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international removals with packing


International removals

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We do not know whether this moving company subcontracts the moves or executes them with their staff and vans.
Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this removal company
This removal company scores a 9.4 out of 43 reviews on other platforms.
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This was my worst ever experience dealing with a company in the UK. It is with great envy that a read the previous 5 star reviews and wonder how these reviews can possibly be true. Trans-Portugal broke and damaged a very high percentage of my items. They didn't even issued a simple apology until 3 months after the event and hardly admitted any mistakes on their part. I know that they are a family run business and the person I was dealing with was the daughter of the owner. At every stage I was met with standard answers of the type 'computer says no' I understand someone wanting to defend the reputation of a family business, however sometimes the best way of doing this is to admit wrong doing and trying to resolve the matter in the best possible way. At one point, when a watering can was missing I was met with the straightforward answer that 'we did not pack any watering cans' I am a keen gardener and have quite a collection of watering cans that have actually been featured in several magazines. Only when I sent images of the other watering cans packed by Trans-portugal, did they agree to add this item to the insurance claim. The insurance policy that Trans-Portugal provides is actually just a very generous contribution to their general liability insurance and not a specific insurance policy to your items. Not at any point was I informed of this before purchasing the insurance. Regarding the insurance claim, I was constantly met with the same answer: 'the item had pre existing damage' - No evidence was ever provided for this answer even if requested several times. This is simply not true as in one instance I was claiming for some brand new upholstery that had just been done and therefore was in pristine condition pervious to packing and shipping. I have actually paid extra for all my items to be packed professionally by Tran-Portugal Honestly, if you are considering using Trans-Portugal to ship your beloved personal items, in my opinion, you are better off just throwing them away. I say this as an antique collector and a well know furniture restorer myself. Utterly terrible service, moving houses is stressful enough, you do not need Trans-Portugal to be adding anymore. In my experience, I can not but feel that they were completely incompetent and I am even afraid to say, even dishonest.
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Moved from London (United Kingdom) to Lisbon (Portugal)

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