Moving House Checklist

What to do When Moving 2021

Moving house? Got a million and one things on your mind? At Sirelo, we know how overwhelming moving can be. We have therefore created this moving house checklist, outlining all the things you need to remember. Not matter how near or far, if you are moving within the UK, this page has got you covered. Completing an international move? Check out our moving abroad checklist instead.

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COVID-19 Update

Much like everything else, COVID-19 caused a colossal reshuffle in the moving industry. You are free to move home, so long as you, and your moving company abide by certain measures. In-person house viewings are permitted, although it is recommended that the majority of searching is done online. Our COVID-19 and Moving House page further outlines how the moving industry has been effected by the global pandemic. Detailed government advice on home moving during the coronavirus outbreak can be found on the government website.

If you are moving abroad, make sure to check the specific rules of that country, and bear in mind that some international borders remain closed 

Once you have an understanding of how coronavirus will affect your move, continue to explore this things to do when moving house checklist.  

Download our Moving House Checklist PDF

Click the button below to download Sirelo’s free printable moving house checklist PDF. This page contains detailed information on what we consider the most important steps to consider when moving house, but take a look at the PDF for a more thorough rundown. It outlines all the tasks that we recommend completing before undertaking a move, indicating when to start thinking about each step. The PDF is clickable so you can easily keep track of what you have left to do.    

Read on for more information on who to notify when moving house, how to find a removal company for you, and tips on how to make your move stress-free!  

How to Find a Moving Company that Suits You

The first thing on your moving house checklist is finding a suitable removal companyAt Sirelo, we are committed to finding the best moving company to fit your needs and desires. In order to do this, first you will need to work out the volume of your moveOnce you have done this, you can go ahead and request up to five free removal quotes from us. Whether you are moving domestically or abroad, we offer an unbiased set of moving company customer reviews in order to filter your options further.  

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Who to Notify When Moving House: A Checklist

Now you have decided on your removal company, and hopefully set a moving date, next on your moving house checklist is notifying all of the relevant people and organisations. To make your life easier, below we have compiled a comprehensive list of the different institutions you may need to contact. Work your way through this bad boy and you’re nearly there 

Your Landlord:

  • If you rent your property, make sure you notify your landlord of the exact date of your move. This applies both to the property you are moving out of, and the one you are moving into.
  • If your flat leases are overlapping at all, make sure you consider the financial implications of this.  

Government Bodies:

  • When changing address, you must contact HMRC. Your records need to be updated for Income Tax and National Insurance purposes, tax credits and benefits and other services. This is therefore an absolute must and a priority on your moving house checklist.
  • Along with this, it is also important to contact the DVLA, the Electoral roll and your local authority. The latter is important for council tax reasons; you may even be eligible for a refund.  

Your Bank:

We know this moving house checklist is getting a little tiresome, but stay with us!

  • If moving domestically, you will need to change the address on your bank account. This is essential to ensure that any new mail comes to you, and also for security purposes.
  • If you are moving abroad permanently, you may be closing your British bank account and opening a new one in your country of residence. Either way, sorting out your finances is paramount.  

Regular Bills and Direct Debits:

  •  Any company you pay regular bills to will also need to be informed of your change of address. This includes phone bills, insurance companies and leisure pursuits such as newspaper and gym subscriptions. Some subscriptions may in fact need to be cancelled altogether.
  • NB: Often you have to give at least a month’s warning so this is not something to leave until the last minute

Time for a quick break and a Sirelo top tip: We bet you are thinking how on earth am I going to work my way through this entire moving house checklist in time? If you are moving domestically, make your life easier and take advantage of the Post Office’s change-of-address service which redirects all mail to your new address. It can take up to ten days to come into effect, however, so make sure you factor in this time. You will then be given a up to six month grace period to change your address with the relevant personnel directly. 

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Health Services:

  • If you are moving within the UK, you will need to find a new local GP, unless of course you are moving very locally. Contact your new local GP surgery before you move to avoid long waiting times when you get there.
  • If you are moving to a new county, make sure you know the ins and outs of the medical system there and get any necessary insurance or paperwork sorted

Utility Providers:

  • Contact your water, gas and electricity providers so that they know your exact moving date.
  • Take readings and photographs of your metre readings in both your old and new homes so that you are not overcharged for any utilities you did not use. 

Work and Education:

  • Next on our things to do when moving house checklist; contact your employer and children’s schools so they have your new address.
  • If you are moving jobs, and indeed any educational institutions, this obviously does not apply, however, you may still want to get in touch with your company pension fund to work out where this stands

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Make Moving Day Stress-Free!

If you were not at least a little stressed about your move, you wouldn’t be humanTherefore, next on our moving house checklist are ways to make sure your moving day is no more stressful than it needs to be.  

Pack and Label Your Boxes

  • Beginning to pack up your house can feel a little overwhelming, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Visit our furniture removals page for tips on moving your furniture hassle-free. Remember to label your boxes and attach screws and bolts to the relevant piece of furniture with tape. 
  • When it comes to packing, the other thing we recommend doing, is having a box or two labelled ‘essentials’ and packing everything you will need for the first night in your new home. This might include items such as a kettle, tea, binbags, bedding and your phone and laptop chargers.

Arrange Childcare

  • If you have young children, trying to keep them safe and happy at the best of times can be a challenge, let alone when undertaking a move. We therefore recommend finding alternative childcare during the most hectic parts of moving day. 

Know Your Whereabouts

  • Next on our moving house checklist; ensure you know you way around your new home. Before moving, check where the stockpot, instructions for appliances, gas and electricity metres, thermostat and fuse box are.

Trust us; you are going to want an old-fashioned ‘cuppa and a long hot shower after a long, tiring day of moving! 

moving house checklist

What to do Once You Have Completed Your Move

First of allcongratulations! Moving house is no easy task, but we knew you would make it. Even though the hard part is over, there are unfortunately a few things still to organise once your move is completed. But make sure you have a well-deserved rest before you move onto this part of our moving house checklist 

Stamp Tax

  • We know that tax is not the word you want to hear, however this does not mean you can ignore it. If you have bought your new property and it costs over £135,000, you will have to pay stamp duty within 30 days.  

Change Your Locks

  • We recommend getting a locksmith to change your locks so that you, and only you, have a unique set of keys.  


  • Now you have made it through our extensive moving house checklist, and therefore hopefully had a relatively stress-free move, last but by no means least you need to unpack.
  • But don’t worry, this should be the fun part! Put on your favourite tunes and start decorating and organising your new home. We recommend unpacking room by room to keep yourself organised. 

Moving? Checked!

You have now covered our what to do when moving house checklist. Wahoo! Now all there is to do is to enjoy your new home. Learn the ins and outs of your local area, sample your local cafes and bars and of course, throw your housewarming party!  

We hope that this page has been helpful in providing a step-by-step moving house checklist and has provided some reassurance that you are not alone. We have faith that you are going to thrive in your new home; but if you are still nervous, take a leaf out of Socrates’ book and remember thatlet him that would move the world first move himself’’.  As well, if you’re still in the midst of organising your move, we recommend giving the pages we have linked for you below a read. 🙂