Visa in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for tourism and migration, for many countries it is required to get a visa in Spain if you are staying for longer than 90 days. But what are the visa requirements when moving to Spain or working there?

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Do I need a visa to live in Spain?

As the UK is still a member of the European Union,  a visa is not required to work, study or live in Spain if you are a British citizen. If you are staying in Spain for more than 3 months it is required to attain a NIE (Numero de Identidad the Extranjero) number, but this is an identification and tax number, not a visa. You must also apply for a residence card. In Spain this is called Tarjeta de Residente Comunitario.

visa in spain

When do you need a visa in Spain?

If you are not from a country within the EU, a tourist visa is necessary if staying in the country for less than 90 days. For longer than this, there are 3 main types of visas available:

  • Airport transit visa
  • Short-stay Schengen
  • Long-term visa

A short stay visa allows you to stay in Spain (but not work) for up to 90 days in a 180-day period, nationals from the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand do not need a short stay visa but is a requirement to purchase long term visas if staying over the 90 day period.

Long term visas is a requirement if not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland if staying in the country for over 90 days. The type of visa is dependant on your purpose of stay, the 3 main being:

  • a combined residence and work visa – allowing you to live and work in Spain
  • a student visa – for the duration of a educational or training course
  • a residence visa – for family reunification or retirement

Arranging a visa in Spain is straight forward to arrange. You have freedom to live, work and study in Spain if from a country within the EU.

VIsa in Spain