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Moving to Australia

You are moving to Australia? Despite the distance, moving to Australia from the UK is one of the most popular expat destinations. Arm yourself with a knowledge to prepare yourself for your move including how much it costs, checklists and how to take your pets abroad. What you can find on this page, is listed here:

Moving to Australia

Emigrating to Australia

Half of all the expats who move to Australia originate from the UK and Ireland. British expats relocate to Australia twice as much as other expats. The main reasons for expats to move to Australia are the climate and the quality of life. Whether you are emigrating to work, retirement or to rejoin a relative, Australia is definitely an amazing destination to consider staying long term. 


As a UK passport holder, removal to Australia entails a few different hurdles. The first thing is the visa application. People relocating to Australia from England are required to have a valid visa in order to enter the country. Aside from the short stay visas, the most popular work visas are the Temporary work (skilled) Visa (subclass 457) and the Skilled independent Visa (subclass 189). Visit our visas for Australia page to find more information about visas intended for a long-term residency in Australia.

Cost of moving to Australia

Australia is not close by all means! There is a long distance your belongings must travel before arriving at your new apartment. Transporting your belongings by air is of course a much faster process; however can end up costing you an arm and a leg. It also may take a few trips if you own a larger house with more belongings. By sea transport methods are usually more popular and less costly. There are many ports in Australia, meaning you can choose the most convenient one that is closest to your new home.

Household sizeTimeCost
1 bed flat29-34 days£8,626 – £8,798
3 bed house29-34 days£9,502 – £9,766
5 bed house29-34 days£10,753 – £11,149

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Making your move cheaper

There are four main factors that affect the costs of your move and they are as followed:

  • The size of your household effects
  • Type of transport
  • Choice of insurance
  • Additional options like assembly / disassembly

Your move can be made completely stress free; however this is going to cost a lot more of course. Faster transportation methods such as flying can take just a few days but are likely to cost around 4 times the amount, especially when flying to a far destination like Australia. Other factors such as insurance have a large impact on the cost of your move; however can be the difference between your belongings arriving and getting lost/ broken.

Moving tips

Moving can seen daunting, that’s why Sirelo is here to make it easier for you! Here are some of our top tips we suggest from experience. Our number one tip is insurance! Although insurance can impact the price of the move, we think it is essential to get. The main reason being the long route from little UK to Australia, a lot can go wrong on the journey. It ensure you have a safe and secure move with no stress and you are covered if any items are lost or broken.

Australia has strict import rules. This means that your belongings are thoroughly checked on arrival. Teas and coffees are no allowed to enter Australia. Flowers and plants are also prohibited as well as skins and furs of animals.

To make your move easier once your belongings have arrived at your new house we have come up with a few factors to consider when packing:

  • Label your boxes – makes life easier when trying to find belongings
  • Make sure boxes aren’t too heavy – If your new apartment contains stairs it could be a struggle carry them up
  • Organise boxes by room – Once they arrive you won’t have to clutter everything into one room

Moving to Australia

Checklist: Things you should remember when you move to Australia

A visa is the number one priority when moving to Australia. Once that is around, there are plenty of other things you need to arrange:

  • Health insurance – The health insurance system in Australia is called Medicare. You must apply for a health card. This is free, but the government encourages everyone to apply for private health insurance. For more information about healthcare in Australia, click here
  • Diplomas – Problems with recognition of diplomas abroad can occur regularly. Addresses that can help with this are:
  • Papers in order:
    • Arrange flight tickets
    • Copy of all your important papers leave with acquaintances
    • Check passport – dates
    • Copies of important papers (municipality, notary)
  • Finance – Let your financial affairs by observing neighbor you trust (family, friends or the Bank). Ensure through fixed payments and make sure that money can be received. Open a new bank account as soon as possible.
  • Pets vaccinated -Your pets must be vaccinated in order to enter Australia.
  • The tax – We strongly recommend to contact the tax authorities before departure.They can help you with tax you still have to deal with before your departure.
  • Cancel current subscriptions.
  • Mail redirected – Make sure your mail is redirected so you can still receive important letters.

Bringing your pets and cars

Moving your furniture to another country is very simple for moving companies; but when it comes to your pets and cars it can be more complicated. Not many moving companies do so and those companies that specialise can cost quite a lot. So it can be quite expensive to move special goods to Australia.

Moving your pets to Australia

One of the main conditions to move a pet is that your pet must have a passport for household pets. It must comply with the following requirements:

  • It should contain information about vaccinations. If your pet needs to be vaccinated again, this must be done at least three weeks before entering Australia
  • It should contain data about the health of the animal
  • It should include information on legalization, so that the pet can be transported outside the EU.

Pets are often simply taken into the aircraft. But remember many air carriers have their own rules about bringing pets on board. Obviously this is also not cheap. Many air carriers have a limited number of spaces for animals.

Transporting your car to Australia

Australia applies strict requirements for the importation of a car . You can only move a car there when it is in your possession for at least a year. You also need an import permit. If transporting a car we recommended it is done by a moving company. They have experience with this and know the requirements. If you’re moving the car yourself and don’t meet all the requirements it could mean paying a large fine. This can run into the thousands in Australian dollars.

Moving to Australia

Cost of living in Australia

Australia is pretty expensive in comparison to most other countries. Similarly to most countries, prices of primary products and luxury good will be more costly in popular tourist areas including Sydney and Melbourne. But costs in rural areas can also be expensive. The days products travel to get to certain areas is added to everything. Visit our other page for more detailed information about living in Australia. Below you can find a comparison of the prices of the most popular cities in Australia.

CityCost /100
Gold Coast78

Which city suits you best?

Australia is a diverse country with a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking at the tropical north, the cooler south or anything in between you need to be aware of the differences between each city.

Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are the most popular cities for expats from the UK as they are bustling and vibrant cities with a lot to do but manage to avoid the overly hot summers and a lot of the dangerous wildlife. They are all distinct cities from each other so the reasons for choosing them differ for everybody. Although these cities have the highest living costs in Australia they are seen as offering the most for expats.

For a brief yet detailed comparison between Australia’s five biggest cities make sure to check out the website Living in Australia for median house prices and other useful stats. If you want the to know more about the same cities and more from perspective of a British expat who has relocated to Australia then head over to our friend Bob in Oz for his unique and insightful perspective.

Housing in Australia

Even though Australia is amongst the least densely populated countries in the world, 85% of all Australians live within 50 km off the coast. By a rule of thumb, prices for a 3 bedroom house will vary more or less between 350,000 and 450,000 AUD that is about 202,354 to 260,169 pounds. The prices for houses vary greatly depending on which part of Australia you choose to buy a house. Prices peak in state capitals, especially in Sydney, Darwin and Melbourne. Nevertheless, a large percentage of expats moving to Australia choose to purchase a property, rather than to rent one. According to the website Numbeo, the cost of living in Australia is generally slightly higher than in the UK with the prices of restaurants being lower in Australia and the local purchasing power being lower in the UK.

Other information about Australia

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