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If you’re looking for home removal quotes, then by filling out our form below, we will match you to up to five removal companies that best suit your needs. These companies will then get in touch with you and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We’ve also answered some FAQs in case you are not entirely sure what to look for in removal company quotes.

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When should I get removal quotes?

There is a simple answer to this question: as soon as possible. Even though requesting removal quotes online is quick and easy, it is important to request them at least six weeks before your move so that you can organise everything else. If you take a look at our moving house checklist, you can see that it’s one of the first things among many that we recommend you should do once you’ve decided that you’re moving to a new house.

Removal companies have schedules and only so many resources, so requesting removal quotes early means you’ll be able to compare removal quotes and have a better chance at getting the mover you want at the best price. If you would like more information on the costs of moving house, check out our removal costs page.

If you’re moving abroad then you will want to check out removal company quotes even earlier to ensure that you leave enough time for the removal companies to take a survey of your belongings and provide you with a good breakdown of costs.

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What do Removal Quotes Include?

You may be interested to know what to expect when you start to receive removal company quotes. So, along with the price, below you can see what else is included:

  • Moving Date
  • Description of the Move
  • Insurance details
  • Terms and Conditions

How do I choose the best removal company quote?

Getting so many home removal quotes can be a little overwhelming. However, there are many things to look out for in order to pick the best moving company for you.

For example, if you need to move a piano or need to move some of your belongings into storage, ask if this is included in the price or if you have to pay additional fees for this.

Checking online reviews to see other people’s experiences with the moving companies are is also a good way to see the quality of their services. You can look on this website at our removal company profiles or on other websites such as Trust Pilot or Removal Reviews. It’s also good to look out if they are accredited by any moving associations such as BAR or IAM, as this means they’re more trustworthy and have a reputation for providing a high standard of removal services.

What Next?

If you’ve not requested home removal quotes yet and have started to plan your move, then fill out our online form to get the ball rolling! If you would like more information on moving house, then take a look at these pages:

Good luck with your move!