Moving House Checklist: How to have a Stress-Free Move

On this page you will find the ultimate moving house checklist, for all the people who know they are moving but don’t know where to start! This is a step-by-step guide on moving houses within the UK and everything that you will need to prepare in the weeks leading up to your move!

Two Months Before Moving House

So, you know you’re moving and you’ve decided on the moving date, now it’s time to compare removal quotes and organise all of the legal matters when moving house. This is very important so that you can pick the best removal company for you and so that you have an easy transition when moving into your new home! Look at our removal quotes page for help on picking out the goods quotes from the bad ones.

  • Get a conveyancing solicitor
  • Arrange your mortgage
  • Request removal quotes
  • Transfer children’s school records/order new uniform
  • Confirm moving date with landlord if renting
  • Check your insurance policy

Six Weeks Before Moving House

Now it’s time to gather the important things together. In the next step of this moving house checklist, you need to start making inventory lists of what you’re going to be moving with you to your new home and getting to know the area that you’ll be moving to. This way you’ll be prepared for moving day and you’ll know what to expect when you start to live in your new home.

  • Pick your removal company. Check out the best domestic removal companies within your area on our house removals.
  • Research the new area you’re moving to
  • Make a full inventory for your belongings
  • Get rid of your unwanted possessions and furniture
  • Collect packaging materials

One Month Before Moving House

The next step in the moving house checklist is to finalise your moving date with your solicitors, so all the legal things are taken care of. Moving day is getting closer and now it’s time to find storage facilities if you need them, begin packing and clearing out your loft/shed.

  • Speak to your solicitor before exchanging contracts and finalise moving date
  • Confirm your booking with your removals company
  • Find storage facilities if required and not offered by your removal company. Check out our moving your house into storage page for advice.
  • Organise to have you house cleaned in between the old owners moving out and you moving in
  • Order furnishings for your new home and book carpet fitters if any carpets need replacing
  • Pack non-essential items from each room
  • Clear out your loft and shed etc
  • Notify relevant utilities companies that you are moving, switch home insurance to your new home

Moving House Checklist

Two Weeks Before Moving House

Now you should confirm important contact details with your removal company, so that you can easily call them in preparation for your move. If you would like to find out what the average cost of moving house is, check out our removals costs page. It also might be a good idea to make sure any of your pets or young children are looked after by friends or family on this day to make the moving process easier.

  • Finalise moving details with the removal companies
  • Check you have enough medication
  • Arrange for child and pet care for your moving day
  • Cancel local services e.g. newspaper, milk delivery

One Week Before Moving House

Now that it is your final week in your old home, it’s time to finish as much packing as you can. Labelling boxes to what room they belong to can help the movers know what room to put your boxes in when they arrive. One of the most important points on the moving house checklist is to remember to gather all of your important documents, such as your passport, birth certificates etc. and make sure you put them in a safe place so that they don’t get lost in the chaos of the move!

  • Put important items and documents in a plain, sturdy box for safe keeping
  • Finish as much packing as possible
  • Label boxes to which room they belong in
  • Gather keys for your current house
  • Call up your removal company to double check details with them.
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One-Three Days Before The Move

Now that there are only a few days left until moving day, it’s time for the last minute preparations! Have a final check in every room and make sure that you have a bag packed for the first few days of your move so that you know you won’t have to go rummaging through boxes for your toothbrush!

  • Let your neighbours know that you’re moving
  • Pack items that you are travelling with e.g. important documents, any hand luggage.
  • Defrost the freezer

Moving Day!

Now it’s time for the final section of our moving house checklist! It’s wise to have a plan for the day so that you know what you should expect to be happening at what time. Make sure you’re ready for the arrival of your moving company so that everything goes smoothly. This means having all your furniture prepped and boxes packed and ready to go!

  • Double check all rooms that you haven’t left anything behind
  • Verify delivery plans when your removal company comes to pick up your belongings
  • Take inventory, make sure that the moving company doesn’t forget any of your belongings. Also, they will have your calculated volume of your house beforehand, so they should know how much to expect to move.
  • Last minute: turn off the power, drain/turn off the water supply, lock up and hand over the keys to your estate agents

After the Move

Now that you have finally moved in, here are the last few points in our moving house checklist to make settling in easier:

  • Do a quick clean and tidy
  • Plug in the fridge, freezer, telephones and other large appliances
  • Get an idea on how the boiler works
  • If you have older children, it might be a good idea to let them sort out their new room. It will give them something to do and help them feel at home.
  • Talk to your new neighbours-inviting your new neighbours for a coffee will help you settle in and get to know who you’re living next to!
  • Write a review of your experience with your removal company on their profile.