moving

1. Anglo Pacific

A company with over 30 years experience who claim to be the largest removal company in the UK, managing over 200,000 moves per year. They have depots based in London, Manchester and Glasgow showing that they have a large capacity. Although they ship worldwide their most popular routes include moves to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, America and Asia. They claim to use the latest technologies available in moving in order to guarantee the quality of your move.

In addition to standard removals, they also move:

  • baggage
  • personal effects
  • cars and vehicles
  • fine art
  • furniture

Anglo Pacific is member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), International Association of Movers (IAM) and the FIDI.

Removal Reviews can be found on: Anglo Pacific Reviews on Sirelo and Trust Pilot.

2. Matthew James Removals

Matthew James has several branches in the UK and Spain. They specialize in moving to Spain but they do ship worldwide to over 25,000 destinations through their network of partners.

The company has become famous for its high quality customized vehicles (each featuring a unique hand-painted design) and there are even model vehicles available to buy.

Matthew James Removals has the following accreditations:

  • British Association of Removers (BAR)
  • ISO 9001 certifiation
  • International Association of Movers

People’s experiences with Matthew James can be found on:, Experiences on Sirelo and Reviews on Reference Line.

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3. Robinsons Relocation

Robinsons Relocation claims to be one of the best prepared removal companies in the UK for moving abroad, especially when it comes to business moves. This in addition to all of the bells and whistles you can expect from such an experienced moving company such as moving to Europe and worldwide.

This a great option for business moves, but also offers a variety of extra services for Corporate Relocation Solutions including;

  • Area Orientation
  • Home Search
  • School Search
  • Settling In Services
  • On-going Support & Tenancy Management
  • Departure Services
  • Visa & Immigration
  • Intercultural & Language
  • Spousal Support

Robinsons Relocation has the following accreditations: British Association of Removers (BAR), ISO 9001 certification and is a FIDI member.

You can find reviews for Robinson Relocation on Trust Pilot and Sirelo.

4. Cadogan Tate

Cadogan Tate are a British removals company that base their business model on quality. Although this comes at a price they take care when moving furniture in addition to specializing in moving fine art and working with interior designers to ensure that they can leave your new home looking incredibly sleek. Cadogan Tate were the company responsible for moving the Obama family’s personal belongings from the White House and into their new home in 2017.

Some of their features include

  • Fine art removals
  • Shipping Cars
  • Pet removal
  • Storage
  • Home moves
  • Business moves

They ship world wide including the following popular destinations: France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

Online removals reviews

Click below to see a video of Cadogan Tate moving the Obama’s from the White House to their new home

5. White & Company

White & Company offer a comprehensive moving service from domestic to corporate and from a move across town to a move across the world. They were established as a family in 1871 and despite growing to a fleet of 200 vehicles they still remain a family owned company.

As well as offering a moving service they also offer additional services such as insurance, packing, storage and even a moving checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

They have 16 branches based all over Britain and are able to respond to your needs quickly.

Additionally they also advertise themselves based on the following features:

  • An environmentally friendly service
  • Vehicle shipping (cars, motorcycles and boats)
  • Marine insurance if you ship your goods by boat

What are people saying about White & Company?

Find out what people are saying about White & Company on the following websites:

6. Clockwork Removals & Storage

Clockwork Removals are a UK based company which claim to move to 165 territories all over the world, specializing in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, South East Asia, China, the UAE and Latin America.

In addition to the above they are also members of the FIDI Global Alliance and the International Association of Movers (IAM) which gives customers confidence.

Clockwork on the internet

7. Britannia Movers International

Britannia Movers focus on small to medium sized moves that don’t require a full size shipping container. Therefore they can pool the load in each shipping container, by doing this they save their customers a substantial amount of money.

The company makes weekly trips to major destinations such in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

They also offer extra services in:

  • Packing your belongings
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Help moving your pets
  • Finally, they are a member of the moving association FIDI meaning that you can trust that your furniture is safe, if or if not you will be compensated

Online reviews, what do people really think?

For a list of moving tips from Britannia check out this handy video!

8. Santa Fe Removals

Santa Fe is known for being a bit of an all rounder in the international removals industry. Their services include an online move estimate, visa and immigration help, student services and mini moves and smartphone tracking apps in addition to everything you would expect from an international moving company.

They were founded in 1980 in Hong Kong and have two UK offices with a fleet of over 150 trucks and 2000 employees which means that you’ve probably driven past one of their lorry’s at some point!

Check out the reviews here

9. Pickfords

Pickfords’ history can be traced back to the 17th century when the Pickford family entered the wagon trade and moved quarry stone to Manchester and the surrounding area. Since then the company has changed a lot and now moves houses to all over the world. The company is part of the Allied International network which makes the ambitious claim of being able to move your belongings to any country on earth.

They even include a video survey by smartphone at a convenient time to suit you, something very far removed from their humble beginnings.

Additional information about Pickfords includes:

  • They also specialize in Business moving and employee relocation
  • Pet shipping
  • International storage
  • The business has been accredited with dozens of awards and is part of even more groups and alliances which show the emphasis that they place on quality.

Although the service is generally good there have been instances where they have received poor reviews due to being difficult to contact. This is the only reason why they are not further up the list.

You can find the reviews here:

For more information about Pickford’s free video survey check out their short video here:

10. Bishop’s Move

Established in 1854 as a family business Bishop’s Move have become the largest family owned removals business in the UK. They see themselves as a truly international removals firm able to ship to anywhere in the world. Popular routes include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and America.

Despite being such an international service they also have the responsiveness of being a local service due to being such a local company.


Selection and assessment criteria

We have compiled the above list based on a variety of criteria. Firstly looking at search results in Google. On this basis, we have chosen the most easily accessible companies. Then we looked at the size of the company. We have only chosen medium or large moving companies due to them being known for efficiency and quality. Often small moving companies that also perform international removals also offer very good services, but we have deliberately not put in because they are often limited in their ability.

The size of the company in regard we took then also looked at reviews on the Internet. For this, we not only look at our own reviews, but the reviews featured on other websites. Finally, we looked out of Google data to the number of monthly searches for the companies and the monthly visitors on the websites. Based on all the above criteria, the list so compiled.

Note on data

Of course we can not guarantee that the above 10 companies will perform your international move to perfection. We are an independent platform and have independently compiled this list. We therefore take no responsibility for the services offered by these international moving companies. Check online reviews and compare quotes before you make a choice.

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