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Finding a professional removal company for your move is key for taking out the stress of moving. Indeed, it’s important to make the right decision with booking a removalist, as it’s your whole household they’re moving!

How to Pick the Right Removal Company

In order to make the right choice and find a reputable mover you can trust, we recommend you do the following:

  • Read their reviews: Above all their recent reviews! Of course, people are more likely to leave bad reviews than good reviews, but if a company has a lot of bad reviews, you know to look elsewhere! We recommend checking several review platforms to get the most comprehensive view.
  • Make sure they are legal and professional: Steer clear of any moving companies that give red flags such as being unwilling to meet you before the move, or ones that insist on cash-in-hand. Often is a moving company is part of a moving association you know it is legitimate!
  • Test their communication: A knowledgeable removal company will happily answer your questions about your move, and should be fairly quick to reply to calls and emails. One tip is to conduct a survey of your house in person so you can meet the movers!
  • Find out the moving costs: Get a firm moving quote from the removal company and ask whether there are any extra fees or deposits involved, and what insurances and refund policies they have should something go wrong during your move.

Looking for more moving tips?

Every move is different, so you should make sure you check out the best deals and find the right removal company for you. It is therefore a must to get several moving quotes and compare your offers, as well as to check customer reviews. We also suggest meeting your mover in person before the move takes place so you can get a feel of who will be moving your items.

At Sirelo, we have tons of articles on how to get removal quotes, how to calculate your moving costs and more! There’s no moving topic we haven’t covered, so make sure to explore our website to get the best moving experience possible.

Need help finding the right removal company?

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