Living in Belfast

Belfast is a dynamic and evolving city. The capital of Northern Ireland has rich history making and offers lots to see and do for its inhabitants. Famous for many things, such as building the Titanic or filming Game of Thrones, Belfast is a great place to live and work. Although Belfast is part of the UK, there is a unique mix of Irish and British culture making this city stand out compared to other popular cities in the UK!

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Cost of Living in Belfast

In terms of cost of living, Belfast is one of the cheaper cities in the UK in terms of housing. You’ll find that housing affordability is great as you balance it against slightly higher food prices. While food prices won’t break the bank, they will add up over time. For an average UK vs Belfast cost of living comparison, look at the table below:

MetricBelfastUK AverageSpain
Rent for 3-bed apartment city centre£610£671£609
Basic monthly utilities for an 85m2 apartment£75£196£107
1L of milk£0.86£0.71£0.72
0.5L of draught beer£4.50£3.16£2.26
1L of gasoline£1.27£1.38£1.17

Housing in Belfast

If you are looking to rent property in Belfast, we recommend checking out some websites to get your search started. Some good online portals are:

Buying a property is a huge commitment so we recommend checking out the area before you decide for sure. Get in touch with a real estate agent or you can start looking for your new home with:

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Best Places to Live in Belfast

When moving to a new place, it can be hard to find out where the best neighbourhoods are. The best way to find out where you want to move to is to walk around and get a feel for the area, especially before buying a house. But, if this isn’t possible, below is a summary of some of the best places to live in Belfast:

For the Young Professional

A popular area for most young professionals is Stranmillis, which has a lot of cheaper accommodation with many nearby amenities, including restaurants, supermarkets and the Ulster Museum. Nearby, Botanic Avenue also has many lively streets to live on and is closer to the centre.


Somewhere a little more outside of the city, Holywood is a great place for young families to live. There are many beautiful seaside houses, however house prices are a bit higher here and there aren’t many schools nearby. If you’d prefer to live near schools for your children, then you’re better off living closer in the centre or on the other side of the harbour where there are more schools dotted around.


If you’re looking for a more up-market property, then you’ll be sure to find something on Malone Road. The lower part of the street is closer to the centre and offers one of the most beautiful places to live in the city, whereas the upper part of the road offers more affluent houses.

View of H&W cranes in Belfast skyline with water fountain in foreground


Education in Belfast

If you’re moving to Belfast with children, then you should be aware that the schools here are a little different compared to the rest of the UK. Within Belfast, there are several schools that are girls-only or boys-only, but there are also a handful of mixed gender schools too. The best way to check out a school is through School Guide where you can search for primary or secondary schools in Belfast.

There are also quite a few universities in Belfast if you’re thinking about planning to study there. The biggest one is Queen’s University Belfast, which offers degrees in over 300 programmes, including accounting, business studies, sciences, nursing and education. There is also Ulster University, St Mary’s University College and other universities within Belfast that offer different courses.

Finding a Job in Belfast

Being the capital of Northern Ireland, there are plenty of opportunities in this vibrant city. The major industries are shipbuilding and tourism, but there are many jobs in other sectors too. The economy in Northern Ireland has grown and developed in the past two decades and unemployment has lowered.

If you plan in living in Belfast and are still in need of a job, then here are some great online portals to search for employment:

Our Top Tip: Networking is key these days so why not network online by making an online profile on a professional network such as LinkedIn.

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It may not be the most cosmopolitan city, but the duality of being a relatively small city and having nature at your doorstep, it offers cosy comforts along with rugged nature. This really could be the city for you, all you need to do is plan your removal to Belfast!