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Moving Associations, Federations and Groups

Should You Book an Associated Mover?

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Knowing which mover to pick can be hard when there are so many to choose from. In this article we outline why you may want to book a mover affiliated with a moving association, federation or group, and what the benefits of the main networks for UK movers are.

What Types of Moving Networks are There?

Moving networks are organisations of moving companies. There are three types of moving network: associations, federations, and groups. 

Moving associations are non-profit organisations whose members are moving companies. Meanwhile, moving federations are groups of moving associations. Finally, moving groups are for-profit organisations, such as Van Lines, set up by the moving companies for the moving companies; the board and the members will be made up of movers.

Why Move with an Associated Mover?

The reason a consumer might be interested in booking an associated mover is that some of these moving networks have entry requirements, ensuring that only movers of the highest quality can join. Of course, that is not to say that moving companies that are not part of a moving network are not good. However, the benefit of booking a mover who is affiliated with a high quality moving network is that you can feel safe knowing you will have a quality move.

Of course, not all moving associations are the same. Every moving association will have different requirements, and some of these entry requirements will be more vigorous than others. To help you, we have outlined what you can expect from three of the biggest moving networks relevant for UK moving companies.


The International Association of Movers is a moving association for international removal companies. Members commit themselves to practicing ethical business practices and to following laws and regulations. To become an IAM member, you must have been recommended by at least two other IAM members and pay a fee. IAM members must reach IAM’s standards, adhering to the global standard set by ISO.

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FIDI Global Alliance

FIDI is an international federation for worldwide removal companies. It awards the FAIM certificate to international moving companies that meet their 200 stringent quality requirements, meaning that in general you can feel secure that the quality of their movers has been verified extensively. Their criteria covers the following areas:

  • Strong focus on end-to-end quality services
  • Must comply with anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-trust requirements
  • Pre-employment screenings – your mover is someone you can trust
  • Supply chain management – the movers are responsible for the whole move
  • Data privacy protection management – your personal and sensitive data is safe
  • Foundation and international moving service requirements – you know your mover is qualified for successful moves abroad

In addition, their quality is routinely reviewed every three years through an extensive onsite audit, performed by an independent auditor, Ernst & Young. Moreover, they have annual external financial audits, so you know that the mover is in a good monetary position. Nonetheless, should your removal company go bankrupt in spite of this, another FIDI member is guaranteed to take over your move. If you want a FIDI mover, you can recognise them by the logo below or specifically search for FAIM certified removal companies on the “Find a FIDI Affiliate” page.



The British Association of Removers is one of the biggest moving associations in the UK, and can ensure that you have a quality national or international move. To become a BAR member, the removal company must prove that they meet the high standards of quality set by the association.

Not only does BAR offer training for its movers, but the associations also works with the Furniture Ombudsman to raise industry standards and ensure that their customers have an additional layer of protection in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, if there is an issue with your move, BAR will bring in an independent party to help resolve any dispute. The fact that performance of BAR members is also monitored by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) should also give you a sense of assurance that your move is in good hands.

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What Next?

Of course, you can find good moving companies that are not in a moving association, and who may be cheaper. However, by booking with one of these moving associations, you are paying for a guarantee of quality. We also recommend that you check the reviews of moving companies (above all the most recent ones!) to verify the quality of the moving company before you book.