International Moving Costs: How Much will your Move Cost?

International moving costs can slowly add up when moving abroad, as there are many things that people forget to think about. To prevent any nasty surprises, below you can find a list of all the factors that influence the cost of moving abroad:

International Moving Costs

There are many factors that influence how much overseas removals cost, the two main influences are the volume and distance of your move. You can calculate the volume of your move by using our volume calculator, which can save you time when requesting removal quotes. Most removal companies will use a container to ship your belongings abroad, so if you’re interested in how much international moving container costs, then take a look at our container shipping costs page.

Estimated Cost:

Below you can find a summary of the average overall international removal prices of moving a three-bedroom house to popular destinations across Europe:

DestinationRoad CostSea Cost
Moving to France (Paris)£1,300-£2,000£4,500-£6,200
Moving to Germany (Berlin)£2,300-£3,300£4,700-£6,500
Moving to Spain (Barcelona)£3,000-£4,000£4,700-£6,300
Moving to Switzerland (Geneva)£2,200-£3,100£4,900-£6,600

Below are some estimates of international removals costs for the rest of the world:

DestinationSea Cost
Moving to America (New York)£5,100-£6,900
Moving to Australia (Sydney)£7,000-£9,500
Moving to India (Delhi)£6,200-£10,000
Moving to South Africa (Cape Town)£4,900-£8,000

Packing & Unpacking costs

In addition to paying a moving company to ship your belongings, sometimes packing and unpacking will be included in the services they provide. You may not have a choice in incurring the cost of packing fees from removal companies, as some country’s customs documents require that the moving company vouch for the goods being shipped in case there are any illegal items. Nevertheless, you can ask the moving company you use if this is necessary as it could be cheaper or more expensive to do this yourself. If you are interested in finding a moving company, you can look at our list of the top 10 international removal companies within the UK.

Estimated Cost:

The cost of professional packing and unpacking services can start from £100 but can be more expensive, which is why it’s best to consider packing yourself.

Insurance Costs

We highly recommend that you take out removals insurance, especially if you’re moving overseas. If everything is protected then the whole moving experience will be a lot less stressful! Most shipping companies will include basic insurance within their quotes to cover part of their service, but it doesn’t cover everything. We recommend that you pay for extra cover to ensure peace of mind.

Estimated Cost:

Cargo insurance companies base their quotes on the monetary value of your belongings, which is why it can be hard to have an overall estimate for the international moving costs of insurance. Based on a move valued at £40,000, including breakage, from the UK to Europe, it can be between £500-£600, and from the UK to Australia it can range between £850-£1000 (based on Freight Cover).

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Storage Costs

If your shipment date is at a different time than the day than when you’re moving yourself, you may be interested in hiring storage space for your household goods. Some furniture you’ll need to take with you, some you may want to sell and some you may not know what to do with just yet! This is when storage space comes in handy. Read our moving your house into storage blog for more information and tips.

Estimated Cost:

Prices are based on the size of space that you need to hire. Some moving companies own warehouses where you can store your belongings at an extra cost or included in the price of your move. Usually, hiring a storage space of 100 sq ft, which fits a two-bedroom house, will cost around £280 per month.

Customs Charges & Taxes

Another influence on international moving costs are customs charges. You will have tax and customs responsibilities when you move your personal belongings to any country abroad. If you’re moving to Europe, you won’t usually pay tax or ‘duty’, but with other countries outside of the EU, it can vary.

Estimated Cost:

Rates can vary from 0% to 100% of an items value and it all depends on what the item is and where it is going. But don’t worry! The average customs duty to a G7 country is 0.8% and the global average is 1.8%. You can use this customs duty calculator to see how much you will have to pay for belongings.


Paying for your belongings to be transported to another country is one thing, paying for the right to live there is another. Visas are very important when moving to another country permanently and vary greatly in price depending on where you are moving to. If you are interested in finding out what type of visas you need for certain countries, we have pages explaining different kind of visa in America, Australia, New Zealand and many more.

Estimated Cost:

The most common employment-based US visa are around £450, and the equivalent for Australia is £2100. Right now, you don’t need a visa to move to Europe, but this may change after Brexit. Read our blog on Moving to Europe After Brexit for more information and moving costs

Housing Costs

Another big decision to make, which influences international moving costs, is whether to buy or rent. If you’re planning on making a permanent move abroad, then buying property may make more sense. Whereas, if you’re not entirely sure if you want to remain in that country or that specific city, then renting may be a better option.

Estimated Cost:

Obviously, the housing market in each country is very different to each other, so estimating a cost for buying or renting a house around the world is impossible. Our suggestion is hiring a local real estate agent to help. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, they can give you an expected estimation of costs. Real estate agents obviously also come with a fee, but the security of a home is priceless.

Moving your Pets

If you’re planning on moving abroad with your beloved pet, then you have to consider the specific entry requirements for that country. Bringing your pet abroad is going to be expensive as not only do they need a plane ticket, you will also need to pay for:

  • Microchip
  • Pet Passport
  • Vaccinations
  • Special travel crates

If you would like some more information on what you need to move abroad with your furry friend, take a look at our Moving your Pets Abroad blog.

Estimated Cost:

There are many factors that can influence the cost of moving abroad with your pet e.g. the breed, size of the animal and any veterinary requirements your pet needs. To ship a cat abroad, it can typically cost between £500-£1000, whereas with dogs it can be up to £1000-£4000.

Other Costs

There are a hand full of other factors that influence international moving costs:

  • Do you want to transport your car?
  • Do you need a money transfer company to help you transfer money abroad
  • Should you buy new furniture or move your old furniture to your new home?
  • And don’t forget to book your flights!

What Next?

Now that you have an idea of what the international moving costs ahead of you are, you may want some tips on how to save money on your move or maybe you are interested in reading some reviews of international removal companies within the UK.

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