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About Simply Ship

Simply Ship Ltd originally started as a UK shipping company but now also has an Australian International Removals office as well. Simply Ship Ltd provides a full range of overseas moving services: packing, shipping and international removals for individuals, families and corporate clients moving from anywhere in the UK to most destinations worldwide.

15 Westhill Business Centre Arnhall Business Park Westhill
AB32 6UF Aberdeen


International removals
National moving
Car & Vehicle transport
Pet transport

Type of Removal Company

Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 8.4 out of 5 reviews on other platforms.
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Type of Removal
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Owner or manager changed our contract unilaterally from my items being shipped in its own container to combining with another shipment, which then delayed my shipment by at least 6 weeks. (sent end June and I was told to allow 10 weeks - 12 at worst factoring in customs clearance), therefore I expected items no later than the end of September. I received them 11th November. A token amount of compensation given but by no means covered my extra expenses. When goods arrived, a sculpture I had said was exceptionally fragile was inadequately wrapped and didn't make the journey. The owner/manager has called me a liar in how the sculpture was wrapped despite showing him the photographs. A mirrored armoire now has a big scratch in the centre of the mirror (there was also a large hand print smudge over it to cover it). Two boxes missing. As each box is offloaded, it is counted off on the inventory by marking a single tick. At the end of the delivery it was noticed that I had received 2 boxes from a separate consignment, however, there were not 2 ticks against any of the box numbers on the inventory list. The company refuse to accept that 2 of my boxes are missing. Their inventory was poor so it took a while to work out what was missing. (I sent a lot of things). Just received final confirmation of the company's refusal to give any compensation not just for the missing items but the damaged sculpture which was their fault. In fact the response i got was to say that there is no pleasing me and calling me a liar. The proof is there. Think twice about using this company..
Scottish crew seemed really pleasant
did not listen when I told them how delicate a piece of art was
owner/manager will alter your contract at his whim
Moved from Forfar (United Kingdom) to Auckland (New Zealand)

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