Shipping a Container to Germany with Ease

Cost of Shipping Household Goods to Germany and more!

Are you moving to Germany and need to ship your personal belongings? Well, you happened to have stumbled upon the right page! With Sirelo’s help you can learn about the cost of shipping your furniture via container to Germany from the UK, useful terms, and even find a removal company that can help make shipping your household goods to Germany a cinch with free removal quotes!

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Cost of Shipping a Container to Germany

Let’s start with where you’re most likely to be interested. As with any move, the cost of shipping a container full of your belongings to Germany was the first thought that crossed your mind and we’re not surprised! Moving to another country can be expensive and cost can be a limiting factor when you’re shipping your precious furniture to Germany from the UK.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the issue, how much does shipping a container to Germany cost? The answer is a little complicated by geography and the size of the container, but on average it can cost between £1,000 – £3,500. Just keep scrolling and check out our lovely tables if you want a breakdown!

Cost to Ship a 20Ft Container from the UK to Germany

Berlin£770 – £850
Düsseldorf£1,450 – £1,750
Frankfurt£1,500 – £1,825
Hamburg£750 – £840
Munich£1,625 – £1,975

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Cost to Ship a 40Ft Container from the UK to Germany

Berlin£1,490 – £1,650
Düsseldorf£3,150 – £3,550
Frankfurt£3,200 – £3,650
Hamburg£1,400 – £1,625
Munich£3,300 – £3,700

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Find a Removal Company for Shipping a Container to Germany!

While we can detail to you the average costs of shipping a container to Germany, the only way to find out the exact cost is by requesting quotes from a removal company. However, finding a removal company that serves the route that you intend to move can be a little difficult.

Fortunately, you happen to be on Sirelo, the perfect place for requesting quotes! We make the process simpler by linking you to up to 5 removal companies that can help you, saving you time and money. Just click below to begin the process.

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What Size Container Do I Need to Ship My Furniture to Germany?

The ever-difficult question when looking at your belongings and trying to size up the volume, just how are you supposed to know? Should it be a 20ft or 40ft container? Again, it’s very lucky that you ended up on Sirelo! Now you can use our two-step guide to choose the right container:

  • Step 1: use our volume calculator to get a good estimate of the volume of your move
  • Step 2: use the table below to see which is the right container size for you:
LCL20ft Container40ft Container
VolumeLess than 15m2Less than 33m2Between 33m2 and 76m2

In the end, it’s actually pretty simple and makes it easier to understand which container size you’ll need when shipping a container to Germany from the UK.

LCL: How do I Ship Boxes from the UK to Germany?

Okay, you might have noticed a term in the previous table that you’ve never heard before. LCL is an industry term that stands for Less than Container Load. Essentially, it refers to shipping in a shared container. Yes, that’s right, instead of trying to fill a full container to make it worth the price, you can just share the container and split the price, pretty nice, right?

It’s a great alternative when you need to ship boxes to Germany, but not enough for a full container. If you want to learn more about LCL and Full Container Load (FCL), then head on over to our container shipping page where you can read this and much more!

Shipping Personal Belongings to Germany and Customs: What You Need to Know

As the UK has left the European Union, you’ll find that there are some restrictions, and more checks, on what you can ship in a container to Germany from the UK. While you are unlikely to put any meat products in your container, just know that products of animal origin face restrictions from entering Europe, as are plants and plant products.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be prepared for customs with a detailed list of all the items that you’ll be shipping in the container to Germany. Any discrepancies will cause delays and headaches, so please don’t skimp on the detail.

The final part of the customs conundrum is the possibility of custom duties on your beloved belongings that you’re shipping in a container to Germany. The risk of paying extra fees is a terrible scare! Fortunately, there are no customs duties when shipping personal effects and items to Germany from the UK, provided that you’ve owned them for at least 6 months prior to the move!

Container Shipping

DIY Tips for Shipping a Container to Germany

If you’re shipping a container to Germany from the UK and forgo professional removal help, then you might like some tips on how to fill your container. Thus, if you’d like to avoid your goods sustaining damage en route to their destination when shipping a container to Germany, be sure to heed the following advice:

  • Before filling your container, check the integrity of the container, there should be no holes. The easiest way to do this is to hop inside the container and close the door. If you see light, it’s no good. Additionally, check to see if the wooden flooring in the container is dry, dampness is a sign of problems to come when shipping a container to Germany. You don’t want water destroying your belongings or salty sea air which hastens corrosion and can cause other damage.
  • Furthermore, it can get rather humid in a container, thus you should consider adding desiccation materials to the container being shipped to Germany to absorb any moisture before it starts causing problems.

Need Help from a Removal Company?

Is all this talk making the idea of shipping a container to Germany DIY style seem like a lot of work? You wouldn’t be wrong in that conclusion, so click below for professional removal help!

  • When filling your container, pay attention to the weight distribution. Don’t load all the heavy items to one side! It’ll be difficult to move and more likely to sustain damage when moved. Spread the heaviest items across the bottom, much like when filling moving boxes. Additionally, you should ensure there is enough padding around your items so that any slight or unforeseen movement won’t be a disaster.
  • If you want to make loading and unloading easier, it would be wise to use pallets when filling your container. You can put your items on the pallet, wrap them securely and then use a forklift to transfer them into the container. It may sound like a lot of work but will be a massive time saver when shipping a container to Germany, although it does add some extra costs.
  • Finally, on the inside of a container there are metal rings. These are extremely useful for securing your goods as it is their intended purpose! These are just another tool in the arsenal to prevent movement and the collision of your belongings while being shipped in a container to Germany.

Ready to Ship Your Household Goods to Germany?

Congrats, you’ve made it to the end! When moving to Germany, you’re ready for the task of shipping your belongings in a container. Armed with the knowledge we’ve imparted; you’ll avoid common pitfalls and navigate your way to the best removal.

Although we’ve covered quite a bit, you might want to keep learning and prepare for shipping a container to Germany. If that’s the case, check out the articles that we’ve linked below and have fun. Otherwise, good luck and we hope you ship your furniture to Germany safely!