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Moving to Spain from the UK

An Essential Guide by Sirelo

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Are you moving to Spain? Whether you’re planning a big or small removal from the UK to Spain, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide on moving to Spain from the UK will have you sipping on a glass (or pitcher) of Sangria and enjoying the weather before you know it. So read on for the cost of moving, an essential checklist, and free moving quotes!

How Much Does It Cost to Move To Spain from the UK?

Moving to Spain from the UK can cost you between £2,000 and £7,500, depending on how many items you plan to take with you, the distance travelled, and the mode of transport chosen.

The table below indicates the cost of moving from London to Spain by road for various household sizes.

Household SizeTimeCost
1 bedroom apartment9 – 13 days£2,000 – £2,700
2 bedroom house3 – 5 days£2,500 – £3,400
3 bedroom house3 – 5 days£3,200 – £4,400
4 bedroom house3 – 5 days£4,300 – £5,800
5 bedroom house3 – 5 days£5,400 – £7,300

Disclaimer: The above figures are just estimates. Final costs will depend on the exact points of departure and arrival, and the service rates of the company.

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Spain

Here are some tips you can follow to save some money:

  • Truck or ferry – They are slower but more affordable. If you have more belongings to move, sea freight may be the best method of transport
  • Off-peak Season – Lower demand, lower prices. Moving companies can offer deals and discounts to move from October to April
  • Groupage – Share the costs with other users with similar routes
  • Pack and Disassemble yourself – Instead of hiring these services

Price Influencing Factors

 Choice of removal companies
 Distance travelled
 Mode of transport
Curious to know how much space your belongings occupy? Check out our handy volume calculator to check!

For an even more detailed breakdown, you can read our page on international moving costs and become a true expert on the cost of removals to Spain.

Moving Quotes From UK to Spain

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Removals to Spain

We’ve gathered the most reliable international removals from the UK to Spain to simplify your transition.

Do you want to move to Spain? Check out our guide on the top international removal companies to Spain.

Requirements for Moving to Spain After Brexit

Emigrating to Spain will require a little bit more planning. However, you can skip this section if you hold EU or EEA citizenship. For those who don’t, you’ll want to keep reading.

You’ll need a visa and a work permit if you intend to work when moving to Spain. When signing your contract, the employer will apply for it, but, unfortunately, you will still need to apply for a visa, which must be done in person at the nearest embassy.

While at the embassy, you make inquiries about obtaining a Foreigners’ Identity Number (N.I.E.), it can be a little complicated to obtain in Spain, so applying at the embassy will make things easier.

✈️ Check out our entire page dedicated to moving to Europe after Brexit.

Are you moving to Spain? Make sure to check our guide on visas for Spain.

Relocating to Spain from the UK: What Do You Need to Move?

We made this essential moving to Spain checklist to help make your move easier:

Before You Move

  • Documentation: Gather all important documents, including passport, photos, birth/marriage certificates, medical/university/police records, and visa
  • Find an international removal company: Consider one of the top UK international removal companies to help you move. You’ll find peace of mind with someone trusted.
  • Pack: There is no such thing as starting too early; read our expert packing guide to learn how to move your items.
  • Moving car to Spain: Read the Spanish Government page on moving a car to Spain but it’s in Spanish. You can also get some information on our page about shipping your car overseas.
  • Moving with pets: If you plan to bring your furry friend, make sure to follow these requirements.
    • Have been micro-chipped
    • Vaccination against rabies with its certificate
    • A general certificate of health
  • 🐶 For more information about it, read our Moving Your Pets Abroad Guide
  • Tax: First you’ll need to inform HMRC that you are moving abroad. Then, you must start paying taxes in Spain if you work there.
Moving to Spain? Make sure to check out our guide on Taxes in Spain.

Once You Arrive

  • Register on The Padrón: This is the Spanish population register. Once you are registered here, you get the same rights as Spanish citizens. You’ll need:
    • A form of identification
    • Public or private healthcare or insurance
    • Proof of sufficient funds to support you and your dependents.
  • Healthcare: Spain has a healthcare system which will cover your basic needs. However, it’s common to have private insurance to avoid high waiting times. Read more about it on our page.
Moving to Spain? Make sure to check out our guide on Healthcare in Spain.

Living in Spain: Costs and Lifestyle

Spain is a unique blend of culture, history, and modernity. We’ll explore the cost of living in Spain and its lifestyle compared to the UK.

Cost of Living in Spain vs. UK

In 2023, the price index in Spain is 33% cheaper than the UK. In the table below we gathered the living costs in both Madrid and London:

Rent€ 1,000.00€ 1,300.00
Restaurant€ 16.00€ 25.00
Groceries€ 200.00€ 250.00
Transportation€ 50.00€ 80.00
Utilities€ 120.00€ 150.00

Disclaimer: These prices are not reflective of the country as a whole and smaller cities in each country will be cheaper to live in than these popular expat destinations.

Cultural Facts about Spain

😴 Siesta is one of the most iconic aspects of its culture. This afternoon nap is a time for people to relax and recharge.

🍽️ Spaniards typically eat 5 times per day – breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and finally dinner.

🥘The typical food, tapas, consists of small plates of food that tend to be eaten for dinner. There is a large selection and each region is known for having its different styles.

🎊 Spain is well known for its festivals and holidays. From the running of the bulls to the tomato throwing, the country has some of the most famous festivals in the world.

Check out our expat blog to gain insights into your move to Spain.

Houses in Spain – Renting or buying

Renting a place in Spain is relatively a simple process. In the short term renting is a much more attractive option and sometimes even cheaper after factoring in Spain’s capital gains tax of 20%. Buying can be more complicated so it is important to research the property market first.

Buying a home in large cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla are more expensive than in other places. However, as a whole the property market, in Spain is cheaper than in the UK. You can buy a villa in Malaga for €450p/m – less than it would cost for a studio apartment in Manchester.

Working in Spain

When it comes to finding a job in Spain, there is both good and bad news. The bad news is that Spain has the second-highest unemployment rate in Europe. The good news is that over 40% of the country’s new businesses are led by women, indicating a high percentage of female entrepreneurs.

If you have moved to Spain from the UK and are still in search of work, signing up for some of the following job portals is a good place to start:

The Education System in Spain

Education is one of the most important steps in terms of a career in Spain, so there is a lot of value based on achieving good grades.

Check this table to overview how the education system works in Spain:

Level/Age/RequirementWhat to know
Nursery (0-3 years)Monthly fees for both public and private
Pre-School (3-6 years)Not required
Primary School (6-12 years)Two two-year cycles – The first one focused on developing basic skills, followed by preparing students for secondary school.
Secondary School (16-18 years)Three two-year cycles – One general education cycle, followed by two specialized cycles, one of which is optional for university preparation
Apprenticeship (+18)Not required. Vocational or professional training
University (+18)Undergraduate and graduate studies. Fees can be around €2,000 per year.

💡 There are many English-speaking schools where it is possible to follow the British style of education system (including GCSEs and A-Levels).

Prepare Your Move to Spain

Now that you know more about your new living country, you might enjoy our moving abroad checklist. Feel free to continue exploring, read resources and check the FAQs at the end of the page.

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