Visa in Portugal

Thousands of people move to Portugal every year, due to its beautiful climate and low house prices it’s no surprise it’s such a popular destination. If you are one of them, you possibly need a visa in Portugal. Conveniently Portugal is part of the European Union making migration into the country very easy for other member of the EU such as the UK. Are you thinking of moving to Portugal or working there? It is important to know the requirements when applying for a visa.

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No visa in Portugal needed

A Visa is not required from the UK, whatever the duration of the stay. Nationals of EU member States have no requirement to apply for entry and stay visas. As long as a valid passport is shown with an expiry date more than 90 days from the departure date; however it is advised to have more than 6 months.

Visa in Portugal

When do you need a visa in Portugal?

Member countries of the EU countries are not required to get visas if staying in Portugal. In many countries a visa is not required if staying for less than 3 months, however numerous countries in Asia and Africa require visas at all times.

A visa in Portugal is a requirement if if you are not an EU member. The main types of visas are:

  • Residence visas – allows entry to Portugal in order to request a residence permit; valid for a period of four months with two entries.
  • Student visas – allows the applicant to enter Portugal for the purpose of study, scientific investigation
  • Work visas – allows the bearer to enter Portugal to carry on professional activities for a maximum period of three years
  • Temporary stay visas – allows the holder to enter Portugal for medical treatment in Health Services

Entering Portugal due to its EU membership is easy for UK citizens, this makes it very stress free if you want to live, work or study in Portugal