How to Pack Up and Move Home in Less than a Week

If you are having to move in a rush, this article will help you to get your things packed and ready in time- even if moving day is less than a week away!

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Moving house when you are buying a home often means there are several months to pack and get everything ready for the big moving day. But sometimes for one reason or another, moves can happen extremely quickly. When that is the case, it can be a real challenge to get everything sorted. Luckily it is a challenge not an impossibility and we can help with these handy pro tips.

Take a breath

If you jump straight into trying to get everything done, you won’t have a plan and you might miss jobs that need doing. Instead, make a cup of tea and take a second to think. You can do this, and there is enough time – just.


Now you have paused, you can plan your move; even rushed moves will be more successful with a little planning. First things first, contact a removals company by requesting quotes. Depending on the season they may already be fully booked in which case you will have to hire a van and do a DIY house move. Confirm the removals company or transport rental – no time to consider alternatives.

If you might need childcare or pet care book that too and you should also let your workplace know you need the time to get everything sorted out. If you can’t have time off work you may need to get some more help with packing.

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Get your supplies!

All the necessary supplies for packing should be in place when you start packing to save you multiple trips to buy more tape, bubble wrap etc. Grab boxes from the removals company if you’re using one or from a local self-storage company. If you’re desperate supermarkets often give away boxes for free but remember they won’t be as sturdy as proper packing boxes. Look around your current home for spare recycling bags, bin bags, plastic tubs and crates – these are all handy for packing too. You will also want:

  • LOTS of packing tape
  • Labels
  • Normal sticky tape
  • Pen and paper
  • Newspaper
  • Padding sheets/ towels/ bubble wrap
  • Cleaning spray
  • Kitchen towels

For more information on how and where to find packing supplies, visit our moving boxes page.

Get help if you can

If possible, get some packing help from friends and family. This can make packing fun; get the tunes playing and the snacks rolling while you oh and ah over sentimental items!

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Declutter, declutter, declutter

Decluttering is generally important, but especially before a move. Why spend time packing items you don’t want anymore? If you really don’t have time to make the necessary decisions for a full-blown declutter then rent a personal self-storage unit until you have time to sort through it.

Label everything & forget perfection

With such a small amount of time, perfection is out of the window when it comes to organisation. Instead, pack the best way possible with the time constraints and prioritise labelling. Even if the boxes are filled with random items, if you label them you will know which items are where.

Make a priority list

Make a list of items to have with you in the car. It is also a good idea to have a list of all the companies you need to notify of your move, including your utility providers. Because you will be moving so soon you may not be able to do things like check the meters later down the line, so take some readings of gas and electricity usage too.

And relax!

The tips above can help you during this super-speedy move. Remember, it will be a challenge, but soon enough you’ll be in your new home, ready to make new memories!