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About Leatherbarrows Removals

Britannia Leatherbarrows provides removal services whether, you are relocating to Europe through work, because of family, or your retirement, Britannia Leatherbarrows based in Christchurch, Dorset can move you anywhere in Europe, including moving to France, moving Spain and moving to Portugal.

C3 Cirrus Court Aviation Park
BH23 6BW Christchurch


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Out of 4 Sirelo reviews
25% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 8.0 out of 29 reviews on other platforms.
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Type of Removal
4 out of 4 reviews shown
We used Leatherbarrows to remove from UK address to their storage and deliver to France once we had found somewhere. At the initial stage of using Leatherbarrows we were pleased, they accommodated our need to leave on the 24 December and while organising our requirements confirmed they had good experience of caring for classic cars and understood the need to turn the engine over at least once a month. When our belongings were being packed up we were assured time and time again that our property went into the container and stayed there throughout storage and is only removed on delivery to us.. 6 months after putting out property into their care we had it delivered to us. Immediately something wasn't right and items were coming out in a different order to what they went in! Then items were coming out water damaged. The damage was quite considerable, many had obviously been actually standing in water for some time. We also had a lot of breakages and a lot of items mostly sentimental, wedding glasses anniversary gifts etc but also including clothes, pictures and books and other items were missing completely. I had numbered the boxes and kept an inventory of what I had packed, but 5/6 boxes were missing. It appeared some boxes had been opened and repacked with others and this is how I know items were missing and what they were. The total damaged items alone came to over £8000. Many unrepairable or unreplaceable. We obviously claimed but got only a fraction, Leatherbarrows didn't give a damaged and neither did Brittania. We should have been able to get compensation for their gross lack of care of our items entrusted to them. Don't bother with your credit card company or ombudsman either, they are no help and Brittania and Leatherbarrows know this and that they can get away with what they have done.
Cowboys who don't give a damn about your belongings
Moved from Weymouth (United Kingdom) to Pierrerue (France)
I would like to thank you and praise the Leatherbarrows Removals and Storage Ltd team in the UK for the excellent customer service delivered to my family due to our move abroad.
From the first contact to the final delivery they showed professionalism, efficiency and above all a personalized treatment.
Helping us with the best solutions for timing, planning, pricing and security to make it adequated to our specific necessities.
They did the above and beyond from the first visit to evaluate our need to the great job that the drivers and team of collection and delivery.
Great services, great people, great company. I do recommend.
CS Personalised
Open communication and negotiable
I haven't experienced any negative
Moved from Christchurch (United Kingdom) to Sentmenat (Spain)
Let's see . . . if you don't mind being overestimated/overcharged, having the remaining funds in your account awarded to the owner rather than yourself, having much of your furniture either seriously damaged or ruined due to their damp and leaking facilities and, oh yes! if you don't mind having a stranger's very heavy bags dumped into your apartment and having to spend four weeks tracing the owner, then by all means give the owner the good review that he requested. Otherwise, they say, 'If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.' Therefore, NO COMMENT.
the owner is in denial as to his service
The owner did not honour his Manager's word
Moved from Poole (United Kingdom) to Bournemouth (United Kingdom)
AVOID AVOID AVOID All rip off merchants !! From the estimator [name removed by Sirelo] to the General manager [name removed by Sirelo] to accounts [name removed by Sirelo] all the way through to the MD [name removed by Sirelo]

As can be seen on previous reviews!! Final invoice is double the estimate !!

I got 3 different companies to send out estimators to our house to come and calculate volumes and give as an estimate to store our houses content for 4 years.

Quote 1 was £1200 per year (Nowstorage)

Leatherburrows Quote was £1400 per year

Quote 3 was £1800 per year

We took leatherburrows quote as we were taught you don’t take the cheapest quote and you don’t take the most expensive, in the middle should be a balance between cost and value.

When all our stuff was packed and taken away we received an invoice that equated to £2800 per year.

When questioning the invoice vs the estimate as to why it was double ??!! The response was, “sorry, we supplied an ESTIMATE which you SIGNED and unfortunately there was more stuff in your house than we culculated for (they said their estimator had 30 years experience estimating). “We are willing to reduce the rate slightly as a goodwill gesture ! And if you are not willing to pay these rates (£2400 per year) then you would need to come collect your stuff as we can’t be held accountable for an ESTIMATE.

Bearing in mind I had already paid Leatherbarrows a separate fee to pack and collect my houses content. I now had to pay another company to go and collect my houses content from leatherburrows and take it to the new storage company in quote 1 which stood by their quote of £1200 for the exact same content leatherburrows we’re trying to charge me £2800 for.

To which I responded “No thank you I will have my stuff taken away and stored somewhere else”

When I told [name removed by Sirelo] (General manager) I was having my stuff taken away he became very unhelpful. Not responding to emails, not responding to the Newly instructed removal company’s emails especially after arranging with [name removed by Sirelo] that he would communicate with them in order to make the process efficient and to get my goods out of their way as quick as possible.

As a last resort we had to contact London Head office ( Britannia Movers) to intervene and get [name removed by Sirelo] and his team to release the storage container numbers and information via email so that the new removals company could go and collect my goods.

I could not believe to what extent [name removed by Sirelo] and his team went to try and rip me off, fortunately I had the money to pay another removals company to go and collect and store my goods as I was told by [name removed by Sirelo] that if I don’t collect my goods they would just carry on charging me at the new rate which was double the estimated rate.

This company and their staff do everything possible to get your business and then when they have it they double the rates and in some cases as you can see on the other reviews triple them !!

I tried to find out from [name removed by Sirelo] who is the managing director of that branch how this business relationship went so horribly wrong. And his response was “[name removed by Sirelo] is dealing with you, I am not interested, you are not willing to pay our prices and have decided to take your goods away. [name removed by Sirelo] did not want to answer any questions to why the final price was double the original quote, it was as if he was dealing with this sort of problem on a daily bases.

Don’t go anywhere near this company! Not for removals, not for storage, not for anything !!
If this review had a feature whereby I could upload the estimate and final invoice I would, as well as all the email correspondence I had to have with London Britannia Movers.
Quick to take your business
Quick to send out a RIP off estimator
Thieves !
Avoid this company !!
Moved from Andover (United Kingdom) to Chrischurch (United Kingdom)

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