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This page has the important information  you need about moving to Porto. Whether you want to know more about the the feel of the city, things to do or even how to get around, this page has something for you!
Below you can find the overview of the most important information on this page:

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Asking price of a move to Porto

There are several things to prioritize when thinking of a move abroad. Cost, speed and security. By using a trusted service such as Sirelo you can see previous reviews of removals companies and in that way you can choose the most reliable company. For information on price and speed please look at the table below. These estimated costs are based on a removal from London to Porto so you can use them as a rough estimate.

1 bed flat3 bed house5 bed house
Road TransportPrice£2,200 – £3,100£3,700 – £5,100£6,100 – £8,300
Road TransportTiming9 – 13 days3 -5 days3 – 5 days
ShippingPrice£2,100 –  £2,900£4,600 – £6,200£7,000 – £9,500
ShippingTiming6 – 8 weeks25 – 31 days25 – 31 days

Top Tips and Handy Hints

Portugal is in Western Europe and a relatively organized country. However it is important to bear in mind that

Health insurance

Health care in Portugal is covered under your EHIC in the short term. However once you register as a citizen you need be aware that the law changes. Make sure you read up on healthcare in Portugal before you arrive there.


Contact the tax authorities before your arrival for assistance with your tax situation


Make sure all documents are in date and important documents are copied and scanned.


If you’re bringing your pets abroad make sure they are up to date with vaccinations or could be denied entry.


Cancel any subscriptions or current utilities you may have.

Mail redirect

In order to receive important mail you should get your mail redirected.

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Finding your dream home

When it comes to finding a house in Porto there are a number of ways to go about your search. Although you can through a real estate agent when you arrive, why not look online before you go and prepare yourself? Popular websites to find a property in Portugal include Casa Sapo and Buy Property Portugal.

Although renting a house via an agency is considered by many expats as the easiest way to secure accommodation. People moving to Porto who have a bit more time to spare and who would like to explore the neighbourhoods before renting, can decide to find a long term accommodation in Porto after they arrive.

If you’re looking at renting then something to remember is that often you need to pay rent 2 or even 3 months in advance so make sure you factor this into your budget.


A great suburb for families that is safe and has a number of parks is Campanha. It is easy to access the city centre with public transport or by car.

For families and those who want to live a bit more out of the city they can look into the Douro Valley in the countryside.

Upmarket and classy

Foz do Duoro is a popular option for those with a pretty penny to spend. The sea views offered from this neighbourhood are part of the real charm of Porto. This neighbourhood combines beach life and city living.


Right in the heart of Porto’s beautiful centre lies Ribeira. This neighbourhood offers vibrance and character and is actually part of the UNESCO world heritage site. The area is exploding with nightlife including bars, clubs, restaurants and classy boutiques.

Moving to Porto

Other information about Porto

Those who are relocating to Portugal are lucky when it comes to leisure activities. Porto is said to have one of the richest artistic, cultural and historical heritage in Portugal. It was chosen European capital of culture in 2001 and Historic Centre of Porto was classified as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1996. Expats moving to Porto can be sure of a culturally enriching stay in Porto. As if the array of monuments, beautiful beaches and amazing buildings and landmarks are not enough, Porto offers a busy nightlife for people who like to dance, listen to music or simply socialize.

How to find a job in Porto

Many expats consider relocating to Porto due to its thriving economy. As you may know, Porto is known for the wine that it exports, which is named after the city. However, apart from this Porto is home to different business as well. Many Portuguese and international corporations have their headquarters or main offices in this city.

Expats and people moving to Porto are urged to look on online portals and job boards for vacancies as well as in the local newspapers. A popular job site in Porto is Randstad. Networking is also an important way of finding a job in Porto. The following companies are international companies which are based in Porto:

  • Porto Editora
  • Petrogal
  • Unicer
  • Grupo RAR

Common job roles for expatriates working in Porto are senior management or technical positions in the businesses based there, as English teachers, or as academics in one of the many universities in the city.

Moving to Porto

Transport: How to get around the city

Porto has a state of the art metro system that runs from 6am – 1am. It works with a rechargeable card that you must buy before your first time using the metro. For a map and timetable of the metro look on the Metro for Porto website.

Buses also run from 9am to 1am however after 9pm there is a less frequent service. Like any city Porto has bad traffic jams, although the bus system is very efficient, it is still susceptible to long traffic jams. With this in mind most locals opt for the metro due to it being so accessible to almost anywhere in the city.

There are two tram lines which Porto is known for, however these are slow and mainly run to tourist attractions so locals don’t really use them as a way of getting around!

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