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Moving Survey

Everything You Need to Know for the Survey

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When you book a moving company, you will normally be required to do a moving survey. This is so that the mover can prepare a proposal and give you a quote for your move. Read on to find out what is entailed in this process.

What Is a Moving Survey?

Each move is different, so it’s very hard for a moving company to tell you how much your move will cost without getting more information. What needs to be moved, to where, what do you need from your removalist? Without all this information, the moving company will not know how many people are needed on moving day, what size truck or container to bring, or even what equipment to bring. This is a benefit for you too, as you will know before the move exactly how much it will cost – and hopefully won’t be in for any nasty surprises.

How Do I Request One?

Request up to five moving companies to get in contact with the quote button below. They will then ring you to discuss when they can do a survey with you. You can normally book an appointment for a physical survey, an online survey over Skype or you can send in a video you made yourself.


Tip! The survey is normally free and has zero-obligation, but you should only book a survey if you are serious about moving house.

What Happens During the Survey?

You will be asked beforehand what date and time suits you for a moving survey. If you are doing a physical survey, then the mover will then walk through your house with you room by room and ask you what you want to take with you. He will also ask you questions about your items and advise if there are some items you cannot take with you (such as items banned in your destination country). At the end of the survey, the mover will discuss the details of your move with you. Topics that are important to go over:

  • Possible moving dates
  • Timeline of your move
  • Customs information
  • Duty and tax issues
  • International transit times
  • Insurance options
  • Storage options
  • Extra services such as: packing, unpacking, assembly, disassembly, handyman services

Tip! If you are able to pack some things yourselves, make sure you do this before moving day!

Prepare for the moving survey

What Will the Mover Be Looking For?

Some things you haven’t even thought of can make a move easy or difficult for a mover! With his expertise he will be looking for the following:

  • Type of residence
  • Walking distance to house
  • Whether there is an inside elevator
  • Whether there are any obstacles
  • Whether there are any parking restrictions or parking permits required
  • Whether you have any vehicles or pets that need transporting
  • How many items and special items you have
  • Whether you require any moving boxes

Tip! Moving boxes provided by the moving company tend to be thicker and safer than the ones you can find in your local supermarket.

Is There Anything I Should Ask the Removalist?

You should let the removalist know if you have any concerns about the handling of certain items. You also will want to confirm what services you want provided by the mover and what you want to do yourself, such as packing. Ask if there are any actions you can take to avoid certain charges. Finally, confirm the timeline of the move and the desires of your shipment. The moving company should also tell you if they are working with any sister companies during parts of the move.

What Happens After the Moving Survey?

After the survey the mover will be able to calculate the volume of your move and, combined with any additional services required, how much your move will cost. They will contact you in a few days with a proposal and suggest a day and time for your move.

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