International Moving Costs 2022

Everything You Need to Know

Want to calculate your international moving costs? While there is no overarching average cost of moving to another country, here at Sirelo, we are committed to doing our bit to get you on the right track. Our article is a great way to further understand what contributes to the cost of moving overseas, and therefore help you save money on the big move! What are you waiting for? Keep reading!

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How Much Does It Cost to Move Internationally?

That is a good question, but a hard one to answer. It really depends on where you’re moving. Thus, a range for international moving costs would be £1,500 and £10,000, which isn’t very helpful. But keep reading, we have a breakdown of the international moving costs below!

First, we want to cover the lower end of international removal costs for a 3-bedroom house which contains mostly Europe destinations, it’s likely no surprise that a short distance results in lower international removals prices:

DestinationRoad CostSea Cost
Moving to France (Paris)£1,300 – £2,000£4,500 – £6,200
Moving to Germany (Berlin)£2,300 – £3,300£4,700 – £6,500
Moving to Spain (Barcelona)£3,000 – £4,000£4,700 – £6,300
Moving to Switzerland (Geneva)£2,200 – £3,100£4,900 – £6,600

Moving further afield? How exciting! Below are some of the international removal prices for a 3-bedroom house for the rest of the world.

DestinationSea Cost
Moving to America (New York)£5,100 – £6,900
Moving to Australia (Sydney)£7,000 – £9,500
Moving to India (Delhi)£6,200 – £10,000
Moving to South Africa (Cape Town)£4,900 – £8,000

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International Removals Costs Factors

We’ve already hinted at some of the bigger factors that will affect international removals prices, such as distance and choice of removal company, but it’s time to delve a little further and with a more thorough explanation:

Choice of Removal Company

We can’t stress enough how a removal company will affect the cost of your move, but also the quality. It’s important to enquire about the services provided by the removal company as a service you need that isn’t provided will only add to your international moving costs.


Seem obvious right? The more you plan on taking, the higher the international removals price will be. If you are not sure how to measure the volume of your things, why not give our removal volume calculator a try!


While there’s not much you can do about the distance, lest you can warp time and space. It’s just important to remember that the further you intend to move, the more it will cost.

Time of year

This one is slightly less obvious, but a useful tip to know! Summer is considered peak moving season. If you can hold out until the winter, you are likely to save money on your international removals costs and have more choices on which removal company to choose.

Services included

International moving costs will also depend on whether you require any extra services from your removal company. Such services include packing and unpacking and moving of speciality furniture such as a grand piano or artwork.

💰 Approximate price: A professional packing service can add £200 to your international house moving costs while a fine piece of art or piano will add £400£550.

Transportation method

As you likely already gleamed from the table, the cost to ship furniture overseas will be dependent on the transport method. Shipping via truck is a popular option and commonly used for moves across Europe. However, it’s not always viable, such as when moving to Australia, it’s safe to say you can rule this one out!

While sea freight is usually cheaper than air freight, it takes longer, so consider what your priorities are when figuring out international removals prices.

💡 If you’re intrigued by understanding the differing methods of transportation, you can read container shipping costs page to learn more!

Insurance Costs

Before you dismiss getting insurance as a necessary expense, think again! While it may be tempting to avoid this upfront cost; trust us, your international moving costs will be a lot higher if your furniture arrives damaged or in pieces and you have to cover the cost!

While most shipping companies include basic insurance as part of their quotes, this does not usually cover everything. Give yourself some peace of mind and factor insurance into your international moving costs.

💰 Approximate price: Based on a move valued at £40,000, including breakage, from the UK to mainland Europe, insurance can cost between £500-£600. From the UK to Australia, you are looking at figures closer to £850-£1,000.

Additional Costs

Packing Materials

Don’t be deceived! It is unlikely that this will be included in international moving companies costs of moving overseas. While a large moving box can be as little as £1.50, assuming you will need a few of these, it can begin to add up. As another estimate, a ten-metre roll of bubble wrap is usually in the range of £5-6, which you’ll quickly get through went packing.

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Sirelo tip: Save on your international moving costs by sourcing second-hand packing material. If you want to learn more about an eco-moving, we’ve cover it on this page. The environment will thank you! 😊

Storage Costs

While it would be nice if all the stars aligned, unfortunately, like most things in life, moving abroad is never quite as simple as that. If you plan to send furniture ahead or keep it in storage in the UK, either way it’ll only add to your international moving costs.

Prices will be based on the size of space you need to hire. Sometimes a removal company own warehouses and will store items for you, which will add to the cost of shipping furniture overseas but is a great option if you need some time before delivery. If you do opt for this, make sure to let them know.

💰 Approximate price: On average, renting a storage space of 100 sq. ft, which fits a two-bedroom house, will cost around £280 per month.

Car transportation

If you’re attached to your car and can’t bear to part with it, it’ll add to the international removals price. Which isn’t surprising, cars are big.

💰 Approximate price: Depending on where you’re moving, it can add £1,000-£3,000 to your international moving costs.

You’ll also need to obtain the relevant documents for car import and prove that the car passes safety and emissions standards. Your car removal company should be able to guide you in this process.

Transferring money abroad

Leaving the UK means change from pound sterling to the local currency. However, headaches and costs arise when trying to transfer money or exchange currency.

💰 Approximate price: Using a traditional bank can cost between 3-4% of the transfer amount. Money transfer companies usually have rates as low as 1-2% of the transfer amount.

If you’d like to read more about money transfer, we have a great article that also list the top money transfer companies in the UK!

international moving costs with a couple

Customs Charges and Taxes

This is a little complicated. In most cases, countries will waive custom duties for household goods, provided that you have owned them for 6 months prior and do not intend to sell them for at least 6 months after arrival. So, do all your selling before you move!

Naturally there are exceptions, and the occasional mistake that means you’ll need to add custom duties and taxes to your international moving costs. We recommend that you budget anywhere between £300 £800 for customs charges when calculating your international moving costs. For most developed countries, customs duty is 0.8%, and for any other country, it is 1.8% of your total move.

You’ll also need to budget anywhere between £50 – £250 for clearing customs. It’s a time intensive due to the amount of paperwork required, so hire a professional such as a removal company. Otherwise, it’ll cost you a lot of time and you’ll rack up the fees if you try to do it yourself without the knowhow.

One more cost that you could encounter are fines or the cost of treatment or disposal. For example, in Australia you can get a fine that can add over £1,000 to your costs of moving overseas for not properly treating or disposing of certain items (e.g.: plants, food, etc.).

Moving Your Pets

We know how important pets are. So, plan ahead and make sure you factor this into your international moving cost estimates. First things first, when moving your pets abroad, make sure they meets the specific import requirements of your destination country. If they don’t, they will not be let it; no matter how cute they are!

Alongside this, your removal company will not factor the price of shipping your pet into their quotes. We recommend setting aside £500-£1,000 if you are moving a cat abroad, or £1,000-£4,000 for a dog. We hope this has encouraged you to get the ball rolling if you had not yet considered this as an essential part of the cost of moving overseas.

international moving costs includes your pets!

Flights and Visas

Unless you fancy being turned away at customs, we advise you do your research on information visa for your target country.

Sirelo tip: If you plan on moving to Europe, check out our blog on moving after Brexit for more information on this.

Much like other international moving costs, there is no blanket price for visas. As an indicator, the most common employment-based visa in the US is around £450, but this can be as much as £2,100 for the Australian equivalent. Our specific country pages outline visa costs for each country, so is a good place to start for research catered to you!

Of course, if your destination is not within driving distance, be sure to consider the cost of your plane tickets when calculating your international moving cost estimate, unless you intend to swim!

Ready for Your International Removal?

Feeling overwhelmed? Excited? We hope the latter! Our number one top tip is to start planning early. Not only will it make the moving process less stressful, but it is also likely to help you save on your international moving costs. That way, you will have more to spend on exploring your new home upon arrival!

Now you have a better grasp of the factors affecting average international moving costs, you are ready to begin working your way through the pages we have linked for you below.

Last, but by no means least, good luck! All of us at Sirelo are wishing you every success on your move. 🙂