Removal Quotes: How Much Will Your Move Cost?

Last updated: April 7, 2020

Do you want to know how much your house removal will cost? Fill out our removal quote form to find out! Once you receive your quotes, follow the guide below to help you choose the best one for you.

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Why request removal  quotes with Sirelo?

Of course, you are free to go directly to a removal company and request a quote. However, we firmly believe that it is better for you to compare a variety of quotes.

  • Save time: You won’t spend time contacting each removal company individually, we do it for you! Instead, you can sit back, relax and wait for the companies to come to you.
  • Save money: Removal quotes can differ by up to 40%! By receiving many quotes, you reduce the risk of overpaying.
  • Better removal: Based on the information you provide. We will connect you with the removal companies that best suit your needs.

What affects the price of a removal quote?

Your removal quotes will be determined by a number of factors:

  • The volume of the move (the bigger, the more expensive)
  • The distance of the move (the further, the more expensive)
  • The complexity of the move (the more complex, the more expensive). Complexity can be influenced by;
    • How many movers are needed?
    • Do you require special equipment?
    • Is your house easy to access?

removal quotes

What is included in your removal quotes?

Although the price is important, you should also know exactly what is included in your removal quote. It could be that a cheap quote contains some hidden costs later on. You don’t want any surprises in the future! Some important things to check are;

  • Are there any additional costs (i.e call-out costs)?
  • The terms and conditions of the removal company. There are many important details such as liability that you should be aware of.
  • How much of your move is insured? You want to be covered sufficiently if something goes wrong!

How do you compare removal company quotes?

So, you completed the form and you received your removal company quotes, now what? Well, now comes the difficult task of choosing the best removal quote for you. If it is your first time, you may find it difficult to decide what information is important to make your decision. We recommend that you consider the following factors when choosing a removal company quote.


Price is important, especially if you are trying to keep to a budget. However, do not compromise the quality of your move for a few extra pounds. As mentioned before, a cheaper price may indicate that there could be hidden costs that will be added later. It’s essential that you determine exactly what service you receive for the price.

Scope of services

Make sure that the moving company offers the services you require for the move. Discuss with the removal company exactly what services you wish to include in your removal quote.

  • Moving boxes and packing service. If you require moving boxes, you can often request to use some that belong to the moving company. Or you can allow the professionals to pack your possessions directly.
  • If your new home is not ready to move into, then you may need to hold your furniture in storage. Some removal companies can offer this service.
  • Transporting special items. Do you hope to move any valuable or fragile items such as a piano? Then you may need to select a moving company that has the capabilities to move such furniture.

Customer experiences

In order to have peace of mind, it’s important to know you can trust your selected removal company. A great way to get an expectation about a removal company’s quote. You can find the profiles of over 1000 removal companies on Sirelo. There, you will be able to read real customer reviews and experiences. These reviews can provide useful insight into the realities of working with a certain removal company. Keep in mind though that people are more likely to write about their bad experiences compared to good experiences.

Company research

We highly recommend that you research moving companies online. Check out their websites and get a sense of how experienced they are. By researching the companies you can get a better idea of whether they have the relevant experience to complete your move. Especially If your move is quite complex then it is important that you have confidence in your mover.

Quality Certifications

Moving networks like BAR (British Association of Removers) are committed to ensuring quality standards in the industry. It is not a requirement for a removal company to join a moving network like BAR. However, those removal companies associated with BAR are required to uphold a certain quality standard. When choosing your removal quote, check to see if the company is a member of BAR. It could give you some assurances as to the professionalism of the company.

Next steps

We hope that you now feel more knowledgeable about your removal quote! If you want more information about any aspect of your move, you can always explore the Sirelo website! We have an abundance of helpful resources that include: